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Best UGC Tools For Next-Gen Marketers

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Marketing can be a hefty task. Sometimes you don’t really know what might actually work to engage your users for the best results.

A solution that is definitely going to help you build a successful marketing strategy is Consumer Generated Content

UGC marketing has become a trending marketing strategy and is giving great results to brands. We think you should definitely adopt UGC marketing and work towards adding more power to your marketing strategies.

To make it simple for you, we have compiled all the types of user-generated content tools that are available at present.

Power of User-Generated Content

For instance, imagine that you are looking for a new restaurant to organize an outing with your loved ones. You search online and list down a few options you find best. 

Your friend visits you and tells you about an amazing place he recently went to with amazing food and ambiance. Which place are you more likely to pick? The one your friend suggested, right?

UGC has this impact on decisions like these. We are most likely to trust recommendations from people than branded advertisements and marketing material. This is the reason UGC is able to take over so easily and has become a crucial part of the marketing industry.

The only difference is that UGC marketing is a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing and studies show that 92% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Best UGC Tools For Beating Your Competitors

Now that you know what user-generated content tools can do for you, here are some UGC platform that will help you to strengthen your UGC game:

#1 UGC Software For Aggregation and Analytics

When you own an entire brand, you do have the need to research and study the market and user behavior. You might want to look at the trends on social media regarding a particular hashtag or keyword and need the content cloud around it to analyze its performance.

user generated content tools
UGC Aggregation By Taggbox

Taggbox is the tool for you. You can aggregate content from all social media platforms in one feed and study the reports for your marketing research purposes. It is a great platform to help you analyze the user behavior and market trends according to particular hashtags, mentions, account handles, and many more.

ugc software
Taggbox Sentiment Analytics

#2 UGC Contest Software

One of the best ways to encourage UGC can be by running contests and organizing giveaways. It is the best way to generate engagement around the brand and know your potential audience. 

Creating hashtag campaigns and photo-sharing contests can be the right approach to drive UGC. They create a competitive spirit among the users as well as encourage them to share some great content for the brand. 

Don’t worry, there is a UGC software that can help you with creating and managing your contests – Wishpond.

ugc tools for marketing
UGC Content Tool –Wishpond

It lets you create landing pages and website popups to expand the reach of your contests to other mediums as well. It aims at creating a great marketing strategy for you and will get you great results as long as UGC is a part of the process.

#3 UGC Display Tool

You can leverage UGC for your brand only if you share it with your users to see. In that case, User-generated content tools become extremely crucial for a business. Using these tools for sharing UGC on all your marketing channels can get you high engagements. 

Apart from the obvious benefits such as user-engagement, higher conversions, etc, it can help you with expanded social reach and can encourage more users to post for your brand. 

Taggbox is a one-stop solution for aggregating and sharing your UGC on all your marketing channels, be it websites, event screens, digital signage solutions, emails, etc. It provides you with some amazing features to customize and curate your User-generated social media wall as per your requirements. 

User-Generated Content Display on Screens by Taggbox

You can also moderate your feed to filter out unwanted and irrelevant content. There are many other features you can use to amplify the user experience.

#4 UGC Rights Management Tool

UGC definitely does a lot for your brand but sometimes to avoid any kind of content privacy, copyright infringement, or security issues you need to acquire legal content rights from the users before using their content. That is when Rights Management Tools come in the picture. 

user generated content tools

Taggbox UGC Rights Management can do the trick for you. It aims at providing you rightful access to repurpose your user’s content by taking permission from the original content creators. It assists you with creating and sending out Rights requests to the content creators and once you receive the approval, you’re good to go!

#5 Hashtag Research Tool

Social media is the hub for collecting the best UGC. Whether you use aggregators or go searching for them yourself, you need to know what exactly to search for. There will be particular hashtags that your users will be using to mention your brand and you need to find those hashtags.

In order to do that, you need a tool to help you find the hashtags your users might be using to mention you. Apart from that, the best solution can be to create your own branded hashtag.

If you have your own branded hashtag, you can easily find and aggregate content for your marketing. To find and create the ideal hashtag, you need to research for which you might need a tool.

best ugc tools
UGC hashtag research Tool – Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a fantastic tool for hashtag research, it helps you out with all the queries regarding hashtags. 

#6 Review Generation and Display Tool

When we talk about UGC, it can be in any form and one exceptional and effective form of UGC is reviews and testimonials. They can spur up the trust factor and help with increasing the conversions. 

You can utilize reviews at various touch-points such as websites, emails, social media or wherever you seem fit. It is mostly like other forms of UGC but most people don’t leave reviews, so you need to ask for it.

The tool that can help you with review generation and the display is Vendasta. It helps the brands to gain reviews by automatically contacting your users and requesting reviews, which you can use for various touchpoints later. 

#7 Tool For Creating Shoppable UGC Galleries 

The E-Commerce industry is also growing each passing day and is utilizing UGC to get people’s attention and converting them into customers. The most trending use is to create shoppable UGC galleries for their website visitors.

To do so, you aggregate UGC and tag your products in those images and videos. Displaying those galleries on the website shortens the user journey and cut out the time they take to doubt their purchase decisions as they are directed to the checkout page through those tags. 

Embedded Shoppable UGC Gallery by Taggbox

The best UGC software to assist you with this is Taggbox-Commerce. It helps you throughout the whole process starting from UGC aggregation to displaying shoppable UGC on your e-commerce website.

How To Motivate Users To Create UGC?

The above-mentioned UGC tools will help you add more power to your marketing and streamline the entire process of collection, curation, and display of UGC.

While it is important you have enough UGC to use all these tools for your marketing, here are a few ways you can encourage UGC:


best ugc tools
Encouraging User-Generated Content Through Prize

Who doesn’t love free gift hampers and giveaways in exchange for sending pictures? Running contests & giveaways can help you to collect social proof and marketing content in the form of UGC. It will increase your social reach as well as motivating people from all around to share content for your brand. 

Feature UGC Often

Featuring UGC on all your marketing channels such as social media handles, promotional emails, websites, and relevant locations encourages users to send content. At present everybody wants to be in the limelight and this can get them in front of a lot of people, so to get featured, they will send content. 

Hashtag Campaigns

UGC tools
#putacanonit campaign by Redbull

Running hashtag campaigns can be a great way to encourage UGC regularly. It can be a great strategy to have one branded hashtag and your users can use it anytime to post their content. In the beginning, you might have to run contests and giveaways but once users get familiar with your hashtag, they will not need an event to use your hashtags.

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Ask for it

If you really want your users to share their views, reviews, pictures, and videos, you might have to ask for it as well. You can create CTAs and pages to collect reviews from your users. You can also create special emails to promote UGC and ask them to send out reviews for your brand.

Final Statement

UGC can be your gold mine when it comes to marketing. You should definitely leverage UGC for your brand and encourage your users to share more content.

We have already mentioned the best tools you can utilize for collecting, curating, managing, and displaying UGC on all your marketing touchpoints. If not directly, these tools will definitely help you to enhance user engagement, build user trust, drive conversions, improve social reach and many more things along with it.

So what are you still waiting for? Choose the tools you like best and start your UGC journey now.

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