What Is a UGC Creator & How to Become One in 2024

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In this ever-changing digital world, the role of a UGC creator holds tremendous potential for aspiring individuals like you.

Join us on this blog as we explore the path to becoming a UGC creator, uncover the latest trends, and provide practical insights to kickstart your journey. Get ready to unlock your potential and embark on the rewarding path of a creator!

What Is A UGC Creator?

A UGC Creator is someone who makes user-generated content. That means they create videos, pictures, or posts that others can see and interact with on social media platforms or websites. They’re regular people who make content for fun to share their thoughts, ideas, or creativity with others online.

What is a UGC Creator?

How to Become a UGC Creator (6 Steps Guide)

Here are the steps to become a UGC Creator:

1. Niche Identification and Passion Alignment

Becoming a successful UGC creator begins with identifying a niche that aligns with your passions and expertise. Whether it’s cooking, fashion, travel, or gaming, choosing a niche you’re passionate about lays the foundation for creating authentic and engaging content. As you embark on your creative journey, consider exploring different aspects within your chosen realm to find your niche and establish a more distinctive and engaging presence.

2. Choosing Optimal Platforms and Tools

Selecting the right platforms is crucial. Popular options like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and blogs offer distinct opportunities for UGC creation. Each platform has its unique audience and content format, so identifying the one that best suits your niche is key. Additionally, leveraging content creator tools such as content writers, rank-tracking software, and analytics software can amplify your content strategy.

3. Crafting an Effective UGC Strategy

Creating a robust UGC strategy involves outlining the type of content you’ll produce, the frequency of posts, and your desired style or tone. Understanding your audience and their preferences is essential in crafting content that resonates and engages effectively.

4. Creating Engaging and High-Quality Content

Your content should be compelling, informative, and visually appealing. High-quality videos, images, and well-crafted text are essential for capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. Consistency and uniqueness in your content creation process are crucial to standing out.

5. Building a Portfolio and Establishing Trust

As you develop your content, building a portfolio becomes crucial. Showcasing your work helps establish trust with your audience and potential collaborators. Consistent quality and authenticity in your content contribute significantly to gaining credibility within your niche.

6. Collaboration and Outreach to Brands

Collaborating with brands can be a milestone in your UGC creator journey. But before that, meeting platform-specific eligibility criteria is essential. For instance, YouTube requires a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months before monetization. Understanding and meeting these platform-specific requirements are vital steps toward brand collaborations.

How Much Do UGC Creators Make?

Determining the exact income of UGC creators is difficult as it varies vastly depending on several factors. However, here’s a general breakdown to give you an idea:

Factors influencing income:

  • Follower/Audience Size: Creators with larger and more engaged audiences typically command higher fees.
  • Content Quality and Niche: High-quality content in a specific niche with high demand can lead to higher rates.
  • Brand Partnerships and Collaborations: Brands typically pay creators for sponsored content based on various factors, such as audience reach and engagement.
  • Platform: Different platforms might have varying monetization options and overall earning potential for creators.
  • Content-Type: Creating videos often commands higher fees than static content like photos.

Estimates and Averages:

  • Influencer marketing platform LeaLi suggests earning ranges based on follower count:
    • 10,000 followers: $100 per 60-second video
    • 100,000 followers: $500 per 60-second video
    • 1 million+ followers: $2,500 per 60-second video
  • Taggbox estimates the average UGC creator will charge $520 in 2024, emphasizing that this is a rough guide.
  • ZipRecruiter provides annual salary ranges for UGC Content Creators in the US:
    • Top Earners: $128,000
    • 75th Percentile: $128,000
    • Average: $116,615
    • 25th Percentile: $123,000

Important Points:

  • These figures are estimates and averages, not guarantees. Individual creator earnings can be significantly higher or lower.
  • Successful UGC creators diversify their income streams beyond content creation, including affiliate marketing, coaching, or social media management.

Why Brands Prioritize UGC Creators Today?

