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Repurpose Online Content For Offline Marketing Using Digital Signage

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The digital marketing industry is at its peak with endless online marketing campaigns and strategies to captivate prospects. Aggressive content creation, social listening, email campaigning, lead generation, you name it, and it’s happening all across the internet.

That’s one thing, but no one can forget the good old offline marketing days when driving audiences to your stores was just one billboard away. Well, now the world has come in full circles with digital signage, bridging offline marketing to online conversions.

Digital signage has enabled brands to repurpose their online marketing campaigns and make them more visible to the offline audience in a more attention-grabbing way. So much that repurposing content using digital signage has become a significant marketing strategy.

What Is Repurposing Content?

Repurposing content is the idea to reuse your existing content across different audience touchpoints. This improves the content’s reach and scale up the profits they bring in. 

You can also call it content recycling. As the efforts you put into content creation don’t get wasted, and the benefits keep adding up as you keep recycling the content.

You get to extend the lifespan of your content, reach new audiences, get the true value out of your content, and much more. 

But how does repurposing content for digital signage work? Here are some ideas for you to repurpose content using digital signage.

Ideas To Repurpose Content Using Digital Signage

Here are some unique and interesting ideas for repurposing content for digital signage that can be incorporated by any brand and reach better heights of content marketing.

1. Display Social Media Content

Use digital signage to display your social media content. You can use the Social media wall by Taggbox Display. This enables you to aggregate your preferred social media content, moderate and customize it as per your requirements. 

social wall on digital signage

It is a great strategy to make your social media content more visible and accessible to your offline audience. It helps you to improve your social media following and presence. 

When your prospects come across the Social wall on digital signage, they would visit your social media accounts. And if they like your content, they would follow you and share the content with their friends and family. Hence improving its overall reach and engagement.

2. Increase Website Visibility

If your website is your focal to leverage marketing growth, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The Studio by Taggbox Display lets users showcase any website on digital signage by simply adding its URL. You can do the same for yours to increase its visibility. 

showcase website on digital signage

If your digital screen has the touch feature, you can offer your audience a live website experience. They can scroll through the webpage and engage with your website content. 

Not just that, you can add a QR code with the help of Taggbox Display’s Studio to your digital display. The audience can scan it on their smartphone to open your website and continue to engage with it.

3. Showcase Visual UGC & Customer Testimonials

Let’s say you are a brand that receives customer reviews, testimonials, or visual user-generated content. Your customers or audience share their experience with your brand, product, or services. Here we bring you the perfect strategy to monetize this content.

Taggbox Display social wall comes with an aggregator that fetches all the customer reviews or visual UGC available on the internet. You can use the advanced moderation feature to filter out irrelevant content and customize the visuals. And showcase your customers’ real-life experiences as you want. 

user reviews

If you are a commerce store, you can showcase your product pictures and customer reviews to the Display with Studio. It will inspire your prospects, build trust and help you boost your conversions.

4. Create Multimedia Slideshows

The best part about digital signage is that it is dynamic. You get the liberty to display any content you want. The Studio by Taggbox Display enables you to create multimedia slideshows for presentations. You can beautifully showcase the kind of content you want and schedule the content for days and months. 

It calls for an excellent opportunity to offer season-specific marketing to your customers by repurposing the online content. Let’s say it is the holiday season. And we know how you have to keep changing the decorations. Starting from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year and the list goes on.

Save yourself from holiday hassle and list the content for all the holidays on your digital screens that you have already created for your online audience. Enjoy the vibrant experience as an audience as the content changes as per your schedule.

5. Amplify Your Video Channel’s Reach

If you create content on video platforms YouTube or Vimeo, Digital Signage is the ideal tool to repurpose your video content and increase its visibility. 

The Taggbox Display Studio makes it easier for you by simply adding the video’s link to your Studio dashboard, and it will appear on the digital signage at your premises.

This idea adds more value to the efforts you have put into creating the video content. It helps you captivate your audience and entertain them with engaging videos.

Benefits Of Repurposing The Marketing Content

According to a survey by Curata, only a third of leading marketers said that they have a systematic process to reuse or repurpose content. 56% said repurposing was sporadic, with 2% not repurposing content at all. Imagine the amount of content getting wasted!

user generated content

Well, that’s because brands don’t know the power content repurposing holds. If you are also wondering why you must repurpose your existing content on an offline channel like digital signage, we have some promising benefits for you.

1. Get The True Value Of Your Content

If you think that once you have clicked the published button for your online content, your job is done, then you are mistaken. Simply putting your content out there to your online audience does not extract its actual value. That’s because content creation takes a lot of time and capital.

When you repurpose the content on an offline channel like digital signage and make it visible to your audience, that’s when you extract its actual value. You get to attract your potential audience, engage them and generate leads, all with a tool as simple as digital signage.

2. Reach New Audiences 

When it comes to online marketing, you have a finite set of target audiences that you plan to reach. But when you repurpose your content on an offline channel like digital signage, you get to reformat your content and make it visible to a fresh set of audiences. 

Digital signage is eye-catching, and it catches each person’s attention to whoever comes across it. So, you get to target more prospects who engage with your content when they see it on digital signage and generate more leads.

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3. Increases The Lifespan Of Your Content

The internet algorithm works so that you have to create new content to keep your brand visibility intact with your audiences. When you create new content, the older one loses its value. Not to mention how you have to offer something fresh each time to keep up with the trends. 

Well, when you repurpose your content with Digital Signage, you never lose its value to begin with. You add more voice to your content when you bring it to an offline forum where more people engage with the content, increasing the lifespan of your content like never before.

Final Word

Taggbox Display is a comprehensive platform that offers prime solutions to users with the help of which they can effectively leverage online content on offline channels. 

While users can repurpose their social media content on digital signage with the Taggbox Display Social Wall, they get to leverage other content like web pages, files, multimedia, and more with the Studio by Taggbox Display.

All in all, with the premium suite of services provided by Taggbox Display, you get to create liberating visuals on digital signage, add more value to your content, increase its lifespan, and give it a greater purpose.