Marketers Guide to UGC Rights Management – Acquire UGC Legally

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Check our exclusive UGC content rights management guide to leverage User-Generated Content “rightfully & legally” in marketing campaigns.

User-generated content lately has been quite popular among the brands as it is proving to be a stallion among the competitive marketing race.

Although user-generated content is most important for brands now more than ever and it is abundantly available on social media platforms freely yet brands can’t access & leverage it freely.

Why so? As they don’t have the legal rights to employ it.

Let us explain in detail what is UGC rights management? Why does your brand need it? And its importance as the perfect UGC solution and much more.

What is User-Generated Content Rights Management?

 content rights management
User-Generated Content Rights Management

UGC rights or user-generated content rights management is a software that brands and marketers use to collect user-generated content from possible platforms and send a request to original content owners to gain rights and download approved media to make it an essential part of their marketing campaign.

With UGC Rights Management marketers collect valuable UGC that they find perfect for their brand’s promotion or want to use to repost on their social media accounts or create effective advertisements with user-generated content.

So, with UGC Rights Management, you are just simply requesting the content owner to grant you permission to use their content for your brand marketing purposes.

A users’ piece of content is also considered as the property (or intellectual property) of the creator and therefore, if you want to own someone’s property, you would need to get their permission.

User-Generated Content Rights Management provides you a solution that offers you platform to get UGC legal rights from your content creator directly in a most professional and legitimate manner.

Content Rights Management: Why Brands Need It?

Nowadays, we see there are immense content privacy, copyright infringement, and security issues that the users face. Brands get slammed with lawsuits for using someone’s copyrighted content.

1. Content Security

As we discussed that content is the owned property of the creator and using it without their permission is an attack on their rights & property.

Using content without permission has led to many brands facing the heat of it and incurring a loss of millions through legal action.

Content rights management ensures that you acquire the valuable UGC from the users through a proper channel and the legally binding way that gives content security to both the brand & the users.

2. Open-Access To User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most important content for any brand’s marketing purposes as it is the most authentic, influential, trustworthy, and reliable source of information about a brand & its products.

Having knowledge about the importance of user-generated content for your brand so it is essential that you have a proper content rights management system in place.

The User-Generated Content rights management system will ensure hassle-free user-generated content acquisition that is valuable to your brand.

3. Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation is a huge deal nowadays as reputation affects the brand’s success & growth heavily so indulging in unfair practices to curate and leverage UGC might cause irreparable damage to the brand.

Whereas content rights management helps you acquire content through a fair & simple system that helps in maintaining a clean & reputable brand image.

The upliftment in the brand image can also help in driving leads and increasing customer loyalty & acquisition.

4. Brand-User Relationship Building

Probably one of the most important things for the brands – Customer loyalty & relationship. You can build relationships with users and ensure customer loyalty through UGC rights.

Users have created content with their knowledge, expertise, and experiences so if you are leveraging that content then it is essential to acknowledge their hard work & effort.

Content rights management helps you in acknowledging that and building a reliable and transparent relationship with your users.

5. Create Organic Brand Influencers

You might be wondering how you can create organic brand influencers through the UGC rights management tool?

Well! As you reach out to the content creators who have created valuable content about your brand so you can acquire the content rights and encourage them to create more such content.

Having such loyal brand influencers will help in organic word of mouth promotion of your brand to new untapped demographics and build brand trust.

That’s where the role of UGC Rights management tools like Taggbox comes into the picture.

Taggbox’s Rights management ensures that as a brand, you accumulate, customize, and repurpose users’ content rightfully within the legal boundaries by getting the consent from content creators to do so.

Opportunities With User-Generated Content Rights Management

Seeing how getting rights to user-generated content opens up a plethora of opportunities for your brand to achieve marketing success and brand growth. 

1. Embed UGC Feeds On Website 

Embed Legally approved UGC Feeds on Website
Embed Earned UGC on Website

Once you have gained the rights, you can use the user-generated content on your website using Taggbox widget

Taggbox widget will help you create beautiful and engaging UGC galleries and feeds for your website that you can embed to build trust among the users or share customer reviews as feeds on the website. 

Having UGC on a website will help in building social proof and improving your website’s performance and returns. 

2. Publish Shoppable UGC Galleries 

Shoppable UGC Posts
Shoppable UGC Post

What can be better than generating revenue from your earned user-generated content and you can do that with Taggbox commerce.

