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A Guide To Creating A Successful UGC Campaign

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What is most important for brands & businesses? It is reaching out to their audiences, engaging with them, interacting, building relationships & communities, promoting their brand, and turning the users into customers. Isn’t it?

To achieve these objectives, you need to create marketing campaigns that enable the necessary communication and exchange of information among brands & users.  

But the challenge is that marketing campaigns lately have seen diminishing returns on their investments due to distrust among the consumers for brands, spammy promotional content, disregard for user privacy, non-engaging campaigns, inauthentic messaging, etc. 

Marketing campaigns are a necessity for any brand, but they don’t seem to be productive & fruitful, leading to wastage of resources. So, what is the solution to this massive challenge? 

What’s A UGC Campaign?

A marketing campaign is generally a promotional advertising effort made by the brand strategically in a planned manner to achieve a specific objective(s) such as increasing reach, building awareness, user engagement, conversions, etc.  

Similarly, a UGC campaign is also a marketing campaign that is driven by user generated content & customers of a brand rather than the brand or its content. 

user-generated content campaign

A brand just initiates a user-generated content campaign enabling different opportunities and pathways for the users to contribute, engage, participate, and act in the campaign, which means users are the highlight & forerunners of a UGC campaign. 

Having a UGC marketing campaign for your brand doesn’t require huge investments, and the potential to generate beneficial returns is way more than basic marketing campaigns. 

Why Do You Need A UGC Campaign? 

Since you have discovered what is a UGC campaign now, here are some key reasons that will assure you need one for your brand. 

1. Trust-Building & Authenticity

The key thing we discussed earlier is that consumers have formed distrust for the brands due to unreliability & inauthenticity. But when you add user-generated content to your campaign, it changes everything for the better. 

UGC is known to be the most trustable, authentic, and reliable form of content among the users as it is created based on the real experiences of the actual customers. 

create a ugc campaign

So, having UGC in your marketing campaigns helps you showcase the reality of your brand, what customers say about it, brand loyalty among customers, brand advocacy & positive word-of-mouth, etc. 

2. Create Brand Desirability & Showcase Brand Image

Brand image is a massive influencer in driving the success of a brand marketing campaign. So, when you add users’ content in your campaign, that creates an image of a user-friendly positive brand among the audiences. 

Also, when other users see a brand promoting user-generated content such as user images and reviews on brand marketing channels, it creates a brand desire among the non-consumers or non-customers. 

UGC campaign
Displaying UGC Campaign On Website

Brand desirability leads to users wanting to associate themselves with the brand, get featured in the brand’s UGC campaign, brand image enhancement, positive user engagement, and much more.

3. Magnify User Engagement & Interaction 

User engagement is a key challenge that marketers & brands face with their marketing campaign as these campaigns are mostly dull, non-interactive, and do not have any value for the users. 

But with the user-generated content marketing campaign, the worry of engagement goes out of the equation as the whole concept is driven by the user engagement where users share their content, participate, engage with other users content due to its relatability & authenticity, etc. 

Also, as the campaign is now authentic & trustworthy, it removes the hesitance to engage by the users regarding distrust & unreliability over the campaign. Once the engagement increases, every marketer knows that it also increases the chances of conversions & revenue growth. 

4. Expand Brand Reach & Exposure

The primary goal that marketing campaigns have is to reach maximum numbers of people on every possible channel, and user-generated content is the perfect solution to achieve this. 

You might have observed that most of the viral & widely popular campaigns on digital platforms are either driven by user-generated content or are shared by the users with their networks. 

create a ugc campaign

So, UGC in your marketing allows you to expand your reach and exposure to new and untapped demographics as users will share such campaigns more, and there is no limit to its reach.

It will help in building widespread brand awareness and attract new followers & leads to the brand organically. 

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5. Augment Your Conversions & Sales

Now, as the engagement is tough with branded similarly, it also affects the conversions & sales for any brand, whereas adding user-generated content brings a paradigm shift in this scenario. 

Factually, it has been stated that 9 out of 10 users tend to trust the UGC while making a purchase online, with it being almost 10 times more impactful than influencers’ content in influencing purchase decisions.

Social ads that contain users’ content generate 5 times higher click-through rate and email UGC campaigns get almost 75% increase in click-through rate. 

increase conversion through UGC

It is as UGC provides a clear picture with adequate authentic information to the users that help him make an informed and evaluated purchase decision. So, UGC in your marketing campaign can hugely boost your conversions rates and uplift your sales graphs. 

