How User-Generated Content Can Light Up Your Website

Although digital media has become a visual hub, the content is what drives your engagement, conversions, and sales on your website. Website design, colors, navigation, and all other elements are supportive elements for the content. 

But what type of content should be there on your website? 

The answer to this in present-age is – USER-GENERATED CONTENT. We have explained why it should be an integral part of your website.

What is User-Generated Content? 

User-generated content can be understood as any form of content that has been created and shared by the users of a product/service or brand, on the digital platforms, especially Social media. 

Everyone is a customer to many of the businesses and brands. When these customers share their ideas, opinions, reviews, queries, issues, and experiences about those brands on digital platforms, it is understood as – User-Generated content. 

User-generated content is the most trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and experience-driven content, which makes it highly influential and valuable for both brands and consumers.

Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than marketing coming directly from the organization

The Importance of User-generated content

The important reason why user-generated content holds tremendous influence over other forms of content is due to its Truthfulness and unbiased characteristics that are not available in other forms of content. 

Like, Testimonials are an excellent way to showcase the best of your business through the words of clients, but most of the businesses create fake testimonials that have hampered the credibility of them. 

Also, brand-generated content is all about promotions and highlights the best features. Consumers have found a discrepancy in what is being promoted and what is being delivered. 

All this has led to customers looking for a trustworthy and authentic source of content that can help them make better commercial decisions. User-generated content has given the consumers exactly what the expect from the content.

Placing user-generated content directly on product pages can improve conversions by up to 64%

Leverage UGC for your Website

Here’s the list of some key ways through which you can leverage the user-generated content for your website to make it more interesting, attractive, and engaging for the users and much more. 

1. Content Creation

The first and foremost challenge is to create content that can help you bring consumers to your website and keeps them engaged in your website for as long as possible.

Creating content for the website with constant updates is a huge task and requires a lot of research, evaluations, labor, time, and funds investments. Even after that, you are not always sure that your content will achieve the intended goal.

user generated content

But with billions of internet users, the user-generated content is readily available at your disposal. You need to find, collect, and display all the relevant and beneficial content on your website. 

It comes with no added cost and does not require tremendous labor and time investment for content creation. 

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 2. Website Vibrancy

Website vibrancy here defines how your website looks visually to the consumers. The digital media has seen an immense visual content influence in the last few years.

The visual consumption is on the rise, and it becomes essential that your website has all the visual components to attract and engage users. 

user generated content on website

User-generated content can be used to enhance your website vibrancy as UGC is not just text but amazing visuals as well. Social media can provide you with captivating visual UGC that you can add to your website. 

Visual UGC will provide an authentic and realistic vibrancy that you can add to different webpages accordingly. It will allow consumers to have an exciting and engaging browsing experience. 

3. Create A Desire 

Creating a desire here refers to the fact that you can use captivating visual user-generated content to entice the website users to get the same experience what the existing customers are experiencing or experienced with your brand. 

It is an excellent strategy for brands that are operating in tourism, lifestyle, travel, accommodation, etc. who are delivering an experience to their customers. 

user generated content

Sharing compelling photos and videos or exotic locations, accommodations, adventure sports videos, and much more can help you bring a massive audience to your website and engage them with your platform. 

Once the desire is created, it will become easier for you to lead the interested users towards conversions.

4. Build Social Proof For Your Brand

Social proof for any brand is extremely crucial as it defines the success of your brand in the long run. Social proof is the validation of trustworthiness, authenticity, and reliability of your brand among the consumers. 

User-generated content is the best way to build social proof for your business and website. You can aggregate all the relevant and useful user-generated content from digital mediums and display it on your website.

build social proof

It could include positive reviews, satisfying customer experiences, etc. that can help you showcase how the brand is delivering its promises with utmost quality. 

Once you add such user-generated content on your website, users will access this content, and this will help you build social proof that can drive long-term user engagement and conversion possibilities. 