With Taggbox commerce, you can convert the approved & owned UGC posts into shoppable posts by tagging products and making shoppable UGC galleries. 

Once you have made your UGC shoppable, it will help you increase your conversions as UGC is highly trustworthy, authentic, reliable, and influential for users.

3. Display UGC Campaigns

Display Earned UGC

Once your UGC rights are approved, you can leverage that user-generated content in your outdoor digital advertising campaigns and event marketing efforts as well. 

Using the Taggbox Signage or Taggbox Events solutions, you can leverage it to create powerful UGC campaigns that help in attracting the audience, engaging them, and driving them towards conversions. 

Besides, these signage & event solutions can even help you generate more UGC for your brand through gamification & hashtag campaigns thereby resulting in more organic promotion & valuable UGC hub creation

4. Social & Email Advertising

UGC in Email Marketing

Social media advertising or email advertising is extremely crucial in generating traffic and leads for the brand so they need to be reliable, authentic, and valuable for the users.

What’s better than including UGC in your email marketing campaigns or social ads. As UGC will allow you to highlight authentic brand images that would attract the users to engage.

UGC on Social Media Ads

This will also help in generating more click through rates for your ads and more email open rate & CTR as well.

Taggbox – Best Content Rights Management For Reputed Brands

The Taggbox Rights Management is a product from Taggbox that helps you manage your content rights and avail all the aforementioned benefits.

UGC rights management process
Easy UGC Request Generation

1. Curate Valuable UGC

Discover and curate user-generated content from diverse social platforms in your Taggbox feed. It is the initial step towards your User-Generated Content Rights management.

Social platforms are a hub of UGC which can be beneficial for your brand campaigns. So, curate the valuable and relevant UGC that you would like to repurpose for your brand campaigns and commercial purposes.

You can curate content from over 15 social media platforms and in different forms like text, images, videos, audio, etc. giving you the best opportunity to find the most valuable content.

  • Tech Tip – Log in to your Taggbox account, go to the moderation panel. Here you will find the UGC rights management feature under each and every post you have curated.

2. Generate UGC Rights Requests

Customize rights management request
Custom UGC Rights Request

In the Moderation panel, you will have the option of creating and customizing your UGC Rights request for each post that you want to ask for permission.

Taggbox provides you with the option to create a trustful and reliable branded request message with custom request message creation for each user, brand logo inclusion, personalized UGC T&C attachment, etc.

It will help the users to trust the credibility of your User Rights request, leading to more approvals and a higher success rate.

  • Once you create the Rights request, you will then move on to sharing the request with the original content creator. The best part about this is that you send the request directly to the creator making it reliable & authentic.

3. Share and Track UGC Requests

Share the already created User Rights requests with the content creators to seek their approval. You will have to follow some easy and quick steps that will be provided to you by us.

You can click on the status to track when the request was raised, its current status, notifications if the request gets approved or rejected, and more. It will help in better management of your UGC hub.

  • Request Status will be shown for every requested post in the moderation panel
  • Check Status & Details by clicking on the request’s status panel in every post

4. Repurpose The Approved UGC

Once your requests get approved by the content creators, you will now have the liberty to repurpose that content for your brand’s campaigns.

The rightful access to the user-generated content will empower you to make users’ content a crucial element of your brand campaigns. It will immensely enhance brand image, brand-user relationship, community building, engagement, and most importantly, financial benefits.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that, as you have received the Rights to repurpose user-generated content that does not mean you can leverage it for unfair practices.

Obtain UGC Content Rights Directly From Owners

Maintain Legalities Of UGC & Keep Users Happy

Bonus Advantage

We provide you with the option to download the content of the approved UGC posts, which ensures your brand, the extended repurposing opportunities.

You can download the approved UGC and repurpose it in your print media campaigns, advertisements, and much more depending upon the terms & conditions that users have approved.

Closing Statement…

As the influence of user-generated content marketing is developing day by day, the rightful access to the all-powerful user-generated content will help you empower your brand at all fronts in a marketplace.

Taggbox provides a comprehensive solution to the User-Generated Content rights management attribute that lets your brand to have a hassle-free experience of collecting, customizing, and repurposing the UGC.

Start your 14 days free trial with Taggbox Rights Management and acquire UGC rights to repurpose it legally and professionally.


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