These were some of the key reasons why you should incorporate user-generated content in your marketing campaigns. 

Leverage Users’ Content For Brand Growth

How To Create A UGC Campaign

Now that you know why there is a need for you to create UGC campaign, we have mentioned in-depth information on how you can create one for your brand. 

The process has been divided into three key elements.

  1. Planning Your UGC Marketing Strategy
    1. Define Your Goal & Objectives
    2. Understand Your Audience
    3. Sources Of UGC & Its Types
    4. Duration & Measurement
    5. Campaign Design
  2. Execution Of UGC Marketing Campaign
    1. Collection of User-generated content
    2. Customization & Moderation Of Content
    3. Get Content Access Permission
    4. (Optional) Turn UGC Into Shoppable UGC
    5. Distribution Across different Marketing Channels
  3. Monitor, Analysis & Measurement Of UGC Campaign Performance

So, let’s get started with it:

1. Planning Your UGC Marketing Strategy

1.1 Define Your Goal & Objectives

The primary step of every UGC campaign is to know what your goals are and what you want to achieve from your campaign. Initially, define why you are creating a campaign in the first place

You can define some general goals like raising awareness, launching products, boost engagement, increase conversions, etc. or you can even set specific objectives for your UGC campaigns.

user generated content campaign goals

The goals or objectives should follow the SMART strategy i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. It will help you allocate your resources effectively & efficiently with enhanced returns. 

1.2 Understand Your Audience

The other important step is to know your audience and users as they will be the key drivers of the campaign. When talking about UGC , there are two key elements that you should consider

First is that you should know who are your brand advocates or who will help you generate the best possible user-generated content for your brand. You should know who will generate content, what rewards they want, or their motivation, how they are creating it, where they are sharing it, etc. Knowing this will help you get the best quality relevant content for your campaign. 

The other element is you should create a buyer persona for the audience who will access browse, explore, & consume your UGC campaign. You should gain insights into what they like to access & engage with, which channels they use most, type of content they want, etc. 

A deeper understanding of these will help you create a more targeted and impactful campaign with lesser resources allocation & investments. 

1.3 Sources Of UGC & Its Types

Once you know your goals & audience, you will need to define what are the sources from which you can get user-generated content. These sources include social media platforms, website reviews, direct messages, etc. 

Depending upon your objectives, you can strategize on what type of UGC you need, whether it is images, videos, texts, gifs, audios, etc. The sources and types are interrelated, so these should be defined together. 

best user generated content type
Types of UGC

If you need visual content, then social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook might be the perfect sources for you, or if you need text reviews, then you will find it on your website, review platforms, Twitter, etc. 

best user generated content campaigns platform
Social Platform For UGC Campaign

Attention: If you do not have sufficient user-generated content about your brand, then you will need to use certain small tactics like creating brand hashtag campaigns, social media promotion, brand-user interaction, encourage reviews & feedback, gamification strategies, etc.

These strategies can help you generate relevant and valuable user-generated content for your brand that you can leverage in marketing. Make sure that you give enough opportunities & time duration for the users to contribute their content. Also, provide suggestions to users on what type of content you want from them. 

1.4 Duration & Measurement

To assess the performance of your UGC marketing campaign, you must define a deadline for your campaign. The allocation of the deadline will help in providing realistic results and measure the actual performance with expected performance. 

You can use different strategies to divide your overall duration to analyze the gap instantly and take action accordingly. Make sure your set duration helps you easily manage and assess your campaign performance i.e., you are not left with a load of data after a long campaign. 

1.5 Campaign Design

Get started by describing your campaign design, its vision, campaign identity, creative outlooks, initial brand investments & efforts, etc. Campaign design will help you explain accountability, creativity, possibilities, etc. 

Once you create the UGC campaign design, now you can start with the most crucial part of the UGC campaign i.e., execution & distribution.

2. Execution Of UGC Marketing Campaign

2.1 Collection of User-generated content

The first step of execution is to gather and curate all the relevant, engaging, and valuable user-generated content from your chosen sources like Instagram or Twitter, Hashtags or handles, etc. 

display ugc
Collection of User-Generated Content

If you have scattered UGC over different platforms & categories, then you should accumulate that into a single feed to manage it more effectively & efficiently. The content can be immense in quantity, so management becomes quite crucial for your campaign. 

2.2 Customization & Moderation Of Content

Moderation is the next step, and a pivotal one as the users have created content with the utmost freedom, open-mindset, and based on their perspective about your brand. Hence, not all the UGC will be beneficial or relevant to your brand. 

