Digital Signage Internal Communication Ideas & Best Practices

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Enhancing Internal Communication is a critical aspect of every organization to strengthen employee and company relationships.

When we asked organizations how they communicate with their employees, almost every organization has the same answer – emails, slack, meetings, noticeboards, and newsletters. 

However, surveys show employees do not open emails, newsletters, or check noticeboards to get information. And slack or other internal communication software is not very effective for wide-range announcements and celebrations. 

Employees usually find it easy to communicate with peers to get important information. But if peers don’t know this, it will create a direct communication gap between organization and employee, which is a huge disadvantage to both monetary and long-term employee relationships. 

Agility is the crucial factor to integrate into your Internal communication process. 

Digital Signages are effective, attractive, lively, and attention-grabbing, profoundly accomplishing the communication objectives of organizations.

So, here we will walk you through some amazing ways to utilize Digital Signage for Employee Communication and stand out in creating the best internal communications systems with your employees.   

Why Use Digital Signage For Internal Communication?

It is understandable to use digital signages for brand promotions and awareness campaigns, but when it comes to enhancing internal employee communications, a number of questions come to mind. 

What benefits your organization is retrieving digital signage, whether it meets your internal communication requirements, and how it will help build a robust relationship with employees. 

To answer this, we have some strong points that ensure your effectiveness of Digital Signage for Internal Communication. Here they are:

Rapidly Steal Attention of Employees

It is hard to ignore the lively digital screens; at least once it will attract your eyes and entice you to look at what is displaying on the screen.

Considering the advantage, digital signage is a perfect medium to enhance internal communications systems and grab their attention for quicker response.      

Deliver Information To Many Concurrently

Hundreds of employees can interact with digital signage and receive information concurrently, removing the hassle to open emails, checking long chat threads on slack, or organizational intranets.

Employees usually ignore popups or notifications when they are busy with a task and open them after they are finished, sometimes the next day.

So if you want to convey crucial information and need their response instantly, using older internal communication methods proves ineffective.  

Display Diverse Content With Studio

Use digital signage features and enhance the display screens at your organization. Improve internal interactions and create an easy-going environment. The features and apps digital signage offers acts as the perfect ingredient to bring meaning to your display.

Digital signage also shines in focusing on the employee experience. Through feedback-sharing platforms or interactive polls, companies can take direct employee inputs, thereby fostering a culture of transparency and openness. This active encouragement of employee interaction provides them with a sense of belonging and plays a vital role in reinforcing their commitment to the organization.

You can display content like the company dashboards, upcoming meeting and event calendars, organization PR & news display, onboarding for new joiners, organizational reviews from clients or employees, and much more.

Cost & Time Effective

Using emails or applications for employee & organization communication will take so much cost & time. Employees have to spare time or leave their ongoing tasks to delve into the organization’s notice or message.

It hampers the productivity of employees and distracts them, costing more to the organizations. Digital Signages help you deliver crucial information on the wall allowing employees to get updates while engaging in their work.  

Build Direct Communication

Digital signage is easily visible, and its eye-catching feature demands the employees’ attention. It is the perfect tool to spread messages on a large scale. Usually, when you have to share some information or update, you send out emails to your employees, but it doesn’t assure readability. Sending WhatsApp bulk messages is a way to send a single message to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Besides, the actual information slips out when employees miscommunicate. With digital signage, it is more likely that every employee who comes across it will read it, creating direct communication between employees and the organization.

7 Amazing Ideas To Enhance Internal Communication With Digital Signage

#1 Welcome & Congratulation Message

Make your new employee feel special and delighted from day one of joining. Display personalized welcome messages with their name & photo on all digital signage screens throughout your organization.

digital signage employee welcome

It will introduce new employees to everyone and make the ice-breaking process efficient.   

Taggbox Display Studio enables you to display two dynamic content on one screen. Why not utilize that and showcase the welcome message on one part and the new employee’s introduction on the other so that all your employees get to know about the newcomer.

#2 Events & Celebrations

Remind your employees of special occasions and events through digital signages. Whether it’s a birth anniversary, applauding top performers, or a surprise pizza party, let your employees know about it directly. 

Digital signage event announcement

If there is an upcoming event, showcase its brochure on your digital signage to spread the word. Not just that, you can use our Studio’s split-screen feature and run a social media wall of previous events parallel to the event’s brochure to generate interest and increase participation among newcomers.

#3 Notice & Announcements

digital signage notification wall

Instead of notice boards, you can display important notices and announcements through a digital screen. If you have many departments or offices in your organization and want to display department-specific information, it is possible with digital signage. 

Moreover, companies often organize ice-breaking sessions to create better communication opportunities for the employees, but their participation is necessary to make that happen.

#4 Company Dashboard

Display your company dashboard with employees so that they know how their company is performing. It will build strong internal communication and give your employees a better understanding of how effective their hard work can be. Display crucial figures of your business with set goals and accomplished figures. 

Use analytical data so that your employees know about the realistic position of your company. Reports and stats help them understand your organization better and motivate them to achieve their goals. You can directly pull this data from internal sources like your HR software. Company Dashboard will give a perfect at-a-glance view of key performance indicators of your organization’s progress.

#5 Social Media Walls

Social media walls add entertaining content to your digital screens and keep your employees engaged during working hours. You can display your company’s social media posts from different platforms like Instagram, Twitter threads, Facebook, or Slack chats.