Increase Engagement & Build Social Proof with the Powerful UGC

Taggbox – A Powerful UGC Right Management Platform

5. Acknowledgement Of Consumer’s Voice

It is a simple understanding that acknowledging someone’s work encourages them to work better and contribute more. Similarly, this theory applies to consumers as well. 

If you display the user-generated content on your website, it will give a sense of reward and acknowledgement to the users. 

customer voice

It will resonate well with your brand as someone who gives value to their customers. Besides, it will encourage the other users to share their voice as well with your brand.

It will help you ensure a constant flow of exciting and engaging user-generated content for your website and brand. 

6. Increase User Engagement

User engagement with your platform i.e., website is probably one of the most important objectives for your digital business store as a user’s engagement is directly and positively related to their conversion. 

So as much engagement opportunities you provide to your users, you will have maximum chances of conversions. 

User-generated content is known to be one of the topmost engaging content comparatively. So, when you add UGC to your website, you allow users to explore, browse, share, evaluate, and review to make better decisions. 

User generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than content created and uploaded by the actual brand

Especially if you are selling products/services through your website then it is essential to integrate user-generated content that will allow users to see what other customers are saying about the products and their experiences with the product. 

Having these user reviews and testimonials will help in increasing the engagement opportunities for the website tremendously. 

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7. Integrate Social Media With Website

Social media platforms are highly influential and engaging for users with their vibrant content and characteristics. When you bring user-generated content from social media to the website, you unlock many different opportunities. 

Social media has over 3.5 billion active users globally, and these users create an immense amount of content daily. You have to find your relevant audience and the content they are creating. You can bring that UGC to your website. 

social media on website

It will help you cross-channelize traffic, create a source stream for user-generated content, attract social media users, grow your website reach, exposure, and awareness through social media, and even sell your products through social media. 

8. Increase Your Conversions & Sales 

It is probably the best way to light up your website where you get maximum conversions and sales. User-generated content has the power to drive sales for your business. 

As per facts, UGC is what people trust when they are willing to make a purchase online with almost 9 out of 10 people stating that UGC influences their online purchase decision. 

Not just the reviews and ratings uploaded by the users that affect the conversions and sales. But specific tools allow you to sell products using visual UGC through Shoppable Posts. 

So, if you collect and display the appropriate and purposeful UGC on your website, you can easily and effectively reap all these benefits for your business.

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How to Light up your website with UGC  

We have provided you with a solution that can help you achieve all these benefits for your website as well. It is an all-in-one solution that can be easily and quickly implemented. 

Social media aggregators can help you make the best possible use of UGC for your website. Taggbox is a UGC platform that can help you get all these benefits with its diverse functionalities. 

Taggbox helps you aggregate user-generated content from different social media platforms into a single feed and add it to your website as an interactive and engaging social media UGC wall. 

84% of millennials report that UGC on company websites has influence on what they buy

With Taggbox, you get the option to customize the social UGC wall with beautiful themes, colors, fonts designs, post styles, content play duration, full-screen announcements, custom posts, and more. 

Also, the moderation panel can help you filter the best and relevant UGC to your website along with the profanity filter. The real-time content updates ensure the unrestricted flow of UGC to your feed.

TaggShop, a visual commerce feature of Taggbox, allows you to turn your visual UGC posts into shoppable posts. Using TaggShop, you can tag products shown in the UGC posts and add a buying option to that to sell directly from your social media UGC feed.

With these functionalities, you can make the most of social media and User-generated content through your website resulting in overall business growth. 


The website is the digital face for your business, and it needs excellent aesthetics and content that can attract maximum benefits for the business. 

User-generated content provides an excellent solution to make your website attractive, engaging, and purposeful for the consumers. 

It is now over to you to decide how you want to leverage UGC for your website. It is recommended that you use social media aggregator as it can help you harness the power of UGC to deliver amazing customer experience through the website.

Make Customers Your Brand Ambassadors with UGC Marketing

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