3 Reasons why you should Integrate Social Media Hub for Website

Social media marketing trends have undergone a tremendous change over the past few years. Earlier used as a platform to advertise, nowadays, many brands have begun to use it aptly to rather engage their customers.

These days, staying active on the brand’s social media channels and interacting with the audience is a significant job role of the brand representative.

Posting attractive visual content and useful information, quirky tweets, vivacious videos, etc. are the things which bring your brand closer to the audience.

However, the question is, for how long does that content serve you? In other words, after a general social media outreach, how can you still make out the most from the generated content? Yes, by embedding your social media feed on website. The most effective way to do so; is obviously, by creating a social media hub.

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Integrate Social Media Hub

Integrate Social Media Hub

A social media hub is the most appropriate way to display an aggregate of all your social media feeds derived from various channels onto a screen. There are many advantages you can derive if you integrate social media hub onto your website. We are here listing the top three of them.

1). Channelize More Traffic:


A brand’s website consists of all the information it wants to communicate to its potential customers. To be able to do so, it is important to first redirect the audience to the website.  It seems to be an easy task considering that majority of the customer base – of almost every industry – is active on social media. However, it can actually be a tricky task. Nonetheless, that is when Social media hub comes to the rescue.

Embedding social media hub onto your website allows you to channelize your traffic from the social media channels to your website and vice versa. This provides your audience valuable insight into your brand’s profile. Also, instead of visiting various social media channels, they get a holistic view of all your social media activities at one place. This, by the way, also redirects them from one of your social media networks to another, making them follow you on every platform.

Eventually, the visits and revisits on your website and social media channels increases. And, the more the traffic, the more the chances of making a sale.

2). Lower Bounce Rate and Longer Durations of Customer Interaction:


After channelizing the attention of people onto your website, one thing you would not want to see happening, is they visiting the website for just a few seconds. The quality of the content posted onto the website of a brand is a direct indication of its ideologies, effectiveness and profile. Thus, Good and valuable content is the key to audience engagement.

Social media feed widget or social media display, adds that intriguing content to your website.

The feeds displayed by the social media hubs are updated live. Thus, they provide a new story to publish every other second. The content generated is also varied and pragmatic. These feeds can be an outlook of a conversation you had with a follower over Twitter; a Facebook comment posted by a customer about your brand; or just a few photos of the day you uploaded on your Instagram handle; all of what lengthens the duration of customer interaction and website visits.

Evidently, the more people stay onto the website the more they get to explore about your brand.

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Integrate Social Media Hub On Your Website

3). Instill a sense of trust among the audience towards your brand:

social wall on screen

Providing good content to watch and read does not only make your visitors stay on the website longer. But, as they get to explore the brand more, it makes them understand and relate to your brand better. More customer reviews and social updates instill a sense of trust in them towards your brand.

The more experience, information and help you provide your readers and visitors, it makes you proportionally trustworthy. Not to forget, as per customer behavior theories, trust is one of the major aspects for a customer to decide which brand to use and which not to.

To make it more effective, you can also put up a social media wall to display various customer reviews, messages, posts generated by your happy customers to thank and appreciate you and for doing so, using a powerful social media aggregator tool like Taggbox is the best possible choice!

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