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Display Your Google Reviews on Digital Screens and Amplify Your Marketing

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You might be wondering why you should even consider displaying Google reviews on digital screens & your business spaces, venues, etc. 

Well! We have compiled this unique blog that will define how your Google reviews might be the perfect opportunity to drive your growth & results through offline digital displays. 

It is important to understand that there has been a massive increase in the need for trust-building and credible marketing strategies for brands & businesses. 

Especially when we talk about the real physical offline environment where you have to deal with customers & potential customers directly face-to-face. This is where we have brought this emerging solution of displaying Google reviews in offline marketing activations. 

What Are Google Reviews?

Google My Business Listing

Google Reviews‘ is a service by Google where the authentic customers of a brand can submit their opinions & experiences as customer reviews about a brand/business and its products & services. 

Also, Google is one of the most popular sources of information for businesses so these reviews are highly important & influential to a brand’s reputation, growth, & revenue possibilities. 

These reviews are basically a presentation of what customers feel, see, or have experienced with a particular business. 

Like if you buy shoes from a local store in your city and you want to share your experience publicly then Google reviews will help you to do so. You can share how you liked it, its durability, quality, material, flexibility, value for money, customer service, and many more performance metrics. These can vary depending upon business & their category. 

Are You Missing The Growth Opportunity With Google Reviews?

You can primarily see Google reviews about a brand or business if they have listed their business with Google. 

And many users see these reviews when they conduct search queries on Google that is either directly a search for your brand or business. 

For example when a user searches for Starbucks Coffee on Google, they will see the information about Starbuck, its local stores, & the customer reviews as well as other information.

But where you are missing the opportunity is that, these reviews are only restricted to the search engine audience. That too the users who make relevant searches. 

So, it limits the power of Google reviews for your business and leads to your business missing out on an opportunity to build brand reputation, ensure robust brand image, showcase customer service quality, value for money, and much more. 

Therefore, we bring you a solution to expand your business influence & growth by magnifying the reach & exposure of these valuable customer reviews directly to your audiences in a physical environment. 

Display Google Reviews on Any Type of Digital Screen or Signage

Display Google Reviews On Screens at Business Venues

Here we have listed some locations & venues where you can curate and display these customer reviews through digital screens, signages, & displays at business outlets, stores, & venues. 

1. Retail Stores

Firstly, let’s talk about retail stores where you can display these Google reviews on screens & signages. When a user walks in your store, they come with a positive intent that can be converted into a sale. 

But the journey from user intent to user purchase is a challenging one as the primary element that a user or potential customer is looking for is Trustable & credible information.

This is where you can leverage these customer reviews from Google as displaying these reviews creatively on screens in your store will provide that trustworthy, authentic, and reliable information to the users about your products, their quality, durability, etc.  

So, this will help in creating a positive brand image, favorable intent, and increase engagement with the brand. These factors will collectively contribute to profitability & brand building through reviews. 

2. Hotels, Resorts, & Holiday Venues

Hotels, resorts, and holiday venues are all part of the hospitality industry where customer experience is of prime importance and it hugely influences customer decision making. 

Now, customers are investing in experiences while choosing hotels, resorts, etc and they want the best experience with value for money. 

You can attract customers through your offers & promotions but the essence is the hospitality industry is word of mouth & recommendations from existing customers. 

So, displaying Google reviews from your existing customers through digital screens at your hotel lobby, waiting areas, reception, etc. This will help in showing the positive experience & satisfaction of existing customers. 

This will be a great motivation for the new customers to come to your business, build brand image, manage reputation among new customers, encourage new customers to share their reviews, and most importantly, drive profitable results.

3. Restaurants & Food Outlets

Again, Restaurants & food outlets are one of the most important industries where customer reviews hold great importance as this can define the success of your business. 

Many online users make their primary search on Google about a restaurant or food outlet to check the customer reviews about the quality, customer service, value for money, etc. where they want to visit. 

This shows how important customer reviews are for restaurants & the food industry. Also, there are many people who just visit a restaurant or food outlet only because their peers, friends, or family recommended them.  

