Holiday Retail Digital Display Ideas

9 Best Holiday Retail Digital Display Ideas To Try This Season

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Imagine stepping into a cozy little shop, glowing with twinkling fairy lights, festive season decor, and digital display screens with engaging content that calls out to you. It’s not just any store; it’s a holiday wonderland.

Digital displays in your retail store during the festive season bring your holiday vision to life. They go beyond traditional decorations, adding interactive and dynamic elements. 

The holiday season is like a blank canvas, and your store displays are the wow factor that can help you increase your foot traffic and sales. 

In this blog, we have shared a handful of fresh holiday creative display ideas that’ll make your shop the star of the show. 

Get ready to make your store stand out and increase holiday sales with creative and charming holiday decorations that will keep customers returning for more!

So, let’s get going!

Captivate Your Customers: The Essence of Retail Displays in the Festive Season

Serving as a cost-effective and accessible marketing tactic, these displays can captivate an actual audience and elevate the visibility of your store or enterprise.

Read and learn more about the importance of display in retail:

1. Great Marketing

As a brand, you can target your customers with the help of your digital retail displays. Establish your brand image with creative digital displays by running custom merchandising display deals, play along and showcase your new launches, and create a demand for your product.

2. Boosts Walk-In Shopping

Digital displays can increase foot traffic, increasing conversion and sales. People prefer to shop physically in the e-commerce sector, and you can use this to your advantage. Use store displays to catch the attention of your customers and ignite interest in them for your product.

3. Bond With Customer

Crafting a unique holiday-themed display can help you tap into the positive emotions of your customers associated with winter holidays. It’s a chance to spark creativity, deepen the bond between customers and your brand, and drive repeat purchases.

Inspiring Retail Digital Display Ideas For This Festive Season 

These are just some ideas you can borrow and create something unique and classic that helps you effectively increase your brand awareness and interaction with your clientele. 

1. Digital Displays: Where Location Meets Profit

Effective holiday retail display placement is crucial. Visual merchandisers can achieve their goals by strategically positioning displays in key areas according to their aim and effectiveness. 

You must place your digital screens at your store entrance to leave an everlasting positive brand impression on your customers and engage them in interactive activities.

If you encourage them to shop for your products, the correct placement would be in-store. At last, to make coming to your store and turn into your loyal clientele, then focus on the checkout area and run your sales, offers, and discounts on the social wall display.

2. Run Deals and Offers

display holiday offers

Consider an appealing idea for your festive season retail digital displays: Showcase your brand’s high-quality visuals while promoting special deals and offers for the upcoming season. This approach will help you attract more customers and boost sales.

Deals and offers work best on digital displays combined with the featured products’ images and short-form video content. 
Run user-generated content to make a substantial impact and motivate people to take action on the following as people feel more relatable and comfortable.

3. It’s All About The Themes

Regarding festive season retail digital displays, you know the main goal is bringing customers inside the store. Choose one theme for the instore and window that resonates with the countdown. 

This helps catch the attention and make your products the star and necessity of the season through your marketing plan. 

Showcase your product highlights, sales, and demand with advantages on the social wall, as it can increase the audience’s curiosity.

4. Get Creative With Props and Tinsels

Enhance your holiday displays with props like tinsel, wreaths, and string lights to create a festive atmosphere, making your store a top choice this season.

For your retail wall display idea to match the atmosphere of your store and for people to take some shopping action, excite the overall vibe.

If you focus on one product line, bring your audience’s attention to it using the display. 

5. Educational Displays

education display

You can use your digital signage to draw your customers’ attention and educate them more about your goals. 

Tell them about your journey, share about your loyal customers, and spread information regarding your products and services and how they can help the buyer. 

To build trust and connect with people, make learning about products creative and exciting. Keep it brief and captivating, as people usually have limited time for learning.

6. Keep It Fresh And Updated

Flaunt your latest launches, upcoming deals, and ongoing sales. You can also share your customer’s content, reviews, pictures, and short-form videos on the social wall display. 

Change and update your displays regularly to maintain customer interest. Create a narrative that evolves over the holiday season, telling a story that captivates your audience and keeps them returning for more.

