In-Store Marketing Ideas To Enhance User Trust

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Presently, the marketing world is buzzing all about how to grow the digital consciousness of your brand through various social media marketing techniques. It is very easy to get swept in the swirl i.e. online marketing.

Online marketing might seem a more lucrative and convenient option but if you’re a brand with a physical store, then in-store marketing is as equally important.

The fact that 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better and more personal customer experience. These impressive statistics indicate towards the advantage that retail merchants have over their online counterparts.

Here are some in-store marketing ideas that help you gain user trust and grow your in-store retail business from your brick-and-mortar store itself.

Come, let’s explore some.

Make Your Customer’s In-Store Experience Competitive

Contests, online or offline, are proven tricks to infuse excitement among customers and engage them actively with your brand. The best time to run an in-store contest is during holidays. Customers are already enjoying the holiday vibe and it’s the best opportunity to utilize the festivity zeal.

In-store customers actively participate in such contests. You may give away the holiday freebies and giveaways thereby promoting your retail store and spreading the festivity hunch. You may also combine the power of online contests with your offline contests and entice the power of both tricks of enhancing your customers’ experience and earning their trust gradually.

Display User Generated Content and Reviews On Any Screen

Engage Your Customers With A Social Wall

Whether online or offline, providing customers with something interesting to drool over is always a great idea to engage users. A social media wall is a great social media tool to integrate into your in-store marketing strategy with your online marketing campaign.

A Social Wall displays real-time user-generated content in a really attractive and engaging manner to your audience, i.e., in-store customers. It is a great way to inculcate user trust in your brand/store. Not just real-time social media feeds, but there are different kinds of social proof that you could parade in front of your store customers to generate the authenticity factor and overall user trust in your products and services.

Here are different kinds of social proof that you could display on your social wall in order to engross your in-store audience.

  • User-Generated Images & Videos

User-Generated images and videos are not just beautiful to look at, but what makes them so desirable is the objectivity associated with them. It is original and genuine content created by your real customers who are happy and satisfied with your products and services, content enough to post about it on social media. This is what makes UGC so trustworthy.

  • Content From Social Media Campaign

Your social media campaign is proof of your active social presence and users’ engagement with your brand. The content you earn from your social media campaigns reflects on your brand’s influence on your users. It helps you deliver an in-store marketing campaign that works in tandem with your social marketing campaigns too. You can use a tool like Taggbox and display a live hashtag feed of your hashtag campaign on any type of screen!

  • Influencer’s Content
in store marketing ideas

Partnering with social influencers and displaying their content on your social wall helps you to harness their social influence not only for their online follower base but also for your in-store customers. This helps you to flaunt the buzz that is spread about your brand on different social media platforms.

  • Offers & Discounts

You could always use your social wall or digital screen to display important information like offers and discounts and other important announcements like sale, special offers, store-related information, store guide, etc. Displaying offers and promotions is also very effective in DOOH advertisements.

  • Capture/ Record Customer Reviews In Person

Customer Reviews are an important element of any marketing strategy for any brand/business, whether offline or online. While online, you can collect user-generated ratings, reviews, testimonials, and feedback from multiple social media platforms and review sites and display them on your website as social proof using online reviews platform like Taggbox.

Display Customer Generated Content and Reviews On Any Screen

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But when it comes to offline marketing, the biggest challenge is to make your customer submit a review. It is not because your product or services are not good enough as per their expectations, but just because they don’t have enough time to wait and submit a review. But when they are in your store, capturing or recording customer reviews in person is a great way of engaging your customers at the point of sale. You could also incentivize the whole process for them by giving them a discount or some giveaways.

Innovate With Seasonal Merchandise

Seasonal and holiday-oriented merchandise is always a great idea to initiate user engagement. It also helps to create the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among your in-store customers. You could take this holiday spirit online or keep it offline or integrate the power of two, that’s completely your wish.

Experimenting Seasonal Merchandising with your brand is a great way to increase the per customer in-store purchase value, thereby, increasing your overall sales. It also helps you to create and excite the overall interest of the customers in your products.

Starbucks is a top pioneer in experimenting this trick with its brand and utilizing the festivity vibe to enhance its sales and revenues. It annually organizes various festival oriented UGC Campaigns to engage users and increase their trust in its brand.

Over To You

Getting on with the modern trend of digital marketing is definitely beneficial for your brand but in the direction of doing so, you must not give up on the age-proven traditional techniques.

Having a strong physical presence gives authenticity and credibility to your brand’s online presence and prevents it from being just a digital ghost. These in-store marketing ideas will help you to enhance user trust in your brand and benefit your business overall.