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Social Media Boards: Best Tool for Audience Engagement in 2024

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Social media boards!! What are they?

A technology for brand reach expansion & growth? A tool to attract, engage, & convert customers? Or maybe more?

We’ll tell you what it is and why you need these. 

It is evident that social media consumption has flourished in the past few years and it is growing by leaps and bounds. 

There are many reasons for social media’s popularity among consumers but one of the major reasons is content. Yes, content makes social media powerful and it is what gives an opportunity to reach & convert users into customers. 

And Social boards perfectly help in leveraging social content for brands. 

What Are Social Media Boards?

What Are Social Media Boards?
Social Signage in an Event for Hashtag Promotion

Social media boards are digital screens that display social walls. You can collect & curate content from social channels into feeds and display that on digital screens as a SOCIAL MEDIA BOARD. 

To create & display social media boards, you need a tool like Taggbox Display. Such tools will help in the collection, curation, customization, and display of social media content

These are also popularly known as the Social media wall or social wall or Social UGC walls. 

Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Boards

Here are a few important reasons to outline why social boards might be perfect choices for your successful marketing and brand growth campaigns. 

1. Capture Audience With Social Content Stream

Capture Audience With Social Content Stream
social Media screen to capture the Audience

With the use of social media boards, you can curate exciting content from your brand’s walls and display relevant content to your audiences in the offline environment.

Having displayed engaging social media content streams, you can capture the attention of the audience instantly. This will help you build brand awareness and expand your brand reach to new demographics. 

There the social media content across displays in offline locations will help you to capture new audiences for your brand that you leverage for engagement and conversions as new audiences mean new opportunities. 

2. User-Generated Content Superpowers

Social media is a hub of user-generated content, in fact most of the content on social platforms is shared by users. And user-generated content has the superpowers to boost your brand growth & revenue. 

As UGC is the original & authentic content driven by actual experiences & reviews of the users so it becomes extremely important for the brands. UGC is a great way to showcase brand loyalty, trust, customer satisfaction, brand credibility, etc. 

Using social boards, you can curate the most valuable UGC around your brand from social channels and display it on digital screens to build social proof and empower your brand image with positive word of mouth from your customers. 

3. Brand’s Social Promotional Content

As a brand you are investing heavily in both online and offline environments for promotions as you have a distinct strategy for both channels, distinct budgets, manpower, etc. 

But with social media boards, you can create a unified marketing strategy for both online and offline channels where you can leverage all the benefits of brand promotions with half the investments. 

You can create or curate content for your brand promotions and display it on social media profiles along with social displays offline giving you better results with lesser investments. 

4. Boost Audience Engagement In Offline

Audience engagement is a key objective (or goal) for most brands in their marketing strategies. Now on social media, you have an easy opportunity to engage with users through content & communication but that isn’t possible in offline environments. 

Social media displays can help you with that. As you can curate and bring the creative, engaging, & exciting content from diverse social media platforms to your event displays. 

This way you display the bestest content that will surely engage your offline audience to your campaigns. 

You can even drive interactive participation using live event social media boards where you can ask users to share content with your hashtags and then display it on digital screens in real-time. 

5. Increasing Your Conversions & Customer Acquisition

The best and most important advantage is that, you can increase your brand conversions and acquire new customers. 

Displaying social media boards with powerful user-generated content highlighting the customer satisfaction, user reviews, product photos, etc along with brand offers and promotions can greatly help you in improving the conversion rate.

Like over 90% of the people tend to trust authentic UGC while making purchases. Not just that, even these visual social content is more memorable and exciting to capture audience interest. 

So, these boards have the potential to empower your conversion rate and boost customer acquisition.

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Where Can You Display Social Media Boards?

1. Digital Out Of Home(Dooh) Marketing

Public spaces & DOOH are the best places to display your social boards as it is the best place to capture audience attention with your amazing social media content.

Public digital signage

You can display it on bus stations, train stations, city centers, airports, waiting areas, etc. As at these places the audience have idle time and social media boards can grab their attention & engage them. 

2. In-Store Displays

In-store social media displays can be a huge opportunity for your brand to convert potential consumers into customers. As social media boards can help in delivering important messages & trustworthy product information to the consumers. 


You can even use these to up-sell your products or activate the unsold inventory. Even run promotional campaigns and interactive social media hashtag campaigns with users.

The in-store display of such social boards at locations like billing software in Canada desks, information counters, entrances, trial rooms, etc can help in influencing consumers to make favorable decisions.

3. Events & Venues

Social media boards are a perfect way to make you events come alive. Now with the help of the social boards, you can drive audience engagement and delightful experiences in your events. 

Social Media Boards for Events

Social media boards can be used to drive engagement in real-time through participation and content sharing. You can use them to deliver interactive discussions, sessions, seminars, Q&As, etc

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Displaying live social content shared by users and stakeholders from different locations be it in event or through social media, can help in generating more engagement to the event activities. 

Also, you can use these boards to make your events more exciting and interesting by leveraging it with gamification campaigns & contests.

4. Office Signage

Not just for the customers but as a brand or business, you can use social media boards for your internal communications and employee engagement as well. 

internal communication

You can install social boards at different locations in your office and display content such as employee experiences, onboarding, news & updates, communications, and much more. 

Build Your Social Media Boards Now


This was a holistic blog to explain what, why, and where of social media boards for your brand or business. Given the benefits and ease of use, it is an unmissable opportunity.

It is time for you to get started by exploring the possibilities around your Branding content and activate that content in your offline campaigns through social media boards. 

This will enable valuable brand growth opportunities covering all major aspects like trust, engagement, conversions, & revenue.