Below are a few reasons about the importance of UGC Creator for a brand:

1. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency in Content Creation

User-generated content (UGC) is a cost-effective solution for brands in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. Recent industry reports indicate a staggering 30-50% cost reduction compared to traditional content creation methods. This efficiency translates to substantial savings in time and resources, empowering brands to allocate their budgets more strategically across various marketing channels.

2. Enhancing Brand Authenticity and Trust

Consumer trust and authenticity play pivotal roles in brand success. Studies show that over 85% of consumers find UGC more authentic and trustworthy than brand-created content. This heightened credibility significantly impacts brand image and fosters stronger connections with the audience, leading to increased loyalty and advocacy.

3. Influence on Purchasing Decisions and Audience Engagement

The influence of UGC on purchasing decisions and audience engagement is undeniable. Conversion rates see a remarkable 20-30% uplift when UGC is integrated into marketing strategies. Additionally, engagement metrics consistently demonstrate a 75% higher interaction rate with UGC than conventional promotional materials, showcasing the unparalleled ability of user-generated content to captivate audiences.

4. Statistics and Metrics on UGC Impact

Recent studies by leading market research firms affirm the tangible impact of UGC on brand marketing. Reports from Nielsen and Forrester substantiate that over 70% of consumers consider UGC reviews and content instrumental in their purchasing decisions, underscoring its pivotal role in influencing consumer behavior.

5. Incorporate Data on Consumer Trust, Engagement Rates, and Conversion

Consumer trust metrics reflect a compelling narrative: 92% of individuals trust recommendations from peers over branded content. Engagement rates further support this trend, with UGC yielding an average of 25-35% higher engagement across social media platforms. Notably, conversion numbers depict a significant uptick of 20-30% in sales attributed to UGC-driven campaigns.

UGC Pricing: See What Platforms are Offering to their UGC Creators

On average, UGC creator charges $520 in 2024. However, this number can vary depending on the platform. A platform-wise list is provided below; do check it out!

Social Media PlatformAverage UGC Creator Fees for Brand Videos
YouTube$2,000 – $10,000+
Instagram$500 – $5,000+
TikTok$500 – $5,000+
Facebook$500 – $2,000+
Twitter$200 – $2,000+
Pinterest $200 – $2,000+

Note: These figures are estimates only and should be taken as a rough guide. The fees charged by UGC creators may vary significantly based on factors such as the creator’s reputation, audience size, engagement rates, content quality, and the scope of the brand’s campaign.

How are UGC Creators Different from Influencers?

There are distinct differences worth noting between UGC creators and influencers. UGC creators prioritize authenticity, content ownership, creative control, community engagement, and diverse monetization approaches. In contrast, fashion influencers often focus on brand promotion, may sacrifice authenticity, have limited creative control, and rely heavily on brand partnerships. 

While there can be an overlap between UGC creators and Influencers, the key distinction lies in the emphasis on authenticity, content ownership, creative control, community engagement, and monetization approaches.

Why Have Brands Started Investing In UGC Creators?

Building trust in this age of marketing requires seller transparency and multichannel outreach. Today, this has become possible with user-generated content creators. That’s because UGC is authentic and compatible with every marketing scenario, like social ads, email marketing, product marketing, event marketing, etc.

Calculate Your Monthly Savings with UGC Value Calculator

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Monthly Savings with UGC


The idea of user-generated content is to showcase a real-life brand experience, and brands are all up for it, but they want a good amount of UGC. So, how can they generate that? That’s when UGC creators come to the rescue.

Here are a few reasons why brands need UGC Creators:

1. UGC Creator Can Be Cost-effective

UGC content creation is often cost-effective because it reduces the need for brands to create content from scratch. Brands can leverage consumers’ content, saving them time, money, and resources.

