Epic Events NY Boost Audience Engagement With Taggbox Social Wall

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Event marketing has been quite popular among the corporates & brands, and the dawn of the digital age has added fuel to this fire. 

Forrester’s research stated that 3.2 million professional events would be taking place annually by 2020. That’s a lot, isn’t it? 

The event marketing trend is moving towards increasing engagement and delivering memorable experiences to the audience over financial gains.

Epic Events NY joined forces with Taggbox to achieve precisely that by deploying Taggbox Social Wall in the event organized by their corporate client at Times Square, New York.  EY!! We can’t tell you who the giant was. 

Taggbox is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Taggbox, and so do our clients.

Epic Events NY – Who Are They?

Epic Events is an event management company that provides interactive photo and video experiences to elevate social events and marketing activations to their clients. 

They help clients make their events more “EPIC” with photo booth experiences, game rentals, lighting, and much more. 

Epic Events & The Massive Annual Corporate Event

Recently, Epic Events NY was looking after an event organized by their corporate client. The event was meant to be a social gathering for the staff to have fun, entertainment, and engaging experience altogether.

The focus of the event was to celebrate the team, their work, relax, and create engaging & memorable experiences with photos & booths. Not just this, they wanted to display these visuals to the audience through digital screens in real-time as they happened. 

Epic Events Look For An Engaging Event Tool 

Given what the objectives of the event were, Epic Events were looking for a solution that can:

  • Help them curate all these images clicked at the different photo booths during the events 
  • Display these curate images on screens across the venue for a massive audience 

Epic Events stated that Our client wanted to stream photos taken at the various booths to these screens where they’d be visible to thousands of guests.” 

What brought Epic Events & Taggbox together was the search for a solution to attractively and creatively display social media content across different screens at an event. 

As the venue in which this event took place is colossal and spread out over numerous levels and rooms. Photo booths were stationed in different ballrooms, and the key gathering area was a Lounge where food was being served overlooking Times Square. 

The lounge is overlooking Times Square, and it is where the 12 screens were installed for the audience. 

Taggbox Emerges As The Perfect Solution

Taggbox Social Wall Display at The Event

“Taggbox proved to be the best & the simplest solution for this massive event.” 

The need for a solution that can easily curate from social media and display it in real-time to increase audience engagement and create exciting experiences made Taggbox as the perfect choice for Epic Events NY. 

The images taken at photo booths were shared to Tumblr and Taggbox curated these images and displayed it across 12 screens. 

While our competitors simply offer photo booths, our ability to stream and display these photos live on a wall at the event really helps set us apart. In addition, at events for brands, it allows us to display and pull from conversations happening online as well as capture analytics.

Taggbox alliance with Epic Events was a perfect mix to deliver an exemplary solution as the audience was actively engaged with photo booths to click more & more pictures. 

And Taggbox social wall displayed the live feed of these images to amplify the engagement, attract them to photo booths, showcase fun & entertainment, make the event exciting, and much more. 

Let’s Know What Epic Events Experienced With Taggbox

We have mentioned here exactly what (verbatim) Epic Events had to say about us as this is our UGC.

Epic Events About Taggbox:

On Reliability…

When you are handling live events and dealing with important clients, you want a tool that is reliable and going to get the job done because there are no re-do’s with live events.

On Usability…

Also, during the holiday season, when we are managing tons of events simultaneously, it’s important that the tool is simple to set up and easy to use. This is where Taggbox shines.

On Customer Support…

It’s very easy to get set up and customize your wall to suit your needs. In addition, we found the customer support to be super helpful.

In cases where we needed something more complex and had to edit CSS of our walls, Taggbox customer support was more than willing to help. It’s rare to find a software tool that feels like a real partner.

Taggbox – The Best Choice For Your Next Event

Like them, even you should consider Taggbox for your next event to increase audience engagement with captivating live social media wall for events and remarkable experiences created by it. 

Taggbox as a UGC platform helps you to easily curate content from different social media platforms into a single feed and display it across your events, be it big, medium, or small. 

You can even customize your social walls, moderate the content, add promotions & banners, get real-time updates, instant customer support, quick setup, and hassle-free management.

So, get started now with your event social wall or schedule a demo with us to know more. 

Enhance the Audience Expereince and Engagement in Your Next Event

Try Taggbox Social Walls

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