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Social Media Display for Venues and Events

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Want to make your events more engaging? Do you also constantly lookout for solutions to achieve this? Social Display is the solution you are looking for!!

Don’t worry; then you are not the only one here. From event planners to event managers to social media managers and event marketers, everyone is looking for solutions to engage the audience at events.

The trends around event marketing & audience engagement keep on changing with new technologies, tools, and tactics coming into the events ecosystem constantly. 

One such solution that has emerged recently for events is – Social Media Display boards. 

What Are Social Media Displays?

Social media display wall is a technology solution for events or venue screens that discover, collect, and manages all the exciting and valuable content from social media platforms and display this feed through digital screens.

The social media displays can collect content related to hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, keywords, channels, etc. The highlight though is that the focus is now moving towards leveraging user-generated content.

As user-generated content is more trustworthy, authentic, and reliable than other forms of content that makes it more engaging and memorable for the audience.

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8 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Displays

1. Display Social Wall To Build Social Proof

Trust and authenticity have become more important than ever for brands and nothing is more authentic than your customers being your brand advocates. 

So, you can leverage social media display tools to encourage the attendees and social media users to share their valuable feedback, experiences, reviews, ideas, opinions, etc. about the event & the brand. 

Curate & display social media content in real-time to showcase social proof that will enhance brand image.

2. Enable Interactive Event Discussions 

There are many events where you organize a discussion with the audience, Q&A sessions, panel interactions, key speakers, etc. Social media displays help you enable interactive discussion with your event & social media audience. 

social media display walls
Taggbox Display Enhancing Event Discussions at a Conference

You can ask users to share their questions or queries using the event hashtag and then display these on the screen at the event where discussions can be done in real-time. 

This will help you improve the quality of interactions with possibilities to cover broader topics, greater engagement, and get more value for the audience from such discussions. 

3. Earn Valuable Sponsorship Revenue

It is always a hustle to get a sponsor for your events as they don’t believe they will be able to get much value & returns on investments. But displaying social media stream can help you attract more sponsors & revenue from it.

Using social media displays at events, you can dynamically display the sponsors’ promotional content on the digital screen leading to more user attention and engagement compared to age-old basic posters. 

The higher engagement will lead to increased sponsorship revenue and more sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming events or maybe even exclusive sponsors. 

4. Deliver Memorable Audience Experiences

Grabbing audience attention at venues and events is a rigorous task as people look for engagement rather than just traditional one-way communication. The best way to engage the audience is to provide memorable experiences. 

Immersive & memorable experiences help you form a more humanized and valuable connection with the attendees that will lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media displays integrated with VR technologies, Photobooths, gamification activities, hashtag campaigns, etc. can help attract a wider event audience, immense engagement, and immersive experience for the audience. 

Social media wall for events have in-built capabilities to organize leaderboards, contests, polls, competitions, etc. to perfectly leverage live event marketing. 

5. Creatively Launch Brand Products/Updates

social media displays
Social Media Display Board in a Product Launch Event

Digital media has a great reach and engagement capability still global leading brands choose to launch their products/updates through events as it provides a more personalized and realistic approach comparatively. 

These launch events mainly have an audience who are experts or enthusiasts from that field (product/brand) and the media professionals that spread these updates to the general audience through their channels. 

Social media display can help the brand to showcase the pre-launch buzz, engage the in-event audience, display launch information to the attendee, live stream the launch to make it accessible for all the audience members of the event, and more. 

This will help in better brand awareness, appropriate information dispersion, showcase social proof, sharing of real-time feedback, opinions, reviews, etc. 

Enhance Your Event Engagements With Social Media Displays

6. Communicate With Online Audience

The limitation with event marketing is that you can only interact with the audience that is present at the event but social media displays help you extend this real-time interactive communication network. 

Social media users can share their thoughts & content on social platforms using the event hashtags or the relevant brand profile. This content can be displayed in the event to initiate interaction & engagement. 

This helps you reach a broader audience and engage with them along with the attendee engagement. It is an excellent tactic to build strong brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, & connect to people with minimal investments. 

7. Make The Event Entertaining & Exciting

When we talk about events, it is not just restricted to business events or corporate events rather it includes events like weddings, concerts, parties, festive events, concerts, etc. 

These events are meant to excite, entertain, and engage the audience fully into the event. Social media browsing is our leisure activity that can be turned into delivering excitement & entertainment at these events. 

How? Well! It’s quite simple if it’s a wedding, create your own wedding hashtag campaign or social handle and ask your relatives, families, and attendees to share relevant content about the wedding and display this content at the wedding as wedding hashtag walls

If it’s a concert, then create your campaign for social media displays for concerts that can display important information around the event venue, guide the audience, maps, and most importantly along with this you can display the amazing user-generated content uploaded by users & attendee before & during the event. Live Instagram walls are really very famous when it comes to wedding walls.

8. Buzz Creation & Revenue Generation

The buzz about the brand and event is a necessity and social media displays encourage content sharing by the attendees & social media users about the event. 

So, this content will help in building brand awareness among the massive social media audience before, during, and after the event through the user-generated content about your event & the brand. 

Also, it brings the possibilities of revenue generation directly and indirectly where sponsorship revenue is a direct benefit and indirect revenue can be generated when you will get maximum audience engagement and display social proof through UGC leading to maximize conversion rate & revenue generation for the brand. 

How to Create A Social Media Display For Your Events

After learning about the meaning and importance of social media displays for events, we have explained how you can create a social display for your event

You would need a tool that can curate and display social wall user-generated content in your event and this makes Taggbox the best suitable solution. 

Taggbox as a UGC platform helps in discovering, collecting, and curating user-generated content from many social media platforms into a single feed that you can customize & moderate according to your needs & requirements. 

Once done then Taggbox lets you display this feed as social media display in your events across different digital signages, projectors, jumbotrons, TV’s, etc. easily without any hassle. 

Taggbox is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Taggbox, and so do our clients.

You get various other functionalities to display sponsor content, add your own custom content, share branded content only, fetch content in real-time, active customer support, content play, etc. that makes it even more engaging and exciting. 

Social media display for virtual events

Virtual events are the new rising trend in the event industry and have gained immense popularity among various ways of networking like seminars, webinars, meetings, trade shows, conferences, etc. 

It is challenging to engage a large audience on a single virtual platform. To get over this, many social media aggregator tools help you to create a social media wall for your virtual event.

Sounds interesting. Right? 

With the advancement of technology, not only marketers can display their social media wall in physical events but can also engage the audience with the social wall in virtual events. This social wall boosts the audience experience of the virtual event. 

You can even display your social wall during live streaming sessions where the attendees can interact with each other and with the speakers by posting their images and queries using a dedicated hashtag without, hampering the streaming of the event.

This amazing feature helps the event organizers to maximize their audience engagement and interaction and boost their virtual event with good audience experiences.

So, get started now with social media display and let your events stand out from the crowd. 

Enhance Your Audience Experience With Social Media Displays