Moderation will help you in maintaining the content relevancy, quality, positivity, supervision, campaign relatability, etc. to magnify the impact of content on your campaign. 

ugc content
Moderate User Content

Customization of collected UGC is also equally important as it will help you bring creativity into the content, make it more appealing, add promotion & branding elements, instill engaging & interactive attributes, etc. to your UGC marketing campaign. 

2.3 Get Content Access Permission

Knowing all the benefits UGC presents, you must respect the users’ content rights and privacy. Therefore, if needed, you should take rights (permission) from the users to repurpose their content for your brand UGC campaigns. 

user generated content marketing
UGC Right Request

You can create a uniform & simple process to gather UGC rights along with a fool-proof UGC rights management agreement with details to content repurposing, ownership, management, etc. in a language that the user can easily understand. 

2.4 (Optional) Turn UGC Into Shoppable UGC

Using visual commerce platform from Taggbox, you can turn your collected UGC into shoppable content by tagging your products, pricing, & buying CTA to the visual UGC posts.

It is an excellent solution for those brands & businesses who want to increase conversions and build brand trust with minimal investments through UGC.

2.5 Distribution Across Different Marketing Channels

Once you collect, moderate, customize, and finalize your UGC campaign, then comes the time to publish or distribute your UGC campaign across any or all marketing channels of your choice. 

While publishing remembers the concept of your campaign, objectives, goal, and audience to know what channel or channels will provide the best returns on investment and where your UGC campaign will perform best. 

user-generated content
Display User-Generated Content

Remember to modify your campaign according to the channel you are publishing it on, as every channel has its distinct attributes & qualities. So, this will help your campaign to perform better and get more results. 

3. Monitor, Analysis & Measurement Of UGC Campaign Performance

Firstly, once your UGC campaign is published, then you should continually track and monitor the campaign to supervise whether the campaign is heading in the expected direction or not. 

Then after the completion of the campaign, It is essential to analyze the performance of your UGC campaign as analysis will help you find the impact of your campaign over the audience. 

measure user-generated content
Track & Monitor Campaign

You can measure the performance by evaluating the results and comparing them with the expected objectives & outcomes. Based on this, you can take further actions in your strategy & campaigns. 

There are different metrics to measure the performance for different channels, so analyze accordingly. 

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Taggbox – Best Tool For UGC Marketing Campaigns 

When you want to create a UGC campaign for your brand, there are various challenges that you need to tackle to effectively to get the best possible results. 

Therefore, we have the best solution for you to overcome the challenges and create incredible result-driven UGC campaigns. 

The best tool for creating a UGC campaign is our #1 UGC platform – Taggbox. 

UGC tools like Taggbox helps you with the 6 ultimate checkpoints of a successful UGC campaign, and we have mentioned them below:

  • Collect & Curate massive amounts of users’ content, be it visuals or text from diverse social media & platforms using hashtags, keywords, handles, and more.
  • Moderation functionality gives you the option to restrict irrelevant, abusive, and useless content using allowing you to maintain premium content quality. 
  • Rights Management lets you ask permission directly from the users to repurpose their content with in-built rights request templates, rights agreement, and easy rights approval by users.
  • Customization features like designs & layouts, colors & fonts, themes, creative elements, tickers, content play, etc. help you provide a theme to your campaign and make it more attractive & engaging.
  • Branding & Sponsorship functionality lets you add branded content to your UGC campaign, display announcements, add promotional offers, showcase sponsored posts & banners in your campaigns, highlight offers, etc. 
  • Publish Or Display

Now that you are done with creating your UGC campaign, it is time to publish your campaign.

Taggbox provides you the possibilities to:

Making your UGC campaign live is quite easy and simple with Taggbox. You also get fresh & instant automatic content updates with real-time customer support. 

  • Analytics to measure your campaign performance with insights on metrics like most active users, engagement, user sentiments, etc. that help you plan better, find more targeted opportunities, get insights into audience behavior, and much more. 


We mentioned every smallest yet crucial detail in this UGC campaign guide. Creating a UGC campaign can be a rigorous task, but the efforts will be worth the returns that you will generate for your brand or business. 

The essence of UGC is that you cannot copy anyone else’s strategy as you have a different audience with different perspectives that make it unique, so there is no limit to the possibilities you can uncover with a UGC campaign. 

So, get started with your UGC campaign now experience what your users can do for you. 

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