10 Benefits of Integrating Customer Reviews On Website

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Customer reviews on website! You might have seen these on every eCommerce platform, but the truth is that these are beneficial beyond just growing eCommerce conversion rate

Since the digital media influence is expanding among consumers, the importance of a brand’s digital storefront i.e., website, is becoming more crucial and influential. 

Your website’s performance is driven by content, and if you want to upgrade your website and business performance, then you would need to display content that can help you achieve that. 

This is where the role of customer reviews comes into play. 

What Exactly Are Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are basically any piece of information (content) that the customers of a brand or business have shared based on their experiences, ideas, opinions, feedback, etc. about the brand, its products and services, value for money, and many more components. 

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So you can understand customer reviews as content that talks about brand’s authority, identity, quality, value, etc. 

This helps potential customers to explore more about a brand and make their investment decisions with the brand. These reviews become the spokesperson for the brand.

But why should you consider integrating these customer reviews on the website, or how would they be beneficial to your brand? So here, we have listed a few benefits that positive customer reviews on the website will give you. 

Benefits Of Customer Reviews

1. Free Promotions

We all know how big a challenge it is to effectively promote your brand on digital platforms, especially when the engagement and conversion rates are low in digital marketing.

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So, customer reviews work as a perfect solution to drive online promotions as every review posted by the customers talk about your brand and its positive components that work free of cost promotion and marketing by customers voluntarily. 

2. Valuable & Original Content

Content is the most important element of any website as it defines the engagement, conversions, and overall performance of any website, so it is essential to have valuable & fresh content on the website. 

Customer reviews on the website will provide you with that valuable, informative, and original content shared by trustable sources.

So, it will help you save cost on constant content creation for your website as you will have a stream of fresh, unique, relevant, and valuable content with minimum acquisition costs.

3. Build Trust & Reliability

In this digital age, there’s a lot of distrust and unreliability among the consumers towards the brand as they can perfectly measure the brand quality or image through digital mediums. 

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Customer reviews will help you achieve trust and reliability for your brand and its products & services as these reviews are posted by real customers based on their real experiences highlighting the real value and image of your brand. 

4. Showcase Authenticity & Credibility

As we discussed building trust and reliability through real customer reviews about your brand, this will lead to showcasing the authenticity and credibility of your brand. 

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The authenticity and credibility will help in guiding the potential customers towards the engagement and purchase funnel on your website, along with a more strengthened intention to be a customer of your brand. 

5. Empower Brand Advocacy & Positive WOM

The combination of authenticity, trust, reliability, etc. will lead to showcasing how the existing customers are talking about your brand and their real experiences.

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This will act as brand advocacy by existing customers along with positive word of mouth about the brand. It will greatly help your brand to attract new customers, improve conversion rates, and, most importantly, enhance your brand authority. 

6. Improve Engagement & Dwell Time

User engagement is the most crucial and defining success metric for your brand website as higher engagement is positively associated with resulting in higher conversions & revenue. 

So, when you display customer reviews on the website, it will allow the website visitors to get more information about the brand and explore what other customers are saying. 

So, it will automatically improve user engagement, and that will lead to an increase in the average dwell time on the website by users. 

7. Gain SEO Benefits

As the engagement will increase along with the dwell time, it will result in reduced bounce rate on the website and potentially reduced cart abandonment rate as well. 

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This will help you improve your website ranking in SERP as users are engaging more, and you will get stronger impressions and improved traffic from the search engines to your website. 

Besides, Google anyway values trustworthy and authentic content highly as compared to branded promotional content leading to positive signals for website on search engines. 

8. Boost Conversions & Revenue Through Website

Now the most crucial attribute – conversions! Many brands and businesses see conversions and revenue generation as the primary goal for their website. 

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The fact that over 90% of the people trust UGC, such as user reviews while making their online purchase decisions. Also, 93% of the consumers say reviews influences their buying decisions, and 90% of consumers actively read reviews before investing online

So, knowing about these facts, you can see how influential these customer reviews can be in hugely improving the conversions and revenue for your business through the website. 

9. Reputation & Relationship Management

Brand reputation is important is digital media as it greatly influences in attracting, engaging, and converting customers. So customer reviews will help in building your strong brand reputation. 

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These reviews will bring transparency between users and brands, leading to better brand image and integrity. This will help you improve your relationships with customers and even potential customers. 

10. Indirect Reach & Brand Awareness Building

Finally, the added advantage beyond these benefits is that you can augment your brand reach, digital exposure, and brand awareness through the words of the customers. 

When the users come across these reviews on the website, it will motivate these users to promote the brand to their networks and new demographics about the positive values of the brand. 

How To Integrate Customer Reviews Widget On Website With Taggbox

So, these were some of the key benefits that you can derive from integrating the customer reviews widget on the website. 

You can use a tool like Taggbox widget to collect user reviews from social media and review platforms into a feed and embed that feed on your website easily and effectively. 

The tool allows you to collect reviews from platforms like Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, Airbnb Reviews and most importantly Google reviews

The tool provides immense customization options to make your customer reviews feed more captivating and intriguing for the users. Also, moderation will allow you to remove or restrict irrelevant reviews. 

Taggbox review widget will let you embed these reviews on the website, be it on any platform like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. The widget is free to use and has immense scalable functionalities to grow your website.  


Customer reviews are the genuine feelings of customers about the brand or business. It is the best form of user-generated content a brand can have about themselves. 

Integrating these reviews into your website can open the door to immense possibilities for brand growth and profitable outcomes. 

So, it is recommended that you identify the opportunities around reviews, where you can find these reviews, and leverage review widgets to display these on your website to boost its performance and returns on investments.

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