UGC Reviews and Ratings: Why UGC Testimonials are Important for Brands

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The current shopping scenario has transformed by leaps and bounds. Consumers are no longer satisfied with hearing from the brands and shops that sell to them directly while they are investigating products and services. Instead, consumers want to hear from the real advisors: those who have bought and utilized the product or taken up services for real. About 90% of users see at least one review before making a decision. 

With brands seeing a 60% increase in their sales, user-generated reviews and ratings have become an essential part of the modern shopper’s experience.

This happens mainly because consumers like sharing their reviews on products and services they’ve purchased or tried. Hence, they use the power of the internet to express themselves and have their voices heard.

Big brands have utilized reviews and ratings to connect with people they could never reach previously. Results show a 3.6% hike in conversion rates and an 11.9% increase in user engagement. You will learn to leverage experience-based content generated on the reviews platform via Tagbox to gain maximum results as you continue reading.

The Relevance Of UGC Testimonials

User-Generated Content can help brands create more meaningful connections with their existing users. 

Why Reviews & Rating is Important For Brands/Retailers?

Over 90% of individuals trust peer or customer recommendations when making an online purchase.


‘Conversions cannot be achieved in a blink of an eye & average conversion rates are meaningless.’ Brands notice a 65% increase in conversions when reviews are displayed on a product page. Brands have also seen 20 times more traffic on their websites with reviews and ratings. From securing a higher SEO rank to maintaining strong partnerships with your customers, reviews and ratings play an important role in bringing value to your brand. 


“It takes months to find a customer and a few seconds to lose one.” 6x sales lift when a customer’s query is answered via Q/A. Providing reliable information to your customers can transform their confidence in you and help them make positive purchase decisions. Match powerful UGC testimonials to your product pages and see a significant boost in your sales. With the proven hike in conversions, sales, and engagement, it’s no wonder retailers choose to embed reviews and ratings.

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Tagbox – Your Go-To Platform To Include UGC Testimonials In Your Marketing Campaigns – Here’s How

Tagbox, as a review aggregator, offers you solutions to collect, curate, and publish user reviews across different marketing channels to leverage the aforementioned perks. 

Here’s How Tagbox Widget Can Help you generate and showcase UGC reviews on various touchpoints.

  • Aggregate UGC reviews by creating a specific brand hashtag campaign and asking your followers to leave their valuable feedback. Run the hashtag campaign on various mediums to inspire more visual reviews. 
UGC reviews
  • Leverage the SnapUp feature for your users to narrate their experience directly on your brand website. The feature eliminates your need to aggregate content from other platforms. 
  • Create personalized emails to inspire your customers to give their valuable feedback. Repurpose the reviews to witness lesser cart abandonment. 

Note – If you are worried about legal consequences, then fret not! You can obtain all the UGC reviews lawfully by leveraging the Tagbox UGC Rights Management platform. Click here to learn more. 

After the UGC review aggregation, the users can personalize the presence of the reviews by selecting from a wide range of options like fonts, colors, templates, etc. The content moderation panel can be used to review the content before making it live. Also, you get analytics to measure the performance of how users are interacting with your UGC reviews campaigns. Other features of the tool are automatic content updates and a robust back support team for anytime assistance.

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Different Use Cases to Leverage the UGC Testimonials in Marketing

Now that you know the benefits of UGC reviews, we are certain that you must be intrigued to include them in your marketing strategy. 

If you are wondering how to generate more UGC reviews,, though, here are a few tips that are easy and result-driven.

  • Send Feedback Forms To Your Customers 

Sometimes, it’s better to keep things simple as they may work in your favor. The best way to generate more UGC reviews and ratings is to ask your customers for feedback after their purchase simply.

You can send an automated email to your customers or request them to fill up a survey form. To make things simpler, you can ask your customers to rate their overall experience out of 5 stars on the website itself. 

  • Create an exclusive community for your brand users

If not feedback forms, then you can set up a forum online or create a page on social media and ask your customers to rate your brand in terms of their experience with your service or product. 

They may even leave complete feedback for the same. This will help consumers open up more freely about their experiences, and will help you get insights into the performance of your brand and the areas that require improvement. 

  • Organize Contests/Giveaways 

Who doesn’t love freebies and surprises? A great hack to generate more UGC is by organizing a fun contest on social media. 