Not just that, the live social media wall updates in real-time, so you can add your organization’s social feed to the display, and each time there is a new update, all the employees can see it and connect with you socially. 

#6 Employee Benefit Programs

Ensure your employees are aware of organization perks in the form of  Employee Benefits Programs and Training courses provided by your organization. Additionally, implementing mentoring programs in the workplace can significantly enhance professional development and foster a culture of learning and growth. Adopting LXP Platforms can be a strategic move in this continuous improvement and development spirit. These function as powerful employee engagement tools, platforms offer personalized and interactive learning experiences, aligning perfectly to enhance internal communication and employee engagement through innovative development opportunities.

Displaying employee benefit programs on the display screen generates interest and makes employees realize their importance. They might sign up for a program if they find something useful that helps improve their professional, financial, and personal life.

#7 Keep The Content Fresh

If you want your digital signage to be effective at your organization, then the best practice would be to keep the content fresh to continue generating the employees’ interest. The best way to do so is by scheduling most of your digital signage content for almost the entire month. 

digital signage company dashboard
Source: TelemetryTV

You don’t have to worry about continuously changing the content for your digital signage. You can schedule it once and enjoy the experience as the content smoothly changes as per your plan.

Use Taggbox Display To Automate Internal Communication 

Signage Solution by Taggbox Display is designed to ornate your Digital Signage screens with enticing content from diverse social media platforms. You can collect and create alluring content from social media channels with hashtags, handles, boards, page URLs, tweets, or mentions and automate display by unifying content. 

These are some common use cases of Taggbox Display to intensify internal communication with ease to manage, customize, and automate content to display on digital signages.     

Retrieve Industry Specific News, Stats, & Trends

You can make your digital signage beautiful with news, popular trends, competitor’s stats, or other important facts. Believe it or not, it will increase your employees’ productivity as they don’t have to browse industry-specific news or trends.

Also presenting competitors analysis and research reports help your employees to understand competitor’s strategies which will, in turn, to refine their game plan before anything gets wrong.

You can do so by fetching RSS feeds.  Put the relevant RSS feed URL in your Taggbox Display account and it will collect all feeds using the URL.  

Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Use digital signage in employee communications to boost motivation and enthusiasm in your company’s core members. Display great leaders’ quotes or stress-relieving citations on digital screens; some days, your employees may be anxious or mentally unfit.

Thought-provoking quotes will help your employees stay motivated and get a happy outlook on life, eventually yielding higher productivity and building healthy team members. 

Social Media Feeds

Social media posts are engaging content to display on digital signage screens. It will enhance internal communication and let your employees know your organization’s social presence.

Digital signage internal communication wall
Source: Valotalive

Run social media feeds from Instagram, Workplace, Yammer, Slack, or any other platform your organization is active on. Moreover, you can display your employees’ group images on special occasions like team meet-ups, vacations, trips, etc. 

Reviews & Testimonials

Let your employees know what other employees are saying about your organization. Ask them to share their viewpoints or how they find your organization.

digital signage reviews

Display their reviews and testimonials on digital signages, so that everyone knows how other employees are saying about the organization. It will help new employees better understand your organization and not forget to mention that personally asking peers may be embarrassing and requires good time to jam with them. 

Digital Signage Best Practices For Internal Communication

Do Not Use Repetitive Content

This is one of the most important attributes of using digital signage. If your employees see the same content every time on your screen may irritate them, affecting your internal communication process. Create a playlist of content to run on screen and change them frequently so that your employees receive important information whenever they gaze on the screen.

Make Sure It Do Not Distract Employees

Another critical factor to consider is that the information you display on the screen shouldn’t distract your employees. It will be hazardous for your organization, which destroys the internal communication process and hampers the productivity of your employees. Ensure the content you display is in a subtle tone and should be informative, valuable, and foremost ease your organization’s internal communication process. 

Take Feedbacks Frequently

Ask your employees what type of content they would like to see on digital screens. Their opinions will give better content ideas display on your digital screens which are also useful to them. Again, it will make them feel important, and their opinions are heard by the organization, which enhances internal communication.

Do Not Keep Your Screen Empty

If you want to make it a habit for your employees to check digital signage screens to get important information shared by organizations, make sure to use digital signages to display notices or information regularly. Your screen should also not look bland, use themes or beautiful graphics to make your digital screen look attractive. 

Make The Most Out Of Your Display With Studio

Upgrade your digital signage with the user-friendly Taggbox Display Studio to overcome all your display limitations and achieve maximum employee engagement at your organization

Schedule & arrange your display content with Studio’s seamless incorporation features, making the display screen worthwhile for the members of your organization. The studio is collaborative, so you get to seamlessly control your display content on multiple screens and make your reach boundless at your organization.

Final Words

That said, now it’s time for you to utilize the power of digital signages to advance your organization’s internal communication. It is effective, foolproof, and a result-driven method to enhance communication with employees. 

Many organizations find it challenging to build strong relationships with their employees. And it is obvious because high targets, deadlines, and less interaction with employees keep organizations away from building long-term rapport with their employees. 

Set up Digital Signages to enhance internal communication and build affinity with employees. Instead of employing older internal communication methods, leverage Digital Signages to establish healthy & effective internal communication mechanisms inside your organization. Moreover, the comprehensive Studio with its unique apps and features adds more value to your display.