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Travel Email Marketing Ideas and Best Practices

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Hey Travel Mavericks,
Ever felt like your carefully crafted travel emails are jetting off into the digital abyss without a trace? We’ve been there, questioning if our messages will ever reach the inboxes of eager travelers. In the world of travel email marketing, the struggle for visibility can feel like embarking on a journey with a hidden map.

So, here’s the deal: What if we told you there’s a way to not only ensure your emails reach their destination but also spark wanderlust in every reader? 

Join us as we crack the secrets of email marketing for travel agencies, sharing ideas and best practices to transform your emails into tickets to unforgettable adventures.

In this blog, we’re crafting a roadmap for your travel brand to become the compass guiding every subscriber to their next adventure. Ready for takeoff?

Building Your Email List:

Did you know that, on average, travel businesses with effective email marketing strategies witness a 45% increase in customer engagement? Your email list isn’t just a collection of contacts; it’s a powerhouse for connecting with potential travelers.

Let’s dive into the strategies that not only increase your subscriber count but also transform these contacts into devoted companions on your brand’s exciting travel journey.

1. Boarding Passes Beyond Borders:

Craft opt-in forms that go beyond the ordinary checkbox. These are your exclusive boarding passes, inviting travelers to join your brand’s adventure. With enticing offers and sneak peeks into upcoming destinations, make subscribing an initiation into a thrilling travel experience.

2. Wanderlust-Inducing Lead Magnets:

Your lead magnets should be magnetic, drawing potential subscribers into the allure of your brand. Whether it’s a visually stunning destination guide or exclusive travel tips, offer content that sparks wanderlust and leaves subscribers eagerly anticipating your following email like a cherished postcard.

3. Social Media Integration Jetstream:

Seamlessly integrate your opt-in forms into your social media platforms. Your social community becomes your travel tribe as followers transition from virtual explorers to active participants in your brand’s journey.

4. Segmentation Magic for Personalized Journeys:

Recognizing that every traveler is unique, employ segmentation strategies to tailor your emails based on preferences, behaviors, and past interactions. This personal touch ensures subscribers feel like they’re receiving a personalized travel itinerary.

Ready to boost your email list into a community of avid travel enthusiasts? Let’s explore the strategies that leverage the power of email marketing to enhance customer engagement and create lasting connections in the vibrant world of travel.

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Types of Travel Email Campaigns:

Let’s explore the diverse campaigns that travel businesses deploy to engage their audience effectively:

Welcome Series:

Take inspiration from Airbnb’s welcome series. They artfully introduce new users to the platform, providing personalized recommendations and inspiring wanderlust from the get-go.

Timing and Frequency: Immediate engagement is critical. Send the first welcome email once a user subscribes, followed by a series spaced over a week.


Travel + Leisure’s newsletters are a masterclass. They curate a blend of destination highlights, travel tips, and exclusive offers, keeping subscribers eagerly anticipating their regular dispatches.

Timing and Frequency: Weekly or bi-weekly newsletters align with the pace of the travel industry, offering a consistent flow of engaging content.

Promotional Offers:

Expedia’s flash sale emails are a prime example. Urgency is critical in these campaigns, prompting subscribers to act quickly to secure the best deals.

Timing and Frequency: Seasonal promotions, flash sales, or special events align with the spontaneous nature of travel. Tailor frequency based on campaign urgency.

Abandoned Cart Reminders: excels in nudging potential travelers to complete their bookings. Their abandoned cart emails often include enticing visuals and personalized incentives.

Timing and Frequency: Send reminders within 24 hours, highlighting the urgency of securing the travel experience. Follow up strategically based on user behavior.

Triggered Emails (Booking Confirmations, Thank you):

TripAdvisor’s booking confirmation emails not only provide essential details but also offer additional travel recommendations, turning a transactional email into an opportunity for engagement.

Timing and Frequency: Immediate confirmation and thank-you emails create a positive post-booking experience. Follow up with additional insights or offers after the travel date.

Educational Content (Destination Guides, Travel Tips):

Lonely Planet excels in delivering educational content. Their destination guides and travel tips emails are valuable resources, enriching the subscriber’s travel knowledge.

Timing and Frequency: Timely content, such as destination guides before peak travel seasons, ensures relevance. Weekly tips or monthly guides maintain engagement without overwhelming subscribers.

Understanding the diverse range of email campaigns and tailoring the timing and frequency to match the dynamic nature of the travel industry is the key to capturing the attention of potential travelers and fostering lasting connections.

Elements of a High-Converting Email:

In this section, we crack the secrets behind crafting emails that not only capture attention but also stir the traveler’s soul. From subject lines that spark wanderlust to visuals that paint vivid landscapes and designs that seamlessly fit into the palm of your hand—get ready to elevate your inbox experience.

Compelling Subject Lines:

Evoke Wanderlust: Use language that sparks curiosity and taps into the desire for exploration. For example, “Unlock Hidden Gems: Your Next Adventure Awaits!”

Urgency and Exclusivity: Create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Limited-Time Offers” or “Exclusive Travel Deals.”

