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Top 11 Review Management Platforms in 2024

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Automation is not a cure-all aspect for brands but just a mere guide toward success. In this cutthroat competition, automation combined with the humanization of processes can do wonders. And what is equally if not more important for businesses than conversions? It’s reputation.

Reputation is an outcome of strategically portrayed assets. It might come as a surprise, but brands can automate managing their reputation in the market. The scope of reputation management software has hexed the imagination of smart marketers. 

Things said on the internet stay there forever this is why maintaining your reputation is integral and what can be better than automating it? 

Review Management software gives businesses a platform to leave the monitoring and managing reputation part to them and focus on other aspects. Before we think this is the most they can do, just wait there’s more…

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What is Review Management Platforms?

best reputation management tools

Review Management software helps businesses and individuals monitor and improve their online reputation. It’s a digital detective, analyzing the tone of online conversations and reviews to ensure your reputation stays clean.

There are softwares in the market portraying as your go-to tool for maintaining a positive online presence. It’s like having your own reviews management team, working tirelessly to protect your image and promote your brand.

A product must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the online reputation management category:

  • Keep an eye out for bad evaluations on online review platforms.
  • A tool that can gather, analyze, and manage online reviews
  • Make reports and notifications about the current online reputation of a brand.
  • Provide tools or forms to collect fresh user-generated content from social media.

What are the Benefits of Using Online Review Management Software?

online reputation management

Every customer-centric business needs to have a robust online reputation. Reputation consists of everything that is being said about your brand on the internet and every business makes an extra effort to have an exceptional online reputation.


• It increases customers’ trust & credibility

To a point where brands can influence their consumers to make favorable decisions. Online reviews are all about how people identify a business. A lot of emphases is put on the online reputation of a business as it directly affects a business’s credibility in the market. 

• A good reputation promotes user-generated content from different channels

A brand’s good reputation has the potential to influence a customer to engage with the brand on social media platforms that automatically generate UGC(user-generated content) for the brand which they can further repurpose with different use cases. Amazing, isn’t it?

• It Improves business sales and conversions

This is just another benefit a powerful online reputation brings to the table. Customers trust a brand that establishes itself as reliable, they do this by looking at reviews. Which eventually inspires prospective consumers to make a purchase or complete a goal.

• Reviews impact the rankings of your business website

Because search engine algorithms are aware that consumers seek online reviews. This is why businesses create UGC-centric marketing campaigns to not only get better reviews but also have a smooth flow of authentic content which is then rewarded with better SERPs ranking.

Top 11 Online Reviews Management Software for Businesses

Living in this fast-paced marketing world that revolves around reviews and other user-generated content, it is essential to monitor online reputation as it paves the road to success. 

That’s why software outsourcing can be a smart solution for your business, as it allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of professionals who can handle your online reputation management needs.

This is why we have compiled a carefully curated list of some fantastic online reputation management software for your business, let’s have a look. 

1. Taggbox (Best Tool to collect reviews from Google | Facebook | Yelp | Airbnb)

Wish to delight your customers at every step of their journey? You are at the right place with Taggbox. It’s the leading UGC platform that helps businesses improve the experience, showcase authenticity, and generate more sales by showcasing reviews, and user-generated content across multiple marketing touchpoints.


Make your customer fall in love with you with product-specific reviews, client testimonials, visual reviews, social posts, etc.

Use this platform to explore the more brilliant way to win your users’ hearts by unlocking the benefits of curating and repurposing reviews on the websites, social ads, email campaigns, digital screens, e-commerce stores, or any other marketing channels.

Taggbox is a vault of features and functionalities that not only leverage customer reviews and experience but also facilitate review management and offers a platform to harness the power of customers’ voice to drive growth.


SnapUp is a feature through which you can add a button, link, or QR code to your campaigns and allow users to share reviews from anywhere conveniently.

With the compelling Taggbox analytics feature you get sentiment analysis, insights about user behavior, and much more. Track clicks, impressions, content, and more to optimize your campaign and get maximum results.

Use the reviews platform to rebrand reviews with creative customizations, moderations, gamification, etc., to align the consumer reviews with the brand goals.

with API integrations you can showcase UGC on apps as well as software. 