Simply ask your followers to share their experience with their favorite or preferred product from your brand and create a post/story regarding the same. To maximize participation, you need to ensure that the prize is exciting enough for your customers and motivates them to be a part of the giveaway. 

Different Use Cases to Leverage the UGC Reviews and Ratings in Marketing

UGC is clearly beneficial to both companies and customers. It’s no surprise, therefore, that brands and retailers are always looking for ways to increase the quality and collect more of this well-recognized conversion booster. 

While gathering more user-generated reviews is the initial step, marketing it and increasing its reach is the next obstacle.

You should make sure you’re reaping optimum results out of it. 

How do you get this content to as many shoppers as possible for maximum impact?

Here’s how. 

Embed User Generated Reviews On Website

Your brand’s website is a reflection of what you stand for. Being of paramount importance, it is crucial that it should be able to push your website visitors to purchase your product. 

One of the widely adopted strategies to include UGC reviews on your brand website is by embedding them. You can embed the UGC reviews on your website’s homepage, header, or footer section as a sidebar widget.

Embed User Generated Reviews On Website

Tagbox Widget’s latest SnapUp feature enables your users to post pictures and videos directly on your website, eliminating the need to aggregate content from other platforms. 

Showcase UGC Reviews and Ratings on your Product Page

Another great way to make your website visitors exposed to UGC reviews and ratings is by showing them on your product pages. 

For instance – If in one look a customer likes a T-shirt by your brand, they may have different questions regarding its fit, color, material, size, etc., that may force them to drop the idea of purchasing. 

Displaying reviews from real-time customers can help them visualize the product and help them make better purchasing decisions.

UGC Reviews on your Product page

Highlight UGC Testimonials in Digital Marketing (Social Ads, Email Campaign)

If you’re like most businesses, we are certain that you’re always wondering how to increase the effectiveness of your digital campaigns in order to attract more customers to your website. The good news is that user-generated content may help you achieve the improvements you want.

Most people’s inboxes are flooded with advertising emails these days. However, promoting ratings and reviews might make you stand out.

You can include star ratings and review text to your existing email campaigns. Create whole new campaigns that highlight your best-selling items. The same strategy can be adopted for your social media campaigns too. You can feature the content created by your shoppers on social media ads and your story highlights. 

showcase Reviews in Marketing

Once you build a social proof of your brand, your customers will be more likely to redirect to your website and make a purchase. 

Include UGC Testimonials in Traditional Marketing 

The amount spent on digital marketing is rapidly increasing. Traditional marketing, however, is still important for most firms. This strategy can be made even more effective by including user-generated content.

Include the valuable voice of your customers in print advertisements and magazines. Enhance your one-page ads by displaying the ratings given by your existing customers. To add more value, you can include their positive feedback in the form of a quote. 

Additionally, you can add UGC ratings and reviews to your product catalogs. Highlight your top-selling products and disclose the amazing experiences of your customers. Additionally, incorporating your customer reviews in other mediums, like TV commercials, billboards, banners, etc., is also a great move to widen your brand reach and spread awareness about your brand. 

Flaunt Reviews and Ratings On Digital Screens

Digital signage has proven to be one of the best and fastest-growing sectors in the world. Brick-and-mortar stores, education, hospitality, corporates, finance, and events are a few sectors where digital screens are widely used to keep the audience engaged for a longer duration. 

Displaying powerful customer reviews on digital screens is a sure-shot method to highlight your brand’s image and customer experiences. You can use a responsive tool to display a social media wall on your digital screen and place it strategically for maximum results to build brand awareness, attract users, and ensure proactive engagement. 

Display reviews on digital screen
Display reviews on digital screen

Show Reviews on E-commerce Sites

E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and others are used by numerous firms to sell their items. If this is the case for your company, give customers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, regardless of where they buy from. 

Drive in more sales and conversions by including customer reviews on your online store. Using a comprehensive tool, you can collect, curate, and publish UGC ratings and reviews in your online stores to build trust and reliability to maximize your ROI. 

Ending Note 

Due to the tremendous benefits provided to both consumers and marketers, User-Generated Reviews and Ratings have become increasingly popular.

We are ready to conclude, and the goal of this blog was to assist you in fully comprehending reviews and ratings and how you can utilize them to boost your brand’s conversions and growth, we also recommend tools to help your business succeed, such as an online time clock.

So, get started to include the valuable content created by your customers immediately using Tagbox. 

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