Social Media For Shopping Mall and Retail Store Marketing

In the last few years, social media walls have increased retail sales around the globe. Retailers and shopping malls have found out new ways, from paid partnerships to Pinterest posts, that increases customer’s participation in the online contest too. If you want to bring the social media campaigns to the limelight, you need to increase your posts on social media platforms so that the customers can reach out to you all the time and through various mediums.

Shopping Mall

Malls are facing tough competition from cheap and easily available online retail shopping but still shopping all continue to hold on. In order to compete with online shopping, malls need to enhance their marketing technologies which will easily promote their online shopping experience.

Social media Signage could include anything and everything from a live social media dashboard which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other channel where your customers can engage in a conversation.

How to Use Social Media for Shopping Malls and Retail Stores

Customers are no more interested in traditional marketing than they used to be. According to statistic estimates, an average consumer sees 5,000 ads per day.

Live social media displays have created a whole new scope of digital displays. It is also an effective shopping mall marketing strategy that will provide a vivid customizable manner, display sponsored content, engagement, and event information. Here are five great ways that shopping malls can take benefit of Social media wall.

1. Attractive and subtle advertisements

advertisements on social wall

Traditional advertisements like hoardings and newspaper ads have become boring and less effective. Shoppers are more inclined towards online shopping as compared to purchasing from a mall. So, to make the advertisements interactive; create a social media wall and display all social media feeds on a digital screen or focussing on DOOH advertising is the best possible way to leverage digital media for marketing in 2019. .

To promote your retail store and their products, you can also show promotional ads, offers and discounts on that social media wall with your social feeds. Malls can also display the user-generated content through tweets and posts posted by shoppers. You can also involve your customers with your advertising through the use of hashtags, in what is called “Social Out Of Home” (SOOH).

2. Organize a hashtag contest and giveaways

Hashtag Content

To increase your brand value among the customers, organize a hashtag contest at the Shopping mall. You can create a unique hashtag for your brand and shoppers can use that while posting posts on social media. For giveaway prizes you can create a live hashtag feed wall with a leaderboard, where you can display the social media posts of the mall visitors, the one visitor with the highest number of the social posts with the hashtag will win the contest. Retail owners can announce the winner’s name through a tweet or social post on the same social media wall. A giant social media wall integrated with your in-store marketing campaign will build excitement among shoppers and it will also encourage them to post about your brand on social media.

3. Encourage shoppers to share the love for the shopping mall

Set up a digital signage in the mall and run a social media wall on that digital screen to increase the social media engagement. Create a dedicated hashtag for your shopping mall and encourage the shoppers to share their love and shopping experience for the mall by posting hashtag posts and making small videos of themselves.

When visitors will see other customer’s photos on a big screen then it will inspire them to post on social media about the mall with your dedicated hashtag. In results, it will generate more user-generated content for your shopping mall and help you to build and spread trust between people.

4. Create a specialized hashtag during the festive season

During the festive season or special occasion such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Summer you can launch a specialized hashtag, for example, #SummerSurprizes and encourage the customers to share their pictures on social media with that hashtag. Display those responses of the audience on social media wall to engage the customers more to make share it on social media. Launching a specialized hashtag on a festive occasion will encourage the shoppers to shop more and share it on social media platforms.

5. Display user-generated content on the mall’s website

It requires an effort to maintain a website for the mall which has an online presence. You need to update the website for your customers for that they can keep a track of the activities. The website requires new content to give an impact that the mall exists.

Mall of America social Feeds on Website

If the malls are organizing physical social media walls in the malls for displays then the user-generated content can be used for the official website too.

If you embed social media posts on your website, it will allow the website visitors to explore your all social media posts at one place which will help the shoppers to see more social media posts about the store. The stores can also link their specific media channels so that users can visit the special events page.

Benefits of a Social Media Displays at Retail Store

1. Economical

Gone are those days when the availing benefit was directly related to investing a huge amount of money. Now, you can promote your retail store online on social media without investing a single penny, and increasing customers as well as sales. You can set up a social media display, and display the user-generated content fetched from the social media platform. You can also organize a contest and showcase special offers to encourage the customers to post their pictures online via your hashtag.

2. Variety of social media content

These days you can update everything on social media within minutes, and you can fetch the user-generated content via a hashtag to display on a social wall. User-generated content will increase the sales as well as customers too. The content acquired from the social media platform will give sizeable visual content for your brand. You can also embed the fetched content on your retail store’s website to increase the website traffic.

3. Encourage buyers

Showing social media posts on digital signage can increase the purchasing power of the customers and enhance your in-store marketing campaigns. The social wall builds trust among customers and influences them to purchase more after seeing posts about different items shared by other customers on social media platforms. After all, shopping is the favorite past time activity for most of us.

4. Real-time moderation

The social media wall provides real-time moderation, where you can control all the posts of various social media platforms and display only valuable tweets to the customers. Taggbox smart curation allows you to filter and remove all bad content within minutes.

These are the 5 best ways you can use a social media wall at the shopping mall and retail stores. If you are looking for a social wall solution then you can try Taggbox Signage that allows you to collect all live social media feeds and displays them anywhere such as website, digital signage, projectors, Tv screens etc. It is available at affordable prices.

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