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Top 11 Content Curation Tools to Use in 2024

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In the past few years, Content Curation has become much more than just gathering content from different sources. It is one of the most effective content marketing strategies and almost every brand is using content curation tools to implement it to enhance their digital presence. 

To make the most efficient use of content curation, there are different tools in the market that you can use. We have listed down some of the best content curation tools with some amazing features, for your brand.

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What is the Meaning of Content Curation?

Content Curation is defined as the process of finding and distributing content that a brand uses to engage more users. Content curation is an effective strategy to enhance your digital presence and maintain a good online reputation. When used strategically, content curation delivery can be vital for content marketing as the content curated helps in attracting an audience.

There are various practices that a brand can use for implementing content curation with perfection. These practices involve collecting diverse content, exploring multiple platforms, regularly tracking the performance of the process, etc.

One of the most important techniques of all is to use an appropriate content curation tool. With the right content curation tool, your brand can collect and publish the content best suited for your target audience.

Let’s explore some of the most effective and commonly used content curation tools around the globe. We have also listed down prominent parameters that you must consider while selecting a content curation tool.

Why is Content Curation important?

There are thousands of reasons that make a content curation tool important for any brand aiming for a market stronghold. Here is why implementing content curation can do wonders for your brand’s online presence. 

1. Time Saver

In an era when everything is passing by at such a fast pace, brands must understand the value of time to the fullest. Content curation helps a brand be updated with the latest trends without extensive research which generally takes time. Content creation is a time-consuming process because of research, design, etc. Curating content that has already been created can save a lot of time if the content found is relevant and engaging.

2. Resources

Another one of the major reasons why content curation is a key to successful marketing is the resources it provides. If you are a small brand, creating relevant content might need a lot of effort and workforce. Implementing content curation helps you skip this step while providing the same benefits. 

3. Keep up with the Trends

Content curation allows a brand to get the latest updates on industry trends by analyzing what people are talking about. You can curate content from your competitors to understand what is relevant in the market. The content from other publishers, blogs, and websites also helps the brand understand what they can implement for marketing growth.  

4. Brand Visibility

Curating relevant content helps the brand in SEO optimization and ranks higher in search results. Curating content regularly keeps your content fresh and hence makes it visible to more people, increasing traffic on the website.

5. Build Audience

Engaging the audience is the aim of every marketing strategy directly or indirectly. Curating trendy content and publishing it helps in attracting more users and eventually increases customer engagement. With strategic content curation, brands can gather content from different niches to gain a large diversity of clients.

Top Content Curation Tools to Use

1. Tagbox

Tagbox is a user-generated content platform designed to enhance content campaigns across diverse marketing channels. Offering unparalleled features, it enables users to discover, collect, curate, moderate, manage, and analyze content seamlessly. Whether for websites, digital displays, email campaigns, or events, Tagbox facilitates the integration of User-Generated Content into marketing efforts.

This content curation tool supports over 20 social media and digital platforms, including Instagram, X, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. Its advanced curation features allow users to identify the most relevant content with high-quality details from reliable sources. Noteworthy features of Tagbox include easy integration, UGC rights management, advanced content moderation, automatic content updates, and custom post addition.

the best content curation tool

Tagbox is a tool for brands and marketers seeking to amplify content marketing and audience engagement campaigns across different channels. With a suite of products providing end-to-end content marketing solutions, Tagbox has emerged as a comprehensive strategic content curation tool.

2. Pocket

Pocket offers a user-friendly solution for saving and accessing interesting web content seamlessly. Its concept revolves around the ability to spot intriguing articles while browsing and saving them to your Pocket account. This allows users to retrieve the saved content later from any device by simply logging into their Pocket account.

The functionality of Pocket extends to content curation, providing users with a clutter-free space to organize the curated material. This uncluttered area simplifies the process of collaboratively curating and sharing valuable content within a team.

best content curation tools

By utilizing Pocket’s features for content curation, individuals can efficiently gather noteworthy articles or web pages with their team, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. The platform’s accessibility across devices ensures that users can engage with their curated content at their convenience. This makes Pocket a versatile tool for professionals who prioritize collaboration and efficient content sharing in their workflows.

3. Feedly

Traditional RSS readers often present a significant challenge by inundating users with an overwhelming influx of content from all subscribed sites. The task of searching through this data for relevant information can be time-consuming. Feedly is a highly effective content curation tool that addresses this issue.

Feedly’s key strength lies in its ability to deliver targeted results, offering a more streamlined and personalized content consumption experience. Users can curate their feeds by adding specific websites they wish to follow. What sets Feedly apart is its integration of a virtual assistant that allows users to instruct it on their preferences. By teaching this assistant what content is valuable, users can refine their feed to showcase only the most relevant information.

feedly dashboard

This tailored approach to content curation not only enhances user experience but also saves time by eliminating manual searching. Feedly’s focus on user-centric customization makes it a valuable tool for individuals seeking an efficient way to stay informed.

