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User-Generated Content(UGC) Stats And Facts – 2024

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With the growing trust issues between brands and customers, building a bridge that connects each other is crucial during this tough competition. 

It is important for brands to focus on what the customers are looking for and demanding from brands & businesses.

Do you know what builds customer trust with your brand? The answer is reviews and recommendations from real and existing customers, and employing social proof marketing strategies. About 92% of customers trust the reviews and recommendations people share, rather than advertisements.

user generated content

People believe what other people are saying. As more than ninety percent of people ask for real customer reviews and recommendations, it becomes highly essential for brands to focus on displaying user-generated content on websites and any other platform. 

As you get this fact and learn the importance of sharing reviews and recommendations, there are so many important facts and stats that you should focus on and build your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Check out the below-given facts and stats related to UGC. It will give you a better brief about the importance of user-generated content and why it is helpful to your brand. 

UGC Is Invaluable For Marketers

86% of companies incorporated UGC in their marketing strategy as it is effective content brief that helps build trust and authenticity of your brand & business. 

As customers do not buy any product before getting a hundred percent satisfaction, marketers need to focus on what makes customers satisfied and builds trust among them. 

UGC stats

In this growing competition, marketers are running out of time, and spending a lot of hours on traditional marketing will not yield results. 

Thus, user generated content is an invaluable and indispensable tool that helps marketers to connect with their customers. 

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UGC Builds Trust With Brand

The authenticity of the content is where your customers start building trust with your brand. 92% of customers are looking for reviews and recommendations from existing customers. 

87% of brands are using UGC to share authentic content with their customers. 

About 72% of brands believe UGC helps them engage customers and build brand trust, which results in a good connection with their customers.

Customers Believe More On UGC

90% of consumers find user-generated content useful and believe what existing customers say about the brands rather than flashing ads and promotional emails.

It is found that 64% of consumers seek reviews about products before making a checkout.  

About 50% of customers want brands to tell them the type of content customers to share on social media and other digital platforms. 

UGC Increases Engagement In Advertisement

90% of brands say that using Facebook feeds in the ads increases the click-through rate. Customers feel more connected with the ads as they contain content from real users. 

For example, Toyota noticed a 440% increase in Facebook advertising engagement with UGC compared to non-UGC ads. 

Customers Ask For Real Customer Reviews

70% of customers trust real people’s reviews before they make a purchase decision. If the customer reviews are shown on the website, it increases conversion by 41% rate.

reviews on website

Customers feel confident when they check five to seven reviews to get relevant information about the product.

About 74% conversion rate increased on the product when used UGC.

Brands Are Focusing On User-Generated Content

Some brands have already started to focus on UGC content; about 16% of brands have created an effective UGC marketing strategy

Not only this, 86% of companies have understood the importance of UGC and use it to engage with their potential customers. 

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UGC Increase Customer Engagement

When brands share relevant user-generated content over social media, website, or any other digital platform, about 28% higher customer engagement has been noticed as compared with the brand’s professionally created content.   

As your customers are demanding more user-generated content, embedding it on your website or other platform increases your customer engagement

UGC Is Cost-Efficient

Companies and brands spend $72,000 yearly on average in creating quality and professional content, but it is not effective, and brands are still facing trust issues. In contrast, user-generated content can be created at a much lower cost. 

About four times higher CTR is noticed with UGC and dropped in the CPC than average Google and other ads.

UGC Increase Return Visitors

Brands that use UGC on their website find a 20% increase in the number of returning visitors. The surprising fact is that these websites have noticed a 90% increase in the total time spent by visitors on websites with UGC than ever before. 

Moreover, when brands share UGC on twitter, see a 20% increase in the new visitors from Twitter instead of organic searches.

Customers Discover More New Products with UGC

When customers share their experience with products and services on social media, they share it with millions of social media users. Thus, 48% of customers say that they find new products through UGC or social media feeds

It is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to focus on more UGC content and target your prospective customers so that they discover your products and services. 

UGC Increase Click-Through-Rate

When UGC is used as call-to-action and encourages people to click on your ads, with UGC 5 time increase in the click-through-rate is noticed. 

Most of the customers like to click on ads that look authentic and trustworthy instead of clickbait. 

UGC Increase CTR On Email

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with the target or interested audience. Still, if the content does not seem authentic, they will not click on the email. 

Thus, with user-generated content, it is noticed that about 73% of CTR is increased on the brand’s email and brings more conversions.

UGC Humanize Promotional Content

Customers find more connected with the user-generated content as the real people share it. UGC makes content more humanized, which promotional content by brands cannot do.

Customers want more authentic content from the brands; thus, user-generated content helps create more real and trustworthy content that customers can connect to. 

48% of professional marketers believe that UGC helped them create more authentic and humanized promotional content than they create. 

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UGC Increase Conversion Rate

It is a well-known fact that user-generated content attracts visitors and engages them with the content. People crave to see customer-created content before making purchasing decisions.

This means there are higher chances that people click on the buy button after reading user-generated content. About a 29% increase in the conversion rate is noticed on online purchases with user-generated content on website page products. 

84% of millennials claim that the user-generated content influences them to buy products and services on the website instead of sites that don’t use UGC. 

The conversion rate is 50% with the UGC content featured on the website pages than those that don’t have any UGC.

Gen Z Interacts More With UGC

About 35% of Gen Z believe that UGC will be more credible in the next few years than brands’ content. 

It is noticed that 12% of engagement will increase through mobile to check more UGC in the next 3 to 5 years. 

Gen Z is also encouraged to buy products and services the influencers share with authentic UGC rather than the brand’s content. 

Millennials Share More UGC

Millennials are active users on social media and make more purchases than any other online consumers. They also contribute 70% to the UGC over the internet. 

30% of the millennials spend on social media to watch UGC content in the form of text, images, videos, etc. 

Millennials also believe that user-generated content is interesting and 35% more indelible than text or media shared by brands. 

A survey found that only 1% of millennials find brand advertisements compelling and trustworthy to click.

UGC And Visual Marketing Have High Impact

Visual user-generated content has a higher impact on people, and they spend more time watching them.

About 45% of people like to watch YouTube and Facebook videos to check reviews and recommendations instead of promotional videos created by the brands.

It is found that there is a 28% increase in customer engagement when user-generated content and official product videos merge. 

Take More With UGC

As of now you have to come to know different facts and statistics about user-generated content, it shows how much your UGC is important for your brand and business. 

Harnessing the power of UGC for your brand can create a great opportunity. You should use these facts and stats to generate high-quality UGC content so that you can interact with your customers in the way they want. 

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