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Benefits & Ideas Of Retail Digital Signage That Enhance Customer Experience At Stores

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Online stores have steadily taken over commerce in the past few years, affecting the retail stores at some level. The year 2020 ended with a 3% decline in total worldwide retail sales at $23.389 trillion. 

But no matter how much the online business evolves, people will never stop going to a physical retail store. That’s because online shopping may sound fascinating in theory; in-store shopping will always be many people’s favorite cardio.

As a retail store owner, it should be your top-most priority to serve better customer experiences and give your customers a reason to return to your retail store to make multiple purchases.

To make that happen, Digital Signage can be the perfect Jack to your Rose or, in simple terms, your rescue from the dominance of the internet. 

Want to know how? Continue reading to find out the top benefits and ideas for Retail Digital Signage to enhance customer experiences at retail stores.

Benefits Of Using Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Here we have listed the Benefits Of Retail Digital Signage that enhance customer experiences like never before.

#1 Engages Your Retail Store Visitors

Engage your retail store visitors with eye-catching and attention-grabbing digital signage. Digital signage for retail stores allows you to seamlessly display dynamic content that captivates your retail store visitors and makes their shopping an enjoyable experience. 

If you want to extract maximum benefits from your retail digital signage, you can display various content like your branded content, customer reviews, UGC walls, and much more. Moreover, when you strategically place the digital signage at areas like the changing rooms or the cash counter, it engages your retail store visitors like never before! 

Not just that, these displays come with auto-rotative features that let you change the content from anywhere you like to serve what works best for your visitors.

#2 Improves Your Social Media Presence

It is undeniable that social media is dominating the globe, and people love it. So, to attract your target audience, you must give them what they love, social media. Utilize retail digital signage to inform your retail store visitors about your online presence.

You can share your social media posts or display your social business page. It will encourage your store visitors to search your social media account on their phones and enable them to engage with you even outside the store. 

They will surely follow you and share your content with their friends and followers, increasing your social media following; magnifying and improving your social media presence all at once. Not just that, each time you post about an upcoming sale on social media, these followers will immediately rush to your store.

Try Taggbox Display

Create Great Content for Retail Store Digital Signage

#3 Improve Customer Experience

There are many ways to improve customer experience with retail digital signage. When it comes to a retail store, the stock is usually limited, and there are times when customers are looking for a specific size, but your store doesn’t have it. 

Improve Customer Experience

Don’t let that come in the way for your customers to make purchases with you and introduce your online store on the digital signage accessible for each customer. Allow your customers to place an online order for your products that are not available at your store using retail digital signage. 

They can make the payment and expect a home delivery in a few days. You should investigate how to deliver your goods and get it right every time and make it easy for your company Your customers will get impressed by your commitment to service and would always want to return. 

#4 Better Internal Communication

Utilize digital signage for retail stores not just to improve customer experiences but develop better communications among your staff members so that they can serve better to your customers. Display crucial store-related information on the digital signage placed at the employee-specific and staff areas like their lunch break rooms or storerooms.

It indicates that you care for your employees and give importance to keeping them up-to-date. Not just that, retail digital signage also offers a professional touch to these areas.

You can also appreciate your staff members by displaying the employee-of-the-month on the digital signage or displaying the members who have managed to make maximum sales happen. By doing so, you encourage them to work harder.

#5 Brand Promotion Opportunities

Retail Digital signage is the perfect tool to take your brand promotions inside the store to the next level. Digital Signages screens are so eye-catching and attention-grabbing that they can play a vital role in educating the store visitors about your brand.

Retail Digital signage allows you to display branded and vibrant content like promotional photos and videos or your brand’s ad campaigns to engage customers. While inside the store, visitors are busy looking for their desired outfit; in a traditional dressing room setup, a person tries on clothes, and another person waits for them to come out.

Place the digital signage in retail stores with promotional content inside the dressing room to promote your brand and make the shopping and trying-on clothes experience more fun. You can also place it near the cash counter so that your customers have something to engage with while waiting in the queue.

