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Facebook Rights Management – Growing Importance of UGC Rights

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Intending to protect the rights of the content creators and publishers, Facebook introduced the Facebook Rights Manager, which is an expansion of its past rights management tool.

This an effort by Facebook to help the creators manage how their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram.

The purpose of this new integration to the Facebook Creator Studio is to ensure the creators and publishers the security of their intellectual property on a large scale and to resolve the privacy concerns of their created content.

To have a better understanding of how this Facebook Rights Manager works and helpful for large content creators and publishers, let’s dive into the blog.

The Privacy-Focused Vision Of Facebook Rights Management Tool

Facebook Rights Management tool manages and protects the content of the creators and publishers having the spectrum of content in their catalog, to have control of when, where, and how their content is used.

This Facebook Rights Manager enables the publishers to protect the rights of their images. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Allows the publishers to upload the library of content that they want to manage and protect. This reference library is for the Rights manager to check for content infringement across Facebook.
  • Permits publishers to set specific rules about how the content may be used. These rules depend upon the usability of the content such as the location of the matched content, the percentage of the matched content, etc.
  • Track down the matches against the protected content uploaded in the reference library by the publisher, using the image-matching technology.
    On the Right’s Manager dashboard, publishers can determine whether the match falls into the funnel of copyright infringement or can remain published without any legal actions.
  • Let publishers create a list of specific profiles and trusted partners that have grants to reuse the protected content without being monitored for copyright infringement.
  • Rights Manager API allows the publishers to protect and monitor the reference library at a large scale and provides the volume uploading of content in the reference library.

Also, this Rights management tool requires a Facebook page to access and works best for big brands and influencers that possess large scale content.

But, these prerequisites highlight one of the challenges of this tool, that its functionality does not resonate with the micro-influencers or the individual users using the platform occasionally.

To resolve the copyright issues of such users, the user-generated content (UGC) Rights Management System comes into play.

Growing Role of UGC Rights Management System

The Facebook Rights Manager increases the importance and strengthens the existence of the UGC Rights Management System.

Unlike the Facebook tool, which is intended to protect the privacy of the major content creators, UGC Rights Management Tools are here to safeguard the privacy of even the most seldom users of social media.

There is no doubt that with the advancement of time, brands have acknowledged the power of leveraging UGC for expanding brand awareness, enhancing customer engagement, building customer loyalty, displaying authenticity and reliability, and boosting sales.

But, sometimes these brands take no account of user’s content privacy which stumbles their image into the trap of copyright infringement issues.

To avoid getting into such a legal web, it is crucial to seek consent from the content creators before repurposing it. 

Taggbox encourages the brands to follow the legal procedure before reusing the content of the users.

The procedure follows:

  • Ask for permission from the content creators either implicitly or explicitly
  • Provide them with an acceptable reason for reusing the content.
  • Once you have permission, it’s recommended to archive the acceptance for any future complications.
  • While repurposing the content, do not forget to show your love to the content creators by acknowledging them with tags and mentions.

UGC is an asset for online brands and marketers. To enjoy the perks and virtues of leveraging UGC, brands should focus on the legal side of reusing the content.

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An impactful marketing strategy is not just displaying UGC for brand promotion, but it also includes a rightful and legal way of using UGC.

Facebook Rights Management Tool does not resonate with the UGC rights management in every sphere of the marketing ecosystem, but rather provides the way for reinforcement of its cases.