Personalization: Incorporate personal touches, such as the recipient’s name or specific travel interests, for a more tailored approach.

Engaging Visuals:

Here are a Few Examples That You Can Consider:

  • Breathtaking Destinations: Feature stunning visuals of picturesque landscapes, iconic landmarks, or serene beaches. Airbnb’s emails often showcase dreamy accommodations and scenic views.
  • Adventure in Action: Use images that convey the thrill of adventure, whether hiking through mountains, exploring vibrant markets, or enjoying local cuisine. National Geographic Traveler is a master at this.
Display UGC in Your Email Campaigns

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Mobile-Friendly Design:

Responsive Layouts: Ensure your email design adjusts seamlessly to various screen sizes. A responsive layout guarantees an optimal viewing experience on smartphones and tablets.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Place your CTAs prominently and make them easily tappable. Whether “Book Now” or “Explore Destinations,” a clear CTA guides users toward the desired action.

Concise and Scannable Content: Recognize that mobile users often skim through content. Keep your messaging concise, use bullet points, and break up text for easy readability.

Remember, every element in your email should work harmoniously to transport the recipient into the world of your brand, igniting their passion for travel and prompting them to embark on the next adventure.

Optimizing Your Campaigns:

In the world of travel emails, making them suitable is like cooking—it’s about finding the perfect mix that makes people want to pack their bags. 

Let’s discuss two things that can help your emails hit the sweet spot: A/B testing and analytics tools.

A/B Testing: Finding What Works Best

  • Testing Different Things: A/B testing is like trying out different ingredients. You can experiment with stuff like the email’s subject line, pictures, or buttons to see what people like more.
  • Making It Personal: You can also see if people like it when you talk to them in a more personal way. Maybe they prefer hearing about specific destinations or getting special offers.
  • Getting the Timing Right: When is the best time to send emails? A/B testing helps you figure that out. Maybe people are more excited about weekend getaways on Fridays.

Analytics Tools: Keeping an Eye on How Your Emails Do

  • Google Analytics: This tool not only helps you see how your website is doing but can also tell you what people do on your site after opening your emails.
  • Mailchimp Analytics: If you use Mailchimp, it gives you details about how many people open your emails and click on things. It’s like a report card for your emails.
  • Litmus: This tool makes sure your emails look good on all devices. It helps you see if there’s anything you need to fix so everyone has a good experience.
  • SendGrid: If you want to know how people interact with your emails, SendGrid gives you the scoop. It helps you see what’s working well and needs a little tweak.

In the world of travel emails, A/B testing and analytics tools are like your kitchen gadgets—they help you experiment and keep an eye on how things are going.

Advanced Strategies:

In the world of travel, automation has emerged as the wand that transforms ordinary emails into exquisite experiences. Today, we crack the secrets of advanced strategies, where automation takes center stage, creating seamless journeys for your audience.

The Magic of Automation in Travel:

  • Personalized Itineraries: Automation allows you to craft personalized travel itineraries based on user preferences. Imagine sending tailored suggestions for destinations, accommodations, and activities, creating an itinerary as unique as each subscriber.
  • Automated Reminders: Keep your audience engaged with automated reminders. From upcoming travel dates to limited-time promotions, automation ensures that your messages reach the right inbox at the right time.
  • Post-Booking Delight: After a booking is made, automated emails can enhance the post-booking experience. Share insider tips, local insights, or exclusive offers to build excitement leading up to the journey.

Integrating Automation with CRM and Booking Systems:

Picture a world where every interaction is finely tuned, from personalized itineraries to post-booking enchantments. As we step into the domain of advanced strategies, this section reveals the magic that happens when automation dances in harmony with the backbone of customer data and bookings.

Successful Examples:

Expedia’s Smart Recommendations: Expedia integrates CRM data to provide intelligent recommendations. By analyzing past bookings and preferences, automated emails suggest similar destinations or complementary services, creating a personalized experience.

Airbnb’s Booking Confirmations: Airbnb seamlessly integrates automation with booking systems. Their automated booking confirmation emails not only provide essential details but also offer additional suggestions, enhancing the overall booking experience.’s Personalized Offers: utilizes CRM data to send automated emails with personalized offers, by understanding user preferences and behaviors, the platform tailors promotions, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

In the world of travel, where every journey is unique, automation becomes the guide that ensures each traveler receives a personalized and timely experience.


As we wrap up our exploration of travel email marketing, let’s distill the essence of our journey. From forging connections to crafting visually captivating emails, we’ve uncovered the alchemy that transforms ordinary messages into travel adventures. 

  • A/B testing and analytics have been our guiding lights, ensuring each email resonates with wanderlust. 
  • Looking ahead, the horizon for travel email marketing is limitless, promising even more personalized and enchanting experiences. 
  • Your role in this narrative is crucial, and we invite you to share your thoughts and stories in the comments below. 

As we bid farewell, let your emails continue to be the gateways to unforgettable journeys, sparking dreams and igniting the spirit of exploration. Until the next chapter, happy travels and happy emailing!

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