Top 8 Halloween Content Ideas For Brands And Events

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Halloween is around the corner, and just like every year, brands are planning to mesmerize their audience with marketing campaigns filled with pumpkins, spiders, and all things scary. 

As a brand, you must be looking for opportunities or ideas that would make you stand out and get them pumpkins talking. Well, digital signage is an incredible tool to attract, engage and convert your audience. 

Taggbox Display brings you some of the most unique digital signage content ideas that would help you boost audience engagement, offer satisfactory visuals, and influence purchases.

Wondering how that happens? Keep reading to find out.

Top 8 Digital Signage Content Ideas For Halloween

1. Creep It Real With The User-generated Social Wall

Captivate your audience with Taggbox Display’s engaging social wall by displaying all the funky Halloween content your audience has created. You can create a unique hashtag for Halloween and promote it among your audiences. It also calls for a great opportunity to organize a Halloween hashtag contest.

You can ask the participants to create content around the Halloween theme and announce goodies for the winner. Display all the user-generated content as a social wall on the digital signage at your premises. Engage the visitors, instill social proof to generate more UGC, and expand your social media presence.

2. A Spooky Halloween Photobooth

Halloween is incomplete without a photo booth. That's because people love to dress up spooky, click pictures and compare each other's looks. Add a photo booth to your premises, or create a virtual photo booth for your audience. You can even add an AI filter and your brand's logo to the photo booth to create more thematic visuals with the pictures captured at your photo booth. It will be a fun activity for your audience and offer you some amazing & unique content to display on your digital signage. 

Halloween Photo Booth

You can use the Taggbox Display social wall to display the photo booth pictures on the digital signage in real-time, as the social wall is auto-synced. The photos will appear on the screen instantly when your audience tags you or uses your hashtag while posting the photo booth pictures.

3. Have Audience Under Spell With Real-time Announcements

Digital Signage allows users to upload and display information in real time. Digital Signage is so eye-catching that it is more effective and ecological than any paper announcement. The best part is that you don't need anyone's help. You can upload the information from your smartphone or any other device, and it will automatically update all digital signages at your premises.

Halloween Announcement

It opens up amazing opportunities for you. You can display announcements related to any Halloween contests you are organizing around your premises. You can share the contest instructions, like how to participate, the rules the participants must follow, and the schedule. Not just that, you can even announce the winners' names with digital signage.

4. Get Creative With The Halloween Theme

If you wish to add the "boo!" factor to your premise ambiance through digital signage, then Taggbox Display is the right solution for you. The Taggbox Display's Studio allows you to upload your files on digital screens in the form of images, videos, HTML, GIFs, etc., and create scenes that you can schedule for days and months.

Halloween Theme Gif's

This feature lets you get more creative and display any and every kind of Halloween content and photos you want to exhibit to your audience. Digital screens play a huge role in setting the mood of your ambiance, and with Halloween being the upcoming holiday, you know what you've got to do.

5. Have Fun With The Countdown Timer

Organize Halloween games at your premises and use the Taggbox Display Studio's "countdown timer" app to display a timer on the digital signage. You can organize games that require people to do certain tasks in a certain amount of time. The digital signage timer will add a perfect touch of enthusiasm to the premises.

Halloween Countdown Timer

Halloween is considered the beginning of the holiday season. You can even add a countdown timer on the eve of Halloween for your staff members. Once the countdown ends, you can congratulate them for the beginning of the holiday season, creating excitement and better employee engagement.

6. Interactive Halloween Experience With QR Code

Make your digital signage more interactive by adding a QR code to the screen with the help of Taggbox Display Studio. You can introduce fun Halloween theme games like ‘zombie attack,’ ‘into the Dead,’ etc., that your visitors can play once they scan the QR code on the digital signage. 

private post upload

Not only that, but you can also enable the “UGC Uploader” feature by Taggbox Display that comes with a QR code that appears on your Social wall. Your audience can easily scan the QR code from their devices and directly upload their Halloween-themed images without using any social media platform.

7. Display Spine-chilling Short Videos

Many content creators on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo create short videos on different themes. Sticking to the Halloween theme, you can collect all those devilish or vampiric videos from these platforms and upload them on the digital signage at your premises with the help of Taggbox Display Studio's easy display options.

Halloween Short Video
Youtube video by Marina S.

It is a great strategy to engage your audience and set the Halloween mood at your premises. The videos will attract and woo visitors, make you stand out among competitors, and drive more traffic to your premises.

8. Go Eco-friendly This Holiday Season

With the world being under a global warming crisis, brands are going eco-friendly. One thing that has been identified is that the holiday season causes major eco waste. That's because brands and industries spend a large amount of money in buying marketing gimmicks. They won't even be relevant once the holiday season is over. Don't be another contributor and use digital signage as the most relevant integration of all time. 

Rather than investing in large hoardings or banners, use digital signage to display your marketing campaigns. It will be eco-friendly and cost-effective all at once.

Ghostly Greetings From Taggbox Display!

Taggbox Display is a social wall platform that allows brands to collect, curate, and display their preferred social media content in the most captivating way. The goal is to engage the audience, maximize brand awareness & ROI, and accelerate the ultimate brand growth.

You get to create result-driven digital signage content with the social media wall. And now, with the Taggbox Display Studio, things have just gone up to the next level as you get to blend infotainment content into one display using powerful apps & other visual integration.

Taggbox Display allows its users to expand the horizons of their creativity by bringing their imagination into the utmost reality. 

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