4. Quuu

Quuu can take on the entire content curation process, offering a hassle-free solution for users preferring automation. Unlike some competing tools that may require more manual intervention, Quuu streamlines the content posting process. This is done by automatically selecting and posting the most relevant and engaging topics to your social media profiles.

The distinguishing feature of Quuu lies in its hands-free functionality. Users have the option to configure the tool to autonomously curate and post content that aligns with their interests. This level of automation is particularly beneficial for those who are looking to maintain a consistent presence on social media.

quuu dashboard

Quuu’s effectiveness is further enhanced when users combine its automated capabilities with their content creation efforts. By integrating user-generated content or original creations with Quuu’s automated suggestions, individuals can cultivate vibrant and diverse social media feeds. This combination of automated curation and user-generated content empowers users to maintain an impressive online presence across various social platforms.

5. Curata

In contrast to many other content curation tools, Curata distinguishes itself by placing a specific emphasis on social media. While it doesn’t neglect written content, Curata’s unique approach involves curating a diverse range of content. This allows brands to incorporate both social media elements and written materials. Curata’s hybrid strategy ensures that users benefit from a comprehensive and well-rounded content portfolio.

Curate’s focus on social media as a primary source of curated content aligns with the growing significance of social platforms. By centering its efforts on social media content, Curata recognizes the dynamic nature of information shared on these platforms. This allows users to stay current with trending topics and engage with their audience effectively.

content curation tools

Curata goes beyond content curation by providing seamless posting capabilities across various platforms, including social media channels and websites. This allows users to share their curated content effortlessly, enhancing their online presence across different mediums. 

6. Flipboard

Flipboard operates with the specific goal of curating noteworthy stories from across the internet. It offers users a centralized platform for diverse content consumption. Upon visiting the front page, individuals encounter a broad spectrum of articles spanning various topics, providing a comprehensive reading experience.

Flipboard present an opportunity for brands to establish a customized magazine similar to a newsletter or Pinterest board. This allows brands to curate content that aligns with their identity and appeals to their target audience. Once a custom magazine is created, Flipboard automatically incorporates stories that are relevant to the specified audience.

best content curation tools online

This curation process not only streamlines content management but also ensures that the content remains in line with the brand’s messaging. The ability to effortlessly add stories that resonate with the audience contributes to a dynamic and engaging brand presence.

7. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo stands out as a widely acclaimed and versatile content curation tool, making it a popular choice in the field. Serving as a multipurpose social media marketing tool, BuzzSumo offers a comprehensive set of features suitable for diverse users.

One of BuzzSumo’s key functionalities is its ability to provide valuable insights into the performance of your content. Users can easily assess which pieces of their content are gaining traction and resonating with the audience. This data-driven approach allows content creators and marketers to understand their strengths and capitalize on successful content strategies.

best content curation tool

BuzzSumo excels in keeping users informed about trending topics within their niche. By monitoring the latest trends, users gain the ability to curate new content that aligns with their overall marketing strategy. This dynamic feature ensures that users stay relevant and capitalize on the current interests of their target audience.

8. Scoop.it

Scoop.it offers a versatile content curation solution with two distinct versions catering to personal websites and businesses. Focusing on the business-oriented version, Scoop.it stands out as a powerful tool for marketing professionals. The platform integrates advanced AI tools that actively seek out high-quality content, curating it into a private area for business customers.

content curaiton tools

In the business version of Scoop.it, users enjoy a set of features allowing them to control the curated content. The content is presented in a private area where users can not only read it but also make edits. Scoop.it allows users to collaborate with team members, and ultimately decide what content to publish. This collaborative approach empowers brands to tailor curated content to their specific needs, ensuring relevance with their marketing strategies.

The AI-driven content discovery aspect enhances the efficiency of content curation, saving time and effort for marketing professionals. The ability to collaborate and make edits within the private area ensures that the curated content meets the desired standards.

9. UpContent

UpContent occupies a unique position among content curation tools, offering a level of automation that falls between two distinct categories. It leverages an AI-based content discovery functionality, providing users with an intelligent and efficient means of sourcing relevant content. Additionally, UpContent seamlessly integrates with various social media management tools, enhancing the overall user experience.

What sets UpContent apart is its flexibility in content curation. Unlike some tools that prioritize a custom storyboard, with UpContent users can control what is posted on their social media. This feature empowers users to curate and select content based on their preferences and the specific needs of their audience.

upcontent dashboard

The AI-driven content discovery aspect ensures that the content suggestions align with user-defined parameters and remain relevant to the target audience. By integrating with social media management tools, UpContent streamlines the process of sharing curated content across different platforms.