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Content Ideas For The Digital Signage At Retail Stores

#1 Engage Visitors With UGC Wall

User-generated content is the best kind of content you can display on your retail store’s digital signage. It helps you build brand trust, facilitate customer loyalty, improve social media presence, and boost conversion. 

Social Wall

Use the eye-catching digital signage to show off how much your customers love you. By collecting the user-generated content using a social media aggregator and displaying it in the form of a UGC wall. Your visitors will get to know about your social media presence, and UGC is the real-life experience of your customers showing the use case of your products, making it inspiring as well.

Not just that, when your customers will see how important their views are to you that you have a dedicated space for them, they will also get encouraged to post for you, contributing more to your social media presence.

#2 Share Your Brand Story

Digital Signage lets you showcase dynamic content to the audience. Why not use it to share your brand story and engage your retail-store shoppers with it? As important as it is to make your retail store visitors aware of your social media presence, it is also necessary to educate them about your brand story and purpose. What better way to do it than creating an ad film or promotional campaign.

You can choose a recognizable celebrity or influencer to play the lead in your campaign and focus on how beautifully you can record it. 

Display the ad film on the digital signage inside your retail store to engage the visitors and outside the stores to influence the passersby to visit your store. Digital signage and your visually appealing promotional campaign video can be the perfect blend.

#3 Captivate Customers With Offers And Sales

Generally, stores would place hardcopy posters around the store to spread the word about their ongoing sale. But they aren’t always that effective. Plus, they require a lot of paper waste and work to go around the store and paste them in every corner for the visitors to see.

We have a better alternative for you. Retail Digital signage can be highly appealing to your store visitors as they are eye-catching and keeps your store visitors hooked for longer.

They come with auto-rotative features, you have to upload your sale’s brochure once, and it’ll automatically update all the digital signages. Nonetheless, they are more encouraging and influence your visitors to make purchases with you.

#4 Showcase Customer Reviews

It is a consumer behavior to seek customer reviews before making any purchases online. About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. These reviews act as a reliable source that consumers swear by when concluding whether to trust a brand or not. 

Bring that authenticity to your retail store by collecting your retail store reviews from platforms like Google and Yelp and displaying them on the digital signage at your retail store. When you do so, your retail store visitors feel more confident while exploring your products. 

Moreover, when your customers come across these reviews and realize that you have a dedicated space for your customer reviews, they also feel encouraged and give you more reviews to display.

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#5 Highlight Products & Product Descriptions

When a customer enters a retail store, they see all the products assembled. They can move around and explore what they intend to buy. They often consult a salesperson to help them. But not all manage to find what they are looking for and return home empty-handed.

Place Digital Signage in retail stores and highlight your products and where they are located. It will ensure that each store visitor leaves after buying something.

Not just that, you can also highlight your upcoming products on Retail Digital Signage and offer to pre-book. You will enjoy increased sales benefits from a product that’s not even launched yet.

#6 Revamp Digital Signage With Taggbox Display Studio

Taggbox Display Studio allows you to parallelly showcase two dynamic content on one display. It gives an entirely new look to your digital signage, allowing your retail-store visitors to experience something refreshing.

You can split the digital signage screen into two parallel halves to highlight your products on one half and run a product-specific UGC wall alongside each product. It will build trust among the visitors and boost your retail store sales boundlessly.

Not just that, you can place the digital signage at the dressing area. Use Scene, a visual slideshow feature by Taggbox Display Studio. It displays aesthetic pictures, videos, and apps on the digital signage. It will enhance the ambiance of the dressing room and make the trial room experience more engaging for the customers.

Enhance Your Retail Store Experience by Displaying Multiple Content alongside Social Wall


Reaching the end, we anticipate that you are thoroughly aware of all the benefits a tool as simple as digital signage can bring to your retail store by improving the customer experience.

Incorporate the highly engaging retail digital signage at your premises to make the shopping experience fun for your customers and allow them to shop till they drop!

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