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Reasons For Integrating Social Media Hub on the Website

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Social media marketing trends have undergone a tremendous change over the past few years. Earlier used as a platform to advertise, nowadays, many brands have begun to use it aptly to engage their customers.

These days, staying active on the brand’s social media channels and interacting with the audience is a significant job role of the brand representative.

Posting attractive visual content and useful information, quirky tweets, vivacious videos, etc. are the things that bring your brand closer to the audience.

However, the question is, for how long does that content serve you? In other words, after a general social media outreach, how can you still make out the most from the generated content? Yes, by embedding your social media feed on the website. The most effective way to do so; is obviously, by creating a social media hub.

In this blog, we have discussed what social media hub is and what are the reasons to integrate it on the website.

Social Media Hub: The Definitive Words

A social media hub is a digital tool that converges the content from a wide range of diverse social media platforms and exhibits it at a single location. It aggregates content from social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Vine, and more.

It is an effective and profitable tool as sometimes it becomes difficult for brands to have constant pace on each social media platform, and hence it results in degraded performance of the brands. 

Integrate Social Media Hub

Brands with influencing social media presence, consider social hub to showcase their content into a simplified form.

Posts in the social hub allow the visitors to visit your social networks directly with just one click. They can even like, comment, follow the post directly from the hub.

So to have an intense and overwhelming connection with social media audiences, brands integrate social media hubs on websites.

Reasons to Integrate Social Media Hub

A social media hub is the most appropriate way to display an aggregate of all your social media feeds derived from various channels onto a screen. There are many advantages you can derive if you integrate social media hub onto your website. We are here listing some of them.

1. Channelize More Traffic

A brand’s website consists of all the information it wants to communicate to its potential customers. To be able to do so, it is important to first redirect the audience to the website. It seems to be an easy task considering that the majority of the customer base – of almost every industry – is active on social media. However, it can be a tricky task. Nonetheless, that is when the Social media hub comes to the rescue.

Embedding social media hub onto your website allows you to channelize your traffic from the social media channels to your website and vice versa. This provides your audience with valuable insight into your brand’s profile. Also, instead of visiting various social media channels, they get a holistic view of all your social media activities in one place.

Integrate social media hub on website

This, by the way, also redirects them from one of your social media networks to another, making them follow you on every platform.

Eventually, the visits and revisits on your website and social media channels increases. And, the more the traffic, the more the chances of making a sale.

2. Lower Bounce Rate and Longer Durations of Customer Interaction

After channelizing the attention of people onto your website, one thing you would not want to see happening is them visiting the website for just a few seconds. The quality of the content posted onto the website of a brand is a direct indication of its ideologies, effectiveness, and profile. Thus, Good and valuable content is the key to audience engagement.

Social media feed widget or social media display, adds that intriguing content to your website.

The feeds displayed by the social media hubs are updated live. Thus, they provide a new story to publish every other second. The content generated is also varied and pragmatic.

These feeds can be an outlook of a conversation you had with a follower over Twitter; a Facebook comment posted by a customer about your brand; or just a few photos of the day you uploaded on your Instagram handle; all of what lengthens the duration of customer interaction and website visits.

Evidently, the more people stay onto the website, the more they get to explore your brand.

3. Instill a sense of trust among the audience towards your brand

Providing good content to watch and read does not only make your visitors stay on the website longer. But, as they get to explore the brand more, it makes them understand and relate to your brand better. More customer reviews and social updates instill a sense of trust in them towards your brand.

The more experience, information, and help you provide your readers and visitors, the more it makes you proportionally trustworthy. Not to forget, as per customer behavior theories, trust is one of the major aspects for a customer to decide which brand to use and which not to.

Social media reviews are the internet’s word-of-mouth i.e., genuine recommendations and experiences from customers across the globe. Displaying these reviews on social media hub acts as brand ambassadors and advocates for the reliability of the brand.

To make it more effective, you can also put up a social media wall to display various customer reviews, messages, posts generated by your happy customers to thank and appreciate you and for doing so, using a powerful social media aggregator tool like Taggbox is the best possible choice!

4. Equipped with real-time update functionality

A social media hub displays fresh and unique content, just like a Social media wall. It employs the functionality of real-time updates while displaying the content from all the channels.

It allows real-time interactions between the brands and the audiences. It serves as a beneficial component of social media hubs as social media campaigns require quick responses in real-time.

5. Moderates content modestly

Social media hub provides the brands with a feature to filter out all the irrelevant content to have a balanced feed of aggregated social media content.

It moderates the content appropriately so that brands can display only reliable content to maintain its integrity.

Let us understand it this way; sometimes, social media channels get ugly with disfigured and awful posts. People post creepy and junky content using your hashtag, which results in a negative image of the brand, but brands have no control over it.

But, social media hubs give the brands the authority to filter out this messy content and showcase relevant content that can add credibility to the brand and its products.

Therefore, content moderation is a great feature that is utilized by the brands to maintain its dignity and positive image and to enhance the visitor’s engagement.

6. Escalates the graph of sales

Social media hubs can unlock the desires of potential customers and turn them into real customers by showcasing them reliable and trustworthy user-generated content along with appealing and vibrant visual content.

By displaying real brand stories and images of the customer’s experiences by infusing the product in their lifestyle, brands can drive more conversions and improve their growth rate.

Curated content from social media either by hashtags or mentions, brands can have improved image in the customer’s ecosystem. This further generates more sales for the brand, improving the overall brand value in the market sphere.

Brands can use social media aggregator tools to design their own customized Social media hub to boost customer engagement and interactions. An Aggregator tool like “Taggbox Widget” is the best choice to gear up your performance.

Taggbox Widget- The Best Architect for Social media Hub 

Taggbox Widget is an amazing tool that allows the brands to aggregate social media content from various social channels and displays them in the form of Social Media Hub. 

There are many astonishing features that Taggbox offers. Some of them are

Customization– It allows the brands to customize the social hub feed using multiple layouts, backgrounds, fonts, colors, post styles, themes, etc.

You can personalize your feed according to your targeted audience.

Moderation Panel– It provides the brands with the option to filter out the irrelevant content using a profanity filter. This will help the brand to showcase the content that can enhance their image and value.

Analytics– It tracks the growth of the brand by giving information on click-through rates, impressions, and performance graphs.

Real-time updates– It allows the brands to display fresh and unique content every time you hover over the social hub.

Also, it’s compatibility with various website building platforms like WordPress, Weebly, HTML, Shopify, Wix, etc. makes it the perfect choice for the brands.

Along with the above features, Taggbox offers easy setup of Social media Hub with comfortable customer support.

All you need is just a Taggbox Widget account!

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Crete Social Media Hub For Your Website

Closing statement

Social media hubs are an exquisite way of displaying social media content on a brand’s digital work front i.e., website or digital screens. 

It is a cost-effective tool to integrate content from multiple social media platforms to bridge the gap between corporate and social audiences, increasing the brand’s market reach and hence driving sales.