10. Triberr

Triberr distinguishes itself as a content-centric platform that empowers users to construct a dedicated community, known as a “tribe”. Primarily designed for professional bloggers, Triberr also recognizes the importance of content curation even for this specific category of brands. 

Triberr acknowledges that brands benefit from curating content to enhance their online presence and foster meaningful interactions within their community. The platform facilitates the discovery and sharing of relevant content among tribe members. This ultimately creates a collaborative environment where members can curate and discuss content aligned with their niche or industry.

triberr dashboard

Triberr offers a valuable opportunity for small brands to establish themselves by building a community around curated content. By leveraging the platform’s content curation features, brands can actively engage with their audience, and amplify their online presence.

11. Sniply

Despite being a conversion-focused platform, Sniply is a valuable addition to content curation strategies. It seamlessly integrates with content curation efforts to enhance user engagement and conversion rates. For instance, if you curate content for a monthly newsletter featuring industry-related articles, Sniply becomes a powerful ally.

Sniply allows you to strategically place a call-to-action (CTA) on the pages you link to in your newsletter. While sharing external content, you have the opportunity to overlay a personalized CTA redirecting users back to your content. By doing so, Sniply effectively turns curated content into a pathway for driving traffic and conversions to your website.

sniply dashboard

Sniply offers a unique way to leverage curated content not only to share information but also for active audience engagement. Sniply’s ability to integrate CTAs into curated content transforms it into a conversion opportunity. This makes the content curation process informative and strategically aligned with business goals.

Parameters to Choose the Best Content Curation Tools

Selecting the best content curation tool involves considering several crucial parameters to ensure that the chosen platform aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Here are key parameters to guide your decision:

1. Content Sources and Types

The sources being used for collecting content are prominent parameters that a brand must consider while selecting a tool. The content provided by the sources must align with the interests of the brand’s target audience.

2. Ease of Use

Another one of the major factors that impact the quality of a content curation tool is the ease of use. A tool with a lot of features is of no use if it is very complex to use. A brand must ensure that they understand the tool they use with ease. An easy-to-understand tool makes it convenient for all the brands to navigate through all its users.

3. Customization Options

A tool with customizable content curation allows brands to align the content as per the brand theme and interest. Tools like Tagbox, Feedly, and BuzzSumo allow users to personalize the content they collect.

4. Integration with Other Tools

A good content curation tool allows brands to ensure seamless integration with other essential tools. These tools include social media management platforms, analytics tools, or your website CMS. Compatibility with popular tools enhances the workflow efficiency of a tool, making it a better choice for a brand.

Benefits of Content Curation Tools 

benefits of content curation

Here are some of the key benefits that will explain why you should leverage them for your marketing campaigns.

1. Saves Time & Cost

When you are planning your campaigns, budget allocation & expenses are always a matter of concern. Content curation tools provide a perfect solution to this. 

With content curation tools, you can curate the best and most valuable content easily from anywhere based on your choices & preferences. This will help you save time & cost of constant content creation.

2. Diverse Content Hub With Vast Sources

Content diversity gets hugely affected when you create content as there are only limited minds at work with limited resources & creative perspectives. 

With content curation tools, you can easily curate content from vast sources be it social media platforms digital channels news feeds, or any other content-sharing platform. 

3. Audience Engagement Possibilities

Since, you are using the content curation tool to get the most trendy, engaging, and valuable content from diverse sources, it will help you increase your campaign’s audience engagement. 

Users will be interested in exploring the diverse content themes, topics, categories, information, etc. through one source motivating them to engage & interact with the content. 

4. Access To User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most authentic, reliable, and trustworthy form of content based on users’ real experiences & opinions about the brand & its products/services. 

Social media & digital platforms are a hub of UGC that you can curate with content curation tools and leverage in your campaigns to build trust, boost conversions, showcase brand advocacy, etc. 

5. Better Conversion & Customer Acquisition

Content curation tools can help you with your content marketing campaigns to boost your conversion rate and magnify your customer acquisition possibilities. 

Users are hungry for engaging content which is why social media is so popular and when you will bring the best content to your audience, it will help you capture their interest & turn them into customers. 


The landscape of content curation tools in 2024 offers a diverse array of options to enhance your brand’s digital presence. As highlighted in the exploration of various tools it was found that tools bring unique strengths to the table.  

In conclusion, Content curation offers several benefits in marketing like saving time, providing valuable resources, keeping up with trends, etc. These tools serve as indispensable allies in achieving these goals, offering features like AI-driven content discovery, customization options, etc.