Benefits of User-Generated Content

7 Benefits Of User Generated Content That Will Blow Your Mind!

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User-generated content is the most trending topic in content strategies and digital marketing for global brands. It has enabled brands to capture the target audience’s attention like never before.

UGC is increasingly becoming the prime choice of marketers for their campaigns as it hugely influences how people engage with and perceive a brand. More than 86% of companies today use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy.  

The ultimate impact of UGC is on revenue generation and business growth. Brands have witnessed organically magnified conversion rates that no other marketing strategy could bring in.

Keep reading to find out all the benefits of User-Generated Content.

What Is User-Generated Content?

User generated content is any form of content created by a consumer and shared on various digital platforms. UGC is equipped with ideas, feedback, questions, or opinions related to users’ experiences. 

UGC is unique and rich for marketers and brands, as it is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content available on digital media. It is a consumer behavior to seek for real-life experiences of their peers before investing in something online, and UGC serves their needs. 

UGC benefits

Many UGC platforms like Taggbox enable brands to aggregate and publish inspiring user-generated content across various marketing channels and build UGC campaigns to grow brand trust, engagement, and sales.

The benefits of user-generated content highlight its importance and the value that it holds for the audiences. We have highlighted some of the advantages of user-generated content that marketers receive while leveraging it for brand marketing.

Top 7 Benefits Of User-Generated Content

Here are the top 7 advantages of UGC that will walk you through everything UGC can drive for your brand, helping you stand out in the competition.

#1. Authenticity is a Necessity

The prime benefit of UGC is that it is created by real people based on their real-life experiences with brands and their products, making the content trustworthy for peer consumers. 

Brands usually hire professional photographers and models to create content, spending enormous capital. But it is the priceless UGC that has turned out to be more unique and result-driven than any other content. 

90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. Authenticity helps in making the users trust the source from which the content is shared. It makes the marketing campaigns more relevant to the people, thereby making the marketing campaigns impactful.

#2. Highly Trustworthy & Reliable

People trust the words of other people over the marketing messages of the brands. The fact that 9 out of 10 people make an online purchase decision based on the recommendations of other users is a validation of the initial statement. 

Therefore, one of the most promising benefits of user-generated content is that it is a highly trustworthy and reliable form of content. UGC drives in the real-life experiences of consumers, unlike brand-generated content, which is driven by the brand’s marketing & commercial objectives. 

It is the utmost reason people trust the reviews posted by existing customers over the product descriptions in the eCommerce spectrum.

#3. Tremendous Audience Engagement

Since we know UGC is more trustworthy and authentic than any other content, it is understandable that people will engage more with UGC comparatively. The images and videos shared by users get way more likes, shares, and comments than branded content. Consumers, on average, spend 5.4 hours per day with user-generated content.

UGC benefits

One of the vital advantages of user-generated content is that it brings a diversity of topics, humanized elements, empathetic attributes, and customers’ involvement with a brand that leads to higher engagement. 

Existing customers are motivated to engage as they get a chance to feature in branded marketing and an opportunity of two-way communication leading to gratification and customer loyalty.

#4. Easy & Efficient Access to Valuable Content

For marketers and brands, creating unique content that is, engaging and captivating is always a challenge as the interests, likes, and preferences of digital audiences are dynamic and vivid. Access to valuable UGC ensures the limitless flow of content.

UGC is for many marketing campaigns. You can embed it on your website to engage the visitors, increase dwell time and decrease the bounce rate, enhancing website vibrancy. Display it on the social wall during various events to keep the attendees hooked. Create shoppable galleries for your eCommerce website to boost conversions. 

The users’ content is readily available with easy curation that requires minimum to no labor and capital investment, making it one of the most prominent advantages of user-generated content. It saves a lot of time in content creation and leads to maximizing returns on investment.

#5. UGC Drives Conversions

The best benefit of UGC, is one that all marketers and brands look for: conversions. With all the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that having a positive UGC for a brand will lead the consumers towards conversions.

importance of user generated content

User-generated content is a huge influencer of the online shopping behavior of consumers. That is why online reviews and excellent customer experience are given so much importance in digital media. UGC increases conversions by 10% when included in an online purchase path.

Users have become brand advocates in recent times, so what users say about a brand will impact the revenue and success of that business. Visual UGC helps potential customers to understand the existing customers’ experience, in which they make their own purchase decisions.

#6. UGC Is Cost-Effective And Unique

 87% of brands use UGC for authentic (and free) content. That’s because you will find all kinds of people on the internet, and their ways to perceive and express are unique, so you can never have similar content coming from different sources. Moreover, people love to reflect their creativity in every content they create.

When you choose UGC as your significant content type, you present to your audience something unique each time you post, so they will always have something new to engage with each time they come across your marketing channels.

You no longer have to spend time, labor, or capital on brainstorming and creating new content for your audience. Simply invest in a UGC platform that will aggregate rich content created by your consumers ready to use for all your marketing purposes.

#7. UGC Is Memorable

31% of consumers say advertisements that feature UGC are more memorable than traditional ads without it. The digital world has shifted towards relatability. Marketers want brands to stay in potential customers’ memories for longer, and that cannot happen with zero-sized and air-brushed model pictures clicked by professional photographers. 

Hence, the user-generated content has resulted memorable for consumers as they see their peer consumers in brands’ advertising campaigns and find relatability in them. 

Imagine your potential customer scrolling through social media filled with advertising campaigns and different content types. What do you think will make them stop? The same old brand created content by brands or content created by a familiar face. You already know the answer. That’s what makes UGC more impactful and memorable.

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With these benefits of UGC, you can understand how highly advantageous the user-generated content is. Although it requires extensive management and strategy to leverage UGC effectively, marketers identify it as the future of content marketing.

Taggbox, as a UGC platform, provides complete solutions from collecting & curating UGC, managing UGC rights, designing marketing campaigns, and execution along with active customer support. 

Taggbox makes it effortless for brands to leverage UGC and drive results towards the ultimate marketing and business growth.

benefits of UGC