benefits of google reviews in 2024

15 Undeniable Benefits of Google Reviews [2024]

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your customers became your promoters and all you have to do is make sure they are happy? Well, Google Reviews allows you to do exactly that. While for users, it is a great feature to check reviews before opting for a service, Google Reviews is also highly beneficial for brands. 

From improving rank in search results to displaying the brand on Local Packs, Google Reviews can increase brand visibility in multiple ways.  

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the major benefits your brand can have if you have Reviews on Google.

Top 15 Advantages of Google Reviews

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of having Google Reviews for your business.

top benefits of google reviews

1. Create an Impactful Positive First Impression with Google Reviews

The first impression might not be the last impression, but it’s definitely an important one. When a customer searches for your brand on Google, reviews will be the first thing they’ll search for to get a better understanding of your brand. Having good Google Reviews on the top creates a good image of your business.

More positive comments about your brand give clients assurance about your business.

2. Get Valuable Insights with Customer Feedback

Data collected through customer reviews lets a brand know about what they are doing right or wrong. 

Working on the areas where improvement is needed, enhances customer experience. Customer reviews are the most direct forms of feedback and working on them increases the quality of services or the product you offer.

3. Awareness and Recognition

With so much competition around, it’s important to be as visible as possible in any industry. Getting more reviews on Google is important to make your brand more relevant in the eyes of a user.
Getting frequent reviews on Google creates an impression that your brand is active. It also makes people aware of the same as they search for relevant keywords because more keywords also help in SEO ranking.

4. Online Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions

Reading positive customer reviews is one of the best ways for a potential client to know about your brand. 

More reviews result in a better clear picture of the services you provide, making the client more informed while making a decision.

5. Have a Competitive Edge with More Reviews

Having a good number of Google Reviews helps in standing tall among the fierce competition in the market. 

With more reviews on Google, You are more likely to catch the attention of a customer as compared to your competitors. 

Apart from increasing brand visibility, having better ratings and reviews on Google also gives a competitive edge. 

It is obvious that a customer will always choose a product with 50+ 5-star ratings over a product with less than 20 5-star ratings. 

Having more Google reviews for your name impacts the ranking algorithm as well, placing you above all your competitors in the Google search results.

6. Word of Mouth Marketing

Google review can also be considered as a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. 

It is an effective advertising tool relying on people spreading your brand’s info. Companies can often use detailed positive reviews as a testimonial and display them on their website.

7. Address Criticism for Retention

Google Reviews allows you to respond to criticism done online which helps you explain the negative feedback you received.

negative feedback

Addressing feedback also makes your customer feel acknowledged and might result in their retention even after a bad experience. Analyzing the criticism you got from Google reviews can also help as feedback and you can use it to improve.

8. Increase the Visibility of Your Brand with Positive Google Reviews

The customer reviews are displayed on Google search results and Google Maps allowing you to reach to a wider audience. With over 3 billion searches every day, having more positive reviews displayed on search results increases your chances of getting more traffic. 

More people looking at good reviews under your name will definitely leave a good impression.

9. Google Reviews Influence Brand Credibility

99.9% of customers are likely to read a review before shopping online. This fact is enough to say that customers tend to trust the opinions of fellow customers while making a decision. 

Hence, having good reviews on Google can help your brand build trust and credibility among potential customers. It positively impacts your reputation in the market. 

Building trust among potential customers can increase the conversion rate as well.

10. Realize and Rectify with Reviews Received

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews on Google. Take constructive feedback and work on improving your product or service. 

Working on customer feedback not only enhances the quality of your services but also makes the customer feel heard. 

This makes them want to add more reviews once the issue they had is resolved. Feedback from customers highlights the areas in which your brand can improve and create a better user experience for future customers.

11. Improve the click-through rate (CTR) of Google Ads

With More Google Reviews visible on the Google Ads you run, you can increase CTR and attract more customers to your business. This eventually results in increased sales and revenue for your brand. 

Studies have shown that with good Google reviews, there is an 18% increase in the overall revenue earned by the business. Positive reviews on Google can also increase the conversion rate by 270% giving a brand a competitive edge.

To monitor CTR and the general impact of your ads campaigns, connect Google Ads to Tableau, or other BI tools. You’ll gain the benefit of comprehensive data visualization, enabling actionable insights.

12. Improve Click-Through Rates to Your Website with Google Reviews

Local SEO is heavily affected by more Google reviews. Getting more reviews can make your brand appear on the local pack which will impact the traffic on your website. This may result in better CTR on websites. 

So if you own a restaurant that has positive Google Reviews then it will appear on top for keywords like “Places to eat near me”. 

advantage of google reviews

Good reviews can also help in displaying your business on the local map listings when searching for the relevant keyword on Google Maps.

13. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Engaging with reviewers can lead to better relationships with all your customers. CRM is an important aspect of any business and engaging with Google reviewers can directly impact that. 