2. UGC Creator Creates Exactly What You Want

User-generated content (UGC) is beneficial in many ways. It serves as social proof and elevates the brand’s authenticity to another level. However, not all UGC created by your customers will be reusable. When you invest in a UGC content creator, you can be assured that you get the right content to capture your audience correctly.

3. It Helps Gain A Real Audience 

When real people speak about your brand, honest people start listening to your brand. Gone are the days when brands would market to people. And their voices are speaking about their services or products. When we compare UGC with traditional advertisements, user-generated content acts as a magnet. Consumers find brands with user-generated content at least 60% more credible. 

4. User-Generated Content Is More Trustworthy

Consumers love to resonate and are likely to spend more easily on brands others discuss. If a brand sells all-sizes inclusive clothing, customers want to see people like them wearing those clothes. Trust is conditional, whether in life or with marketing and earning that trust comes hard and fast when it’s a recommendation from people they know or resonate with. It has even been noted that 92% of people are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person over branded content. 

5. User-Generated Content Feels More Human And Less Robotic

It’s 2024, and people are tired of hearing brands talk about themselves, and user-generated content majorly changes that. It gives a more human and less robotic feel to the brand. Showcasing UGC created by UGC creators gives your potential customers or audience a genuine view of your business. A positive review, an aesthetically clicked picture, or a descriptive video can add more weight and emotions to your brand than any other marketing gimmick in 2024.

6. User-generated content Encourages The Audience To Make Quicker Purchase Decisions

User-generated content accurately represents the brand to its customers. This representation has a 70% better chance of impacting the viewers and grabbing the attention of new customers than any other form of a traditional ad.

Now, this impact is what persuades your audience or buyer to take action. It could be as simple as a review with attached images or a story post on Instagram; when people see real people unassociated with the brand talking about it, they get inspired. A brand can make specific promises to its customers, but it’s the biggest win if a stranger can vouch for them! 

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How To Find The Right UGC Creators For Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to an already built famous brand, it is much easier to find user-generated content as clients already post about them. But, for a new brand or a brand trying to launch a new product/concept in the market, finding user-generated content can be a tough job. That’s when investing in a UGC creator can be the right strategy. Here are a few ways brands can find a UGC creator:

1. Find The Right UGC Creator With Taggbox

Taggbox is a user-generated content platform that enables brands to collect, curate, and leverage user-generated content across different marketing touchpoints. Not just that, Taggbox also allows you to track the performance of your UGC campaigns

With the in-depth analytics offered by Taggbox, you can quickly identify the most influential contributors to your brands and the users most frequently post about them. 

They might not have an influential reach on social media, but they might be your ideal UGC creators. So connect with them and pitch them to be your UGC creators. You can also send out a direct UGC request to these users from Taggbox, making the whole process easy for you.

2. Measure The UGC Creator’s Influence & Reach

As a brand, it’s quite the opposite of what you do while looking for an influencer. For influencers, we need to ensure that they have a good set of followers and reach and that their audience is similar to your target audience.

For UGC creators, you need to find UGC Creators with few followers who don’t usually post on their accounts, which means their reach is much less than that of an influencer. This is how you can differentiate between an influencer and a UGC creator.

3. Ask About Recent Work/Portfolio

Every UGC creator maintains a portfolio, whether as a writer, video producer, or illustrator. You can ask the creator for their portfolio before investing in them. You can also ask them for their past work URLs, even if they don’t have a portfolio. This will help you measure their credibility. 

You will get an idea of the content you can expect from them and whether they are compatible with your brand needs.


We have come a long way from searching why brands need user-generated content to why brands need a user-generated food content creator. Yet, authenticity is still the key, and UGC is the catalyst. 

The idea of a UGC creator might make you want to sign and wonder why these marketers have to monetize everything. But that’s not the case. 

The emergence of the UGC creator community has given more people the power to create UGC for brands. UGC creators have become the ideal solution for brands struggling with UGC marketing due to the lack of UGC available.

So, this was your guide on what a UGC creator is. This opportunity is new. How about giving it a try?

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