How To Embed Airbnb Reviews Widget On Website

In the evolving times, customer reviews are becoming more and more important for potential customers, and this has made it even more imporant for brands & businesses.

Digital media and platforms such as the website of a lodging hospitality brand like Airbnb need to have content that is helpful and valuable to the consumers that can help them make favorable decisions. 

“Reviews are the future of the hospitality industry for brand growth.” 

In this brief guide, we have explained what Airbnb & its reviews are, how they are beneficial to brands & businesses, and how you can embed Airbnb reviews on the website. 

Airbnb & Its Reviews: The Definitive Words

Airbnb is a lodging hospitality online marketplace that lets the people who want to rent out their homes/houses connecting them with people who are looking for short-term accommodations. 

It is a business model that lets the property owners earn some revenue out of their property, and it lets the guests live in a homelike and open environment in an unknown or stranger city. 

Now, knowing about this business model, the importance of customer reviews becomes essential. For example, in Airbnb, there is no brand image, customer support, and other brand elements that help you in choosing a hotel room. 

Airbnb reviews are quite different from other review platforms as it lets both the hosts and the guests review each other i.e., brand reviewing customers & vice versa. 

There are different types of reviews available on Airbnb like private reviews among guests & hosts or star ratings for different services & categories, group review, and cancellation reviews.

But here we have discussed embedding the public reviews & star ratings submitted by the guest about the hosts and how it benefits their hospitality services or business. 

Embed Trustworthy Airbnb Reviews On Website

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How To Embed Airbnb Reviews Widget On Website

Here we give you the simple and easy steps to embed Airbnb reviews on the website instantly without any hassle. So, let’s get started with it. 

Step 1 – Login to your Taggbox Widget account, or if you don’t have one, then get your free account. 

Login to Taggbox Widget

Step 2 – After login, you will see the dashboard, here click on Add Social Feeds option to add feeds on your widget.

AirBnb widget on website

Step 3 – A pop-up will appear, choose Airbnb As the source of your reviews among the different options 

Airbnb reviews on website

Step 4 – Enter Airbnb listing URL to fetch your business reviews from Airbnb and click on the create feed button.

Embed Airbnb reviews on website

Now in a few seconds, it will automatically fetch the reviews into a feed. 

There are many customizations and functionalities that you use, which we have mentioned after the steps—now moving on to the embedding of your collected Airbnb reviews on the website. 

Once you have collected the reviews, you will automatically be redirected to the wall editor dashboard in your account. 

Step 5 – In the bottom left corner, click on the “Publish” button and a pop-up will appear.

Airbnb reviews widget on website

Step 6 – A pop-up will appear, Choose any website CMS from the given options like WordPress, HTML, Wix, Shopify, etc. 

Airbnb reviews widget on website

For example, – we have chosen “HTML” as the website CMS, but you can choose accordingly as the process is similar. 

Step 7 – Adjust the height and width of your Airbnb reviews feed for the website from the pop-up.

embed Airbnb reviews widget on website

Step 8 – Click on “Get Code” and an embed code will be provided that you can copy and paste into the HTML of your website. 

Airbnb reviews widget on website

Also, you can even “Preview” as well to see how the Airbnb reviews feed looks before choosing the “Get code” option. Along with that, you can share the “Embed code” directly with your team through email. 

Once you paste the embed code in your website code and enable it or activate it, you have successfully embedded Airbnb reviews on the website. 

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Additional Features & Functionalities With Taggbox

Taggbox has a lot of features and functionalities to make your Airbnb reviews feed more interesting, engaging, and creative. Here are some of the options you can choose from. 

Customizations– You get the options to change review feed themes, post style, display information, fonts, colors, design elements, social sharing options, custom posts, adding a banner, pop-ups, and background. 

Moderation – Enable the moderation option to restrict and remove irrelevant content from your feed. You can even activate the automatic moderation as well. 

Analytics – Gain audience insights through engagement and web analytics. You can see the total impressions, clicks, users, sentiment analysis, and many more details. 

More – There are many more options like rights management, responsive design, API access, custom posts, sponsored content, etc. 

Display Airbnb Reviews On Screens Across Hotels & Resorts

We discussed how you can display the Airbnb reviews on website but your can go beyond that as well by displaying your Airbnb customer reviews on digital screens at your venues using Taggbox Signage.

Displaying these customer reviews at your hotels or resorts will help in building a strong brand image among new customers and it will also help you highlight your brand credibility & reliability. 

display airbnb reviews

Installing Airbnb reviews feed screens around reception, lounge, entrance, dining area, gyms, swimming pools, etc. will help in attracting customers attention & boost brand trust that will eventually lead to more positive reviews, brand advocacy, valuable UGC, customer loyalty, etc.

It is easy to display these reviews as the process is the same and you just have to choose the “Display on screens” option instead of “Embed in website” and follow further instructions. 


This was a brief yet informative guide to help you leverage the superpower of customer reviews from Airbnb to drive your business growth and profitable returns. 

The guide gives you the 10 simple steps along with different creative and engaging functionalities to create and embed Airbnb review feed on the website and boost website performance. 

So, leverage the free Taggbox widget tool to create and embed Airbnb reviews and unlock the trust, engagement, revenue, and growth prospects through the website. 

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