Responding to negative feedback and working positively makes the customer happy and stay with your brand. This helps in increasing loyal customers as addressing their concerns creates a better rapport. 

This is why companies encourage customers that they know are satisfied, to leave a review about their experience on Google. Companies use different ways to ask customers for reviews. Over the years Google reviews have become a cost-effective method for brands to advertise their services to customers.

14. Google Review as User-Generated Content

Google reviews act as a UGC which can also be used as testimonials from satisfied customers. UGC is a strong social proof that you can display on your website or social media to let other people know about the kind of service you provide. There are different social proof tools you can use to manage the reviews better. 

Detailed and authentic customer feedback is a powerful marketing tool and displaying it at every possible marketing front can be beneficial for your brand.

15. Review Analytics

The data collected through reviews can help a business make better decisions for the future. This data can be in the form of ratings and percentage of satisfied customers. You can use different review management tools for better analysis of reviews.

Tasks like tailoring marketing campaigns, steps for better customer service, and product offerings can be decided while keeping this data in mind.

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How Google Reviews Helped Brands in Real Life

Following are some of the best examples of when Google Reviews stole the day with the benefits they offer to a brand.

  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

A local plumbing company in San Diego called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing made the best use of Google Reviews. The company struggled to attract new customers due to the limited online presence they had at the start of 2018. 

The brand decided to focus on collecting positive Google reviews from customers they knew were satisfied with their services. 

Result: Within a few months of implementing this technique, their Google rating rose to 4.8 stars, resulting in a 30% increase in traffic to their website. This eventually led to a significant boost in new customers, displaying the power of positive online reviews.

  • Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina, a small Italian restaurant in Chicago, faced a huge concern in 2019. They were looking to create a strong reputation for themselves. The competitive market around them made this a difficult task. 

The brand eventually implemented a strategy to actively encourage everyone visiting their restaurant to leave Google reviews and share their experience. Within a few weeks after this strategy was implemented, Bella Cucina had numerous positive reviews under their name on Google. 

Result: As their positive reviews accumulated, their online visibility improved, leading to a 20% increase in sales highlighting the impact of Google reviews on customer decisions.

  • Smile Bright Dental

Smile Bright Dental is a dental clinic situated in Atlanta that wishes to engage more with customers to enhance its customer service. 

They aimed to increase customer satisfaction and address any gaps in the services they offered. in 2020. This made them actively monitor, analyze, and respond to Google reviews. They started promptly addressing the concerns their customer had. 

The clinic also included practices like expressing gratitude for feedback even if it was negative.

Result: This proactive approach led to improved customer satisfaction, as patients felt valued and heard when the clinic responded to the issues they had.

  • The Stylish Strand

The Stylish Strand is a hair salon based out of Los Angeles. The salon wanted to create a better relationship with its customers. The main aim behind this was to increase customer retention and loyalty. 

To do so, Stylish Strand implemented a system to incentivize Google reviews. To encourage their customers to leave a Google Review, they started to give discounts for each review left. 

Result: Apart from exponentially increasing positive Google reviews this impactful strategy also fostered customer loyalty and eventually resulted in repeated visits.

  • Reliable Repairs

In 2022, an auto repair shop in Austin called Reliable Repairs was finding it difficult to increase trust and credibility among potential customers. 

They started to gather detailed Google reviews with long and detailed reviews about their services. They displayed the best ones on their social media, resulting in building trust among their potential clients. 

Result: As their positive reviews grew, their trustworthiness and credibility improved, attracting more customers.

  • Sweet Retreat Bakery

Sweet Retreat Bakery, a Seattle-based bakery, wanted to expand its customer base. They wanted to increase their reach beyond the marketing they were already serving.

Keeping the power of online reviews in the past few years, the bakery decided to utilize Google reviews as a marketing strategy to reach out to more customers from other areas. They encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and respond promptly to feedback. 

Result: They were able to increase their online visibility and attract new customers from surrounding areas. As their Google rating steadily rose, their bakery became a popular destination for both locals and visitors seeking delectable treats.

  • Fit & Active Gym

Fit & Active Gym, a fitness center in Denver, sought to enhance its brand image and differentiate itself from competitors in 2024. 

Understanding the impact of online reviews on brand perception, they focused on gathering positive Google reviews that highlighted their unique offerings, such as personalized training programs, a supportive community atmosphere, and a commitment to individual fitness goals. 

Result: As their positive reviews accumulated, their brand image improved, attracting more members who valued their distinctive approach to fitness. Their Google reviews became a powerful testament to their dedication to creating a welcoming and results-oriented fitness experience.

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Now that you understand the benefits of Google reviews, you must have understood how important it can be for your business. From boosting your SEO ranking to helping in product development.

Google Reviews benefits a business in several ways. By leveraging Google reviews in the ways mentioned above you can not only improve customer retention but also enhance the quality of service you provide. You can make informed decisions based on the multiple reviews left by your customers and increase your reputation in the market as well.