So, the new strategy to magnify your audience base, spread positive word of mouth, highlight the quality of service & food, attract new demographics, build strong reputation, etc. is to display Google reviews on screens at your venue.

This will work as a push to your positive word-of-mouth marketing strategy and customer retention along with attracting more customers. 

You can even ask the customers to share their feedback & reviews in real-time to get a chance to feature on the Reviews feed & even get vouchers & offers. 

4. Hospitals & Wellness Centers

You might wonder how you relate the customer reviews to the hospitals & wellness centers. Well firstly, patients are kind of customers for the hospitals & wellness centers. 

There is nothing more important than health for a person and they would like to consult the best doctors & experts to look after & prescribe them. More than any other industry, the patient reviews or customer reviews are important in hospitals & wellness centers.

When it comes to choosing a hospital or wellness center, potential customers always look for recommendations & reviews as this is the perfect way to highlight experience, service, positive past results, etc. 

So, you can leverage your Google customer reviews to display them at your hospitals, labs, clinics, or wellness centers to build trust & credibility, showcase past experiences, highlight recommendations, etc. to potential customers. 

5. Gymnasiums & Sports Centers

Gymnasium and sports centers are similar to those of hospitals & wellness centers where the customer reviews are hugely important as they relate to skill development through training.

 So, it is essential for the customers to find the best sports centers, gyms, fitness centers, etc. with best services along with best trainers & training modules. 

Therefore, potential customers look for recommendations from the existing customers and results of the past customers, etc. to choose their gym or fitness center or trainers. 

Here the opportunity for you is to leverage the best Google customer reviews or encourage your existing customers to share their positive experiences as reviews and display these reviews on screens & displays across your centers 7 venues. 

There are new visitors everyday who come to inquire about your services & other necessary details. So, displaying these reviews on screens at reception, workout areas, etc. can help in building trust & credibility among new potential customers. 

Also, it will build a sense of positive intent towards your center or Gym and will most likely result in expansion or customer base & profitable results. 

Best Way To Display Google Reviews – Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is a product from Taggbox- best UGC platform that lets you curate content from social media platforms relating to any brand or topic or campaign and display it across digital screens, devices, & displays at venues. 

Using the Taggbox Social Media Signage, you can integrate your Google account & fetch your customer reviews into a Google review wall that you can display on the locations & venues that we have discussed above or anywhere else through a digital screen.Β 

Here are some of the features that Taggbox digital signage and the social wall will offer to make your Google reviews wall more interactive, engaging, attractive, and interesting. 

  • Curate the best & most valuable Google customer reviews to your Google reviews wall
  • Customize your review wall with beautiful themes, fonts, layouts, design elements, colors, styles, etc. 
  • Enable content moderation to remove any irrelevant or inappropriate review from your review wall
  • Enable real-time automatic updates to your wall & remove the hassle of manual management
  • Leverage multifunctional content play to display promotional posts, website, videos, images, or other tabs alongside your review wall in a screen
  • Measure the performance of your review wall with insightful in-built analytics 
  • Active customer support for a seamless experience
  • Easy setup & integration with the screens, digital activation tools & devices
  • Display sponsored posts or announcement using the banners, ticker, or full-screen announcements

These are some of the best features that will help you in building trust, showcase credible information, highlight brand advocacy, attract & engage audiences, and most importantly drive profitable outcomes for your business through Taggbox Google Reviews Signages. 


This was a holistic guide-like blog that helped you understand what Google reviews are and how you might be missing out on a massive opportunity to drive your brand growth & success. 

We have listed some of the locations, venues, and places where you can display the Google reviews wall along with the best solution to curate & display your most valuable Google reviews at these places. You can leverage these reviews beyond the mentioned places as well. 

Given the benefits these Google reviews present like trust-building, brand reputation management, driving monetary results, etc. we encourage you to leverage the emerging trend to display Google reviews on screens & at venues in offline physical environments. 

Display Google Reviews on Any Type of Digital Screen or Signage