24*7 support and technical assistance provided by Taggbox via email, chat, call, or video gives you the ultimate flexibility to contact us without any hesitation.


Apart from the 14-day free trial, the pricing plans start from $24/month and go up to $99/month. Moreover, you can also get in touch with the Taggbox team to get a quote for the custom enterprise plan.

Replicate brand’s favorite reputation management strategy with Taggbox. Get Started | Look no Further

2. Birdeye

Birdeye is a leading reviews management platform that assists in collecting reviews, engaging with consumers, and growing sales effortlessly.


This platform monitors and manages your online reputation in such a way that they claim to make your business the obvious users’ choice. 

This reviews platform helps you elevate your reputation all over the internet, they understand that simply acting on Google is not enough, but winning over audiences on other platforms is equally important. This is why this platform can automate the entire monitoring and managing of reviews from more than 200 leading sites to give you the stellar reputation your business deserves. 

Go above and beyond the many features it comes with. Let’s see some of them. 


Birdeye reviews make it as effortless as sending text messages to leave a review on Google. This helps in building a positive reputation and attracts more customers to your business. 

With the Birdeye Teams feature, you can allow your users to determine which team they wish to speak with to get a quicker and more accurate response. Streamlining this communication gives consumers the perfect experience. 

Referral feature taps into the word of the mouth marketing strategy by sending your customers referral messages through social media, SMS, email, etc. 

Birdeye pages feature was introduced keeping multi-location businesses in mind and helps them make separate landing pages for different locations to make their users’ experience even better. 


Their pricing is close to the public but you can fill in the said credentials and get their quotations without any extra effort. 

3. Podium

You can hold the potential to become the highest-rated business near them. They have specific management tools for different industries and businesses like auto, retail, healthcare, dental, agencies, partners, etc.


This platform helps you show up where you matter. People will leave feedback only when they find you. 

With Podium, you understand where you stand and where to capture the audience. With its dashboard, this platform automates invites, manages reputation on multiple platforms, and helps you focus on other essential tasks. 

You can make an undeniable first impression and let the results speak for themselves. Here are some fantastic features that Podium brings along. 


It is an all-in-one reviews platform that instigates conversations and sparks up text message interactions with consumers. 

Use the dashboard to manage and monitor conversations across multiple social platforms. 

This platform gives timely alerts whenever you have a new review on any review site to help you cater to your users’ needs quickly and efficiently. 

Choose up to 5 competitors and Podium will track them to give you a thorough competitor analysis. 


They offer a free trial period of 14 days to help you make an informed investment decision. Their plans start from $289/month for the essentials plan to $649/month for their professional plan. 

4. Taggshop

Taggshop is a social commerce platform that facilitates businesses to convert user-generated content into conversions. This is a platform chosen by leading eCommerce brands to drive sales and revenue through solutions like shoppable galleries, visual UGC, customer reviews, and social shopping.


Did you know that over 90% of users trust UGC more than branded content? 

With Taggshop you can collect visual UGC, tag the products, and highlight the real-life value of your services and products to attract and engage your consumers. You can also embed shoppable galleries in your homepages, inspiration pages, product pages, or anywhere else on your eCommerce store. 


You can explore and collect relevant influencers’ content and publish it ethically across your online stores and emailers. Find out the most influential contributors, engage with them and drive resourceful content and promotions.

You can sync your product catalog to platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, and more.

Get UGC rights management feature to repurpose users’ content ethically without any legal restrictions.

Enable shoppable product tagging on your visual UGC to highlight products and make content more interactive.


Their Growth plan is priced at $49/month, professional plan at $149/month, and premium plan at $299/month. Apart from this, you can opt for a 14-day free trial to use the platform before investing. 

5. Yext

This platform is strategically designed to help you build and maintain your online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews at scale. Yext allows you to centralize your feedback from multiple review sites through a single dashboard.


You have the freedom to personally craft a thoughtful message and a dynamic response to be sent to your consumers. 

If you wish to use a template, there is a vast variety of them as well. Apart from this, you can also add existing reviews to your website to improve clickthroughs and engagement. 


