How To Increase Website Engagement Through User Generated Content

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Gone are the days of conventional marketing and advertisements! Marketing strategies have evolved from stacked photos to consumer uploaded real images bringing along the authenticity factor and the social proof from customers itself.

Roughly, 30% of the time millennials spend consuming all media is spent on User Generated Content(UGC). They find UGC as a great way to discover new products.

User Generated Content(UGC) is a powerful marketing tactic that has proved its effectiveness in enhancing sales conversion rates and user engagement. It has been in the market since the 1990s and yet it is still trendy, dynamic, fresh, cost-effective, efficient and what not!

It is like a nectar’s flower for websites with decreasing organic results.

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So, What is UGC Basically?

UGC means User Generated Content. Also known as Consumer Generated Content, it is the content created by users while posting images and videos on their social media platforms, sharing their experiences and reviews about your products or services or maybe their feedback to a query someone asked online about your product based on their experience. All that is nothing but User Generated Content.

It is the most honest and unmanipulated kind of content present on social media, hence, the trust factor that it brings along enhances multifold.

It serves brand marketers with huge opportunities to mine for social media content, video logs and images narrating compelling stories of users and showcasing them on their websites through a social wall. This helps to connect with the target users in a more personalized and authentic way.

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Before we dive into how to increase website engagement through User Generated Content, first let’s have a look at the reasons why to use UGC in the first place.

Why Should You Use UGC?

Social Media is trending and that’s no secret. Then the only smart thing is to use the opportunity when it presents itself. User-Generated Content gives you that opportunity. It is literally begging to get used.

In today’s era of Instagramming and Snapchatting, people love talking about themselves. They love showing which brands they wear, what events they go to and what food they eat or where they eat it. That’s what a marketer’s job is – to make your brand something that everyone is talking about. Why not let people do your work when they love doing it on their own. That too for free!

Social proof is what gives social acceptability to your brand. It enhances brand credibility and image. Employing user-generated content to showcase user testimonials on your website does exactly that for you. Also, it improves SEO ranking by enhancing visitor’s dwell time, their click-through rates and finally their sales conversion rates.

Users are highly responsive to UGCas they can review your products in real life context and get feedbacks. Also, displaying user-generated media posts enhances content quality for your brand across different social media platforms increasing word of mouth marketing for your brand.

Now, having discussed the reasons to embed UGC into your marketing strategy let’s discuss how to do it in the most efficient way to produce the best results for your website and brand.

Employ UGC to Increase Website Engagement

The first thing to keep in mind is that different strategies work for different brands and websites. So, here are some well-tested ways to embed UGC into your marketing strategy and make wonders happen.

1. Let UGC Power Your Social Ads

Using authentic user-generated content in advertising boost sales conversion to greater heights. Social Ads play a very important role in establishing an emotional link with customers. You could employ a social hub on your website for this purpose.

Displaying user-generated content conveying your social message and showcasing your social ads on the homepage of your website is a great way to attract customer engagement. It leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

MakeAWish Hashtag Campaigns

Social Ads displayed using consumer-generated content has proved to improve SEO to a great extent. If your brand is somehow not that visibly appealing, then including UGC into your social ads gives you something extra to attract customers. Let your customers narrate their stories on your social media wall.

Create Your Own Social Wall

2. Let UGC Have It’s Own Space

Who doesn’t like to get gifts! Inspire your users to create, innovate and upload fresh content related to your product and brand. Encourage them to use hashtags of your brand in their social media uploads in return for free giveaways. Make your website a platform for your users to showcase their creativity.

You could even dedicate a page on your website for that purpose. Create a specific webpage exclusively dedicated for displaying user-generated content. Embedding a CTA button “Share Your Creativity” actually prompts your users to share the user-generated content on your website across various platforms, in turn, enhancing your brand marketing.

Let UGC Have It’s Own Space

If you want your users to generate quality content for your website, you need to show them that you value their content. You could organize a creativity leaderboard on the UGC dedicated page or offer gift cards or vouchers for the best creative heads. This would encourage them to create quality content (and in good quantity too).

Users love it when you as a brand recognize them as an individual and give them the opportunity to showcase their stories, images, videos, and creativity. Include your brand hashtags and links to different social media platforms. This helps to improve your SEO.

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3. Engage Your Users with Games and Contests

Who would wanna miss an opportunity to post their pictures and win a gift in return? Well, you could use this trick to attract user-generated content in return for giveaways and gifts. You could organize some contest or questionnaire or any activity in order to engage users on your website. The winners could be awarded some goodies or gift cards or vouchers.

This attracts the potential customers and increases the traffic on your website for sure and also at the same time it increases the word of mouth marketing for your brand.

You could also create a point system which could be redeemed by your users later on. This retains their frequent visits to your website and encourages them to engage on your website more frequently and also inspires brand loyalty.

4. Build a Community

Users love a familiar and personal experience. Building a community for your brand personalizes the whole experience for a user. This also increases the trust factor between the brand and the user. It transforms your customers to your preachers. It also helps to establish that personal link with the customers.

Well! to be true, creating a community is effective but difficult, to begin with. You can start by engaging your users with some questionnaire about their experience with your products. Make sure the questionnaire is not too long. Keep it simple, short and interesting. Highlight your user’s reviews. This will make them feel that their feedback is valued. This also helps new users to get a relevant review of your products easily.

Build a Community

Creating a community also acts as a social proof for your aspiring customers. You could display this social proof at the point of sale. Their queries about your product can come to rest over here and convert them from being an aspiring user to an existing customer, thereby boosting your conversion rate.

It is better than a salesperson selling your pitch. After all, an existing user’s free will feedback will be more valued than a salesperson who is paid to do the same.

5. Let Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe

Attract your tribe with your brand value vibe. Make your customers know what your brand stands for and what are the values you pursue through your brand. This helps you resonate with the audience who believe in the same values.

Let Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe

For this purpose, you may integrate a social hub on your website which may display user-generated content from different social media platforms regarding your product and brand.

You may include images of customers using your product conveying the values your brand stands for on a social wall. An inspirational social media wall on your home screen also leaves a long-lasting effect on the minds of first-time users. Placing CTA buttons at strategic touchpoints is a great move to enhance conversion rate.


Using stock photos for your brand is costly and outdated. Using UGC brings a dynamic touch to your entire marketing campaign. A social wall is the best way to embed UGC into your marketing strategy.

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