With cloud-based digital signage systems like LookDigitalSignage you can update your screens at any time, from any place for even higher engagement

7. Use Technology In Your Displays

Use Technology In Your Displays

Extend the use and benefits of your displays by using your multiple social media channels in your favor. Use touch screen technology and make your screens a portal to get closer to your brand. Promote your holiday displays and campaigns on social media platforms. 

Share high-quality photos and videos of your displays, engage with customers through holiday-themed contests and posts, and use social media to drive traffic to your physical store or website.

8. Holiday Greetings

Use your displays to convey a heartfelt holiday message to your community using social media Christmas campaigns and flaunt it on your digital screens. 

Express your appreciation for their support and connect with them, showing that your business is about transactions and building relationships.

You can enhance your holiday marketing by considering these creative display ideas: showcasing last year’s holiday content, featuring live customer-shared visuals, and personalizing holiday wishes.

Display UGC On Your Retail Digital Signages

9. All Around The Building Display

Expand your reach and go wild on marketing with your digital displays all around the building. Run stories of your customers, tell something about your brand, or display sneak peeks of new products. 

Placed strategically around stores, these screens attract attention with eye-catching visuals, promote seasonal deals, and highlight popular products. 

You don’t need to cover your windows and building completely; consider crafting banners and decorations to make this Christmas display concept more manageable and attractive.

Master Your Retail Digital Display: Do’s And Dont’s

Here, under this section, we will learn about the key do’s and don’ts you should remember to make your display successful and benefit from it.

1. Do Plan Your Social Media Marketing With an Instore Display

Make sure you attract customers to your store using social media around the festival marketing. Sell and market your product by attracting more and more eyes by using your social media to tell a story about it and connect with people.

2. Do Strategize Around The Urgency Method

You’re playing into consumer psychology when you use messages on your custom merchandising display that create urgency. Highlight scarcity for your most sold items and an urgency for the upcoming sale and launches, as it can lead shoppers to hold onto items as they decide to buy them.

3. Don’t Restrict And Be Creative

Only overwhelm customers with a few images in your Halloween marketing campaigns or Christmas display to connect better. Keep it clear with a simple call to action. Share your valuable user-generated content and top-quality collaborative content. 

Create an experiential shopping atmosphere, like Pure Fishing’s interactive fishing pole display, to stand out and meet customer desires for ambiance and family time in stores.

Brand Example Of Retail Display

If you are a brand looking for creative retail digital display ideas, you are at the right place. Read about famous brands that took it to another level and matched the festive season vibe with their displays and themes.

1. Gucci

digital display
Image Source – Windowwear

In Gucci’s Hallucination campaign, they used technology in their store windows. They displayed famous art pieces with characters wearing their designer clothes. What’s unique about this display is that most mannequins are turned away from the window, like they’re in an art gallery.

Adding to the appeal, a scannable QR code adorns the glass, inviting passersby to delve into the Gucci universe by downloading their app.

2. The Body Shop

christmas retail display
Image Source – LinkedIn

The body shop established digital touch screens for its customers. It introduced an in-store advent calendar, which included exclusive gifts for its customers as they unwrap the digital red ribbon on the screen. 

Based on the success of this store display idea, they created a set of advent calendars to be launched the following Christmas, offering a unique selection of skin, beauty, and bath products.

3. Bloomingdale

christmas retail display
Image Source – LinkedIn

Bloomingdale’s in New York created an interactive experience around ‘The Grinch.’ Shoppers were greeted by the beloved green character and his dog, Max, on the digital screen in one of their windows. 

They could enjoy Grinch-themed karaoke and outdoor music and take selfies with a giant Grinch display. In another window, customers could play music buttons that triggered sounds from a movie-related organ prop.

Transform Your Retail Space with Digital Signage

As we end this blog, it is your turn to turn the tables by incorporating these holiday display ideas for your retail store can create a captivating and memorable shopping experience for your customers during the holiday season. 

Combining traditional decorations with digital elements and community engagement can boost sales and foster a sense of holiday marketing cheer that keeps customers returning year after year.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on your holiday digital display as the festive season approaches

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