Develops and delivers a comprehensive feedback management strategy that includes not just responding, labeling, and flagging, but also triaging customer reviews within one platform. 

This platform makes commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the reviews are attended to within 2 days barring any unexpected issues with publishers. 

Their primary aim is to generate more first-party reviews that are then monitored and responded to across the PowerListings network. 

With their powerful analytics feature you get a natural language sentiment analysis of your users to dig into what they are saying about you. Businesses can then make the necessary improvements and advancements in their strategies.


They essentially have 4 plans available for all types of businesses. The subscriptions start with an emerging plan at $199/yearly, an essential plan at $449/annually, a complete plan at $499/yearly, and the premium plan is priced at $999/yearly. 

6. Brand 24

With Brand24, you get instant access to all mentions across social media, news, blogs, podcasts, videos, and much more. You can follow up on reviews and transform your paying customers into brand advocates.

brand 24

Moreover, you can respond to any negative comments efficiently to ensure that you are two steps ahead of them and change their opinion as soon as possible. 

With instant notifications and alerts, you will also get notified any time your brand is mentioned and engage in key conversations with your users before it’s too late. 

Some of the social listening features that Brand24 possesses are mentioned below. 


Identify any sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your reputation. Spot any problematic issue before it is escalated. 

Brand24 will also pinpoint your industry influencers and help your audience make more conscious decisions about why they should invest in you and give them a better understanding of what your existing consumers are like. 

Nothing is complete without analysis. And thanks to the mentioned sentiment, you can understand the attitude of your users and determine problematic areas to give them attention immediately. 

Another feature they offer is advanced filtering options. You can narrow down your results to focus on more critical areas. You can filter using mention source, sentiment, visits, clicks, and much more.


You can start with the 14-day free trial and go for the individual plan to start at $49/month. The team plan is for $129/month, their most popular Pro plan is billed at $178/month, and the enterprise plan is priced at $348/month. 

7. Yotpo Reviews

Transform your one-time shoppers into lifetime consumers using Yotpo. With the data-driven tools, it gets easier for customers to give their feedback and turn every purchase into a review.

yotpo reviews

Reach out to customers exactly where they are and request reviews through frictionless in-mail technology or use SMS. Address high-converting topics and collect better-quality reviews to inspire and convert consumers. 

Use this platform to showcase reviews, display compelling content, flaunt the highest-intent moments of users, and much more on the website to sell more. 


With Yotpo you can amplify your reach by leveraging official partnerships with Google to boost the discovery of your business and increase traffic through search and social. 

Use the retail syndication feature to boost review coverage by seamless integration from the brand’s D2C to any retailer site.

This platform offers an integrated experience by providing full control over how your business aggregates, displays, and markets its feedback.

With the analytics dashboard, you not only get a detailed performance analysis describing how UGC is impacting your bottom line but also help you understand your consumers better. 


After exhausting your free trial you can top-up your plans starting from $15/month and going up to $119/month. You can also contact them directly from their website to get detailed information about their flexible premium and enterprise plans.

8. Gather Up

This platform takes up customer reviews and makes them the backbone of a business that enables users to make better decisions. GatherUp as the name suggests gets all reviews into one place to drive sales.

gather up

Use beautifully curated branded templates to send out automated review requests and reminders. With the personalization and customization options, you can mold the requests as per your requirements. 

GatherUp also monitors review sites and gives you daily updates and email notifications whenever you get a new review to respond in real-time. 


GatherUp provides a robust platform to fuel your online reputation with more than 12 ways to engage your audience and collect their reviews.

With this platform you won’t miss even a single review with its monitoring and listening skills across more than 30 review sites as it gets them into one place.

Their review widget, conversion pop-up, and other features help businesses market their reviews and ratings

They offer a suite of reports to allow you to see your data in whichever way you want. These reports are visually appealing and engaging. You can sort, filter, and compare to benchmark and track your online reputation. 


They offer a 14-day free trial option post which you can opt for their $99/month per location plan or get 5 locations for $300/month. They also offer more than 11 locations for $495/month. 

9. Bazaarvoice

It’s a fact that reviews do matter, and Bazaarvoice gives businesses the appropriate technology for feedback management at scale. With this tool, you can easily collect reviews and display these valuable assets in a way that influences immediate purchase decisions.


