Taggbox Display Partners with Screencloud

Taggbox Display Partners With ScreenCloud

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Simply sitting on top of the heap of User Generated Content cannot maximize user engagement and growth for your brand, but displaying it on big screens potentially can!

The partnership between Taggbox Display and ScreenCloud facilitates brands to achieve that. Building an impactful social media feed has never been any smoother. To find out more on what’s in store for you, read on.

User-Generated Content Is Dominating The Market; Integrating It With Digital Signage Display Can Play A Leading Role In Driving Unmatched Attention, Engagement, & Influence That The Brand Generates On The Minds Of The Users.

Redefine your business’s marketing strategy with Taggbox Display and ScreenCloud.

What Does ScreenCloud Do?

With more than 9,000 happy clients, ScreenCloud helps brands securely share high-end content via screens to enhance their business, compliance, and user engagement. 

Screencloud Digital Signage

Its powerful digital signage software is designed to showcase content on any screen at any location. Brands leverage its more than 80 app integrations offered or use API to develop one of their own. 

The Taggbox Display application is integrated into the ScreenCloud platform, which makes it easy for brands globally to add social media feeds consisting of visuals and texts to their signage displays. 

What Does Taggbox Display Do?

Taggbox Display is the best Social Wall platform to curate feeds generated via your social media platforms. It enables showcasing not only branded content but also user-generated content on digital signage displays, TV, live or virtual events, jumbotrons, etc. 

The best part is that you can elevate the look and feel of your wall by choosing from amongst 12+ interesting themes and advanced moderation features with the option to automate, to enable displaying only exceptional quality content to your audience. 

Creativity, quality, and an enriched user experience are the pillars Taggbox Display thrives to provide for. 

What Can You Expect From The Collaboration?

A Multimedia Feed That Lures Attention

Viewers easily are hooked to visuals that are vibrant, interactive, and moving. By adding a social media wall on digital signage display, brands can easily grab the attention of their viewers on the products and services offered. 

Moreover, with the possibility of updating the content in real-time, holding onto users’ attention is rather easy, as UGC is dynamic and revolutionary. 

Adapt to seasons, target audience, happenings around the world, highlight branded or promotional content, etc., on your wall to make it catchy and worth a while.

Push Your Sale From Where It starts

By showcasing appropriate content at the point of sale, you can provide users with information that ignites their interest, keeps them engaged, and makes them curious to know more about the brand and its deliverables.

Further, UGC acts as social proof for brands and helps in generating trust in the minds of the audience. Being in a dominating position influences the purchase decision of more than 90% of the buyers. 

Upselling, the main focus of brands globally can be achieved by leveraging smart strategies like setting up a digital signage social media wall that entices the audience and amplifies the conversion rate. 

Showcase Your Authenticity To Stand Out 

The competition amongst brands operating in a digital setup is shooting up, predominantly because the user behavior patterns have made a drastic shift. They seek authenticity now more than ever. 

According to statistics, 83% of the marketers also agreed that authenticity is crucial for their brands.

Through digital signage and social media walls, brands can showcase UGC and brand-generated content in a manner that; humanizes the brand, narrates its story with protagonists being the users, and effectively evokes emotions in the minds of the potential ones.

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How Can You Showcase Taggbox Display Social Wall on Screencloud Digital Signage?

Start by creating your social wall on Taggbox Display

Step 1

Create, or login to your Taggbox Display Account

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

After Logging in you will land upon the ‘Taggbox Display’s Home’. Here Click On ‘Start Now’

Taggbox Display Home

Step 3

A popup ‘Choose Your Source Network’ will appear. Select your source from amongst the 15+ social media platforms. 

Choose Feed Source

Step 4

Taking Instagram for example, 

Choose from amongst the six tools provided: Hashtag, Handle, Stories, Mentions, Tags, Personal Account & IGTV Videos to collect content generated on the platform.

Step 5

Now, click on ‘Create Feed’ and you will see the preview of the social wall.

social wall preview

Step 6

Click on the Display icon at the left-bottom. Then you will come across ‘Integrate with Digital Signage’. Choose ScreenCloud as your option.

Integrate with ScreenCloud Digital Signage

To integrate your social wall ScreenCloud Digital Signage

Step 1

Log in to your ScreenCloud account here.

Screencloud Login

Step 2

Access the ‘Apps’ section from the left-hand menu

Taggbox Display Screencloud

Step 3

Click on ‘Taggbox Display’ & Get The App

Taggbox Display App Guide - Screencloud

Step 4

In the upper-right corner, you will find ‘New Instance’ click on it.

New Instance Screencloud

Step 5

Enter all the required details.

Taggbox wall url instance

Step 6

In the upper-right corner, click on the ‘Preview’ option to check out the look of your wall. Glad to see the final look. Click on the ‘Save’ button.

Taggbox wall preview

In case of any further queries, reach out to us at [email protected].

Businesses around the world are toiling to attract and engage users seamlessly. But, it is only their creativity, originality, and the kind of user experience provided that is allowing them to thrive in those aspects. 

Leveraging digital signage social wall solutions provided by the Taggbox Display and ScreenCloud’s partnership is the out-of-the-box tactic to enhance business and make it lucrative. 

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