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Best Content Curation Tools for 2022

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This is a comprehensive guide for content curation tools that will explore the depths of the following topics: technologies

Getting started with it, the content marketing & consumption landscape has changed a lot in recent years. 

You can see we are surrounded by digital devices that are filled with content around innumerable topics. 

But what has also changed is how consumers consume content, what content they engage with, how they evaluate the content, the subjective value of content, and much more.

So, content curation has emerged in present times as the perfect solution for marketers & brands to deliver the best content to capture their audience’s attention, engagement, and profitable results. 

What Is Content Curation?

Taggbox defines that “Content curation is the strategic process of discovering, evaluating, collecting, curating, and managing the content from different content sources into a single content hub with the help of digital intelligence & technology to fulfil a particular objective or agenda.”

Think of it with an example, let’s say that you like to collect candies. 

So, you go out searching for and exploring the best candies and at the end of the day, out of the 100s of flavors, you bought 20 flavors of candy that you love from 10 different stores. 

Similarly, content curation is about finding the best flavors of content from social media & digital platforms that can help your brand to engage, delight, add value, and deliver valuable information to the audience. 

Content Curation Vs. Content Aggregation 

There have been a lot of complexities and confusion around the real difference between what is content aggregation and curation or how they are different. 

Content Aggregation means just collecting the already available content from social media and digital platforms into a content feed. It does not filter or edit or moderate the content but just brings together a feed of content. 

Content Curation differs from content aggregation in that it is a wider ecosystem than aggregation where you strategically collect & moderate content to make it more specific, valuable, and goal-driven. 

Both of these tactics are useful for marketers as the initial part is the same where they both collect content but the content curation gains an edge over aggregation when it comes to the value & aesthetics of the content.

Content aggregation can be understood as part of content curation and you need content curation tools for your content marketing strategies. 

Content Marketing With Content Curation Tools

The content marketing ecosystem has come a long way in recent times with a paradigm shift from branded promotional content to consumer-centric valuable content. 

Marketers and brands are constantly investing time, money, & efforts to create content that is valuable & engaging for the users. 

Many businesses, in the long run, get drained of creative energies and are unable to generate rich content for their audiences. Here, this problem can be eased with the help of content curation tools.

Instead of wasting resources in content creation, content curation tools help in curating the most relevant, useful, and authentic content to the users from a diverse & creative range of digital content.

For your content marketing efforts, you can use content curation tools to curate content and modify it to align with your goals and still be informative, engaging, and reliable. 

Content Curation Tools For Brands In 2022

1. Taggbox Smart Curation

Taggbox Smart Curation is a product of Taggbox powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning along with peerless features & functionalities to discover, collect, curate, moderate, manage, and analyze the content. 

content curation tools 2020

This content curation tool for social media lets you curate content from over 15 social media & digital platforms including the likes of Instagram, LinkedIn, RSS, Yelp reviews, Google reviews, Yammer, etc. 

The advanced curation features let you identify the most relevant content with high-quality details, reliable sources, etc. Here are some of the features of Taggbox Smart Curation tool:

  • Strategic content curation from different sources
  • Easy integration with social media & digital platforms
  • UGC rights management for content ownership
  • Advanced content moderation & management 
  • Automatic content update to your curated content feed
  • Add custom posts and sponsored content 
  • Wide variety of customization options like themes, designs

It is a perfect choice for brands and marketers to magnify their content marketing and audience engagement campaigns across different channels. 

The suite of products along with a content curation makes it a tool with end-to-end content marketing & digital campaign solutions. 

2. Pocket

Pocket is a content curation app for the audiences mainly where it brings the content from different sources around different topics, industries, themes, etc. into a feed based on your likings & interests. 

best content curation tools

This is a tool that is based on an Application interface that users can download on their devices. 

It brings all the amazing & informative articles, stunning images, engaging videos, etc. into a single feed for the ease of the audience. You can save the content for later or share it with others through social media sharing. 

There are various features like ‘read it later’ or grouping content using tags or integration with other apps. So, it makes the Pocket a perfect content curation tool for the audiences for their dose of diverse information. 

3. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best content curation tools that works as a news and information aggregator giving you the opportunity to access the latest & best content from your preferred online content resources. 

content curation tool

You can integrate content from platforms like RSS feeds, mashable, NY Times, etc. Again, it is a tool mainly for the audiences to access and explore information like newspapers. 

The tool is available for both mobile and desktop along with a user-friendly design and secured access to private content. 

You can integrate this tool with Evernote, Trello, office, etc. Besides, you also have social sharing options and features like saving content for later, etc. 