Bazaarvoice caters to eCommerce businesses and they understand that shoppers validate their purchases based on reviews only. This led them to separate the natural language of consumers like you and me from state-of-the-art industry-specific reviews to get better conversions.

They help brands become a part of conversations and ask for reviews as a friend instead of making them feel like a customer. 


With Bazaarvoice, you get high-quality UGC and distribute it across the world’s largest syndication network. 

They create a sense of FOMO for everyone else and extend the reach of UGC campaigns to search engine providers, retail channel partners, social media, etc. 

This platform will offer you insights at every step of the way and get an unprecedented look into your business, products, services, competitors, etc. 

You can really get the flywheel rolling with this platform. It ties together your eCommerce site, social accounts, retail channel, and content acquisition services to offer an exceptional program.  


You can book a demo and get in touch with them for their prices, they cater only to enterprises and have a customized pricing structure. 

10. Digimind

It is a brand reputation management platform that claims to supercharge your brand by measuring, detecting, and anticipating any crisis. They also analyze the perception of your brand on the internet.


Digimind allows you to customize your dashboard in just a few clicks. With this all-in-dashboard you know who triggered any crisis and how to prevent the spread of any blunder that occurred due to actions you took on social media. 

With comprehensive tools, you ensure that the right content reaches the target audience at the right time and place. They also give you the liberty to choose the messages by analyzing trends, engagement rate, and tone of your online discussions. 


Digimind will detect weak signals on essential concepts and hashtags. With AI-powered sentiment analysis, you can adopt a proactive response in potentially critical situations with automated alerts, detection, and targeted monitoring. 

You get the feature to set up real-time alerts with precise thresholds to get alerts when there is any negativity about your brand. 

With Digimind you get help with prioritizing your crisis action plans. They do this for you by determining mentions, the most critical detractors, and the primary media involved that spreads the news about you. 

Apart from the brand reputation they also offer solutions like competitive intelligence, consumer insights, influencer identification, trend tracking and innovation, and campaign analysis.  


You can fill out a small form to book a demo. Call, text, or email them for any other pricing queries and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

11. Statusbrew

Statusbrew offers solutions for managing businesses on social media and review platforms to enhance their online brand reputation.

The system will help to track each inbound and outbound conversation from a unified inbox so you can easily navigate across multiple channels to take necessary actions quickly. 

You can use filters to create customized inbox views for different types of engagement, such as Reviews, Q&As, Comments (organic and paid), DMs, Mentions, Hashtags, Media tags, and Recommendations, and you can interact with customers’ feedback in real-time.


✔ Customized notification alerts on Mobile, Web App, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for any activity you’re concerned with.
✔ The system uses industry-leading AI sentiment analysis that can automatically detect the nature of the conversation for more than 150 languages.

✔ Workflows and team activity can be automated with a rule builder ie, hiding/deleting conversations, automated replies, and more to save multiple hours.
✔ You can keep data logs for any activity performed in the system and get presentable reporting templates for conversations, audience sentiment, SLAs, top-performing locations, and more. 


Their lite plan starts at $69/month, standard plan at $129/month, and premium at $229/month. You can also test out the platform for 14 days before making a decision. 

How to choose the best reviews management software out of these?

To choose the best reviews management software your goal needs to be clear. What purpose are you resolving with this? How do you wish to maintain your reputation? Do you need to upgrade your social media, website, SMS, or email marketing? 

For a better brand reputation, you might need to generate more reviews/user-generated content (UGC) or you may wish to increase your eCommerce sales or solve negative reviews and earn better feedback, or your goal is to spread awareness through social proof. So from running a campaign to monitoring it, online reputation management software is an all-in-one solution for all your business goals.

Find the best Reputation Management Software here:

These powerful features augmented by these tools will help you select an ideal platform for all your needs.

  • SnapUp
  • Analytics Framework
  • One-stop dashboard solution 
  • Profanity filter
  • AI-based moderation
  • Review requests (through SMS & Email)
  • API Access
  • Trustable reviews (Mark)
  • Sentiment Insights

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