4. Curata

Curata is a dedicated content curation tool for the marketers & brands to accommodate their digital solutions relating to the content. You can “discover, collect, & curate content from around the web”

content curaiton tools

It is an exhaustive tool that lets you discover & curate content from diverse content platforms. You can find content relevant to your campaigns and interests of your target audience. 

The tool lets you filter content to maintain quality and relevancy along with dynamic adaptability to your content preferences. 

Additional features include content curation review, content management, custom content integration, self-learning recommendations, social media sourcing, etc. 

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is a robust content curation tool that brings together the valuable and trending content from thousands of content sources into your Flipboard feed. 

best content curation tools online

You can choose your content sources, topics of interest, categories, etc. to automatically create a personalized content stream with engaging articles, news stories, blog posts, websites, etc. 

This is a tool mainly for the audience but you can use it to create your own content resource or magazine where the other users can follow you for valuable content & information.

The tools offer peerless personalization, social sharing options, user engagement functionality, seamless interface, and excellent content curation source. 

6. is a social media aggregator and content curation tool designed for businesses for their content marketing solutions. It also has the features and functionalities of a content curation tool.

With Juicer, you can integrate multiple social media platforms to curate content from these platforms using hashtags, profiles, etc. into your social media feed. 

The tool offers options to enable automatic updates, filter content to remove unwanted or irrelevant content, unlimited social media feed, content customization features, etc. 

There are various plans and pricing options offered by Juicer and you can choose plans according to your content curation needs & budget. 

7. Elfsight

Elfsight is also a content curation tool that is mainly known for it’s website widgets that lets you curate content from social media platforms and embed it on to your website. 

With Elfsight, you can curate content from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb reviews, Amazon reviews, Facebook reviews, Whatsapp chat, and many more. 

In terms of content caution diversity, this is the best tool with innumerable integration possibilities. You can curate content based on your preferences & objectives from these platforms.

You have features like content feed customization, automatic content curation to the feed, shoppable content, content moderation with advanced filtering, etc. 

8. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a unique content curation tool designed for marketers and especially the content marketers identify the opportunities around content, trending topics, and much more. 

best content curation tool

With Buzzsumo, you can curate the best content around a particular keyword or topic or category. It will give you the results along with their engagement insights, shares, impressions, and more valuable information. 

There are endless filters to conduct research and curate content like using demographics, language, guest posts, articles, country, domains, filter by time, and more such filters. 

Using this tool, the marketers can conduct their research, formulate their content strategies, and make recommendations. 

9. is a popular content curation tool that provides you the option to discover, select, edit, and distribute content. So, you can research & publish the best content on different channels. 

content curaiton tools

You can find and curate content from different sources like social media networks, web platforms, etc. You can even publish pages of your curate content & share it with your audience. 

The additional features include automatic content monitoring, generate private content curation hubs, integrate social media content resources, generate relevant content, and daily topic updates. 

There are different plans with variable pricing so you can evaluate the features you need and choose the plan. 

Benefits of Content Curation Tools 

Here are some of the key benefits that will explain why you should leverage it for your brand & campaigns. 

1. Saves Time & Cost

When you are planning your campaigns, budget allocation & expenses are always a matter of concern. Content curation tools provide a perfect solution to this. 

With content curation tools, you can curate the best and most valuable content easily from anywhere based on your choices & preferences. This will help you save time & cost of constant content creation.

2. Diverse Content Hub With Vast Sources

Content diversity gets hugely affected when you create content as there are only limited minds at work with limited resources & creative perspectives. 

With content curation tools, you can easily curate content from vast sources be it social media platforms or digital channels or news feeds or any other content sharing platform. 

3. Audience Engagement Possibilities

Since, you are using the content curation tool to get the most trendy, engaging, and valuable content from diverse sources, it will help you increase your campaign’s audience engagement. 

As users will be interested to explore the diverse content themes, topics, categories, information, etc. through one source motivating them to engage & interact with the content. 

4. Access To User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most authentic, reliable, and trustworthy form of content based on users’ real experiences & opinions about the brand & its products/services. 

Social media & digital platforms are a hub of UGC that you can curate with content curation tools and leverage it in your campaigns to build trust, boost conversions, showcase brand advocacy, etc. 

5. Better Conversion & Customer Acquisition

Content curation tools can help you with your content marketing campaigns to boost your conversion rate and magnify your customer acquisition possibilities. 

Users are hungry for engaging content that is why social media is so popular and when you will bring the best content to your audience, it will help you capture their interest & turn them into customers. 

Future Implications With Content Curation 

Content curation is a trending strategy among the brands & marketers although it is a relatively new technology. 

Rightly so, as it offers great benefits around content marketing & audience engagement that aren’t possible with branded content. 

These content curation tools are industry-leaders so you can choose the best out of best tools that fit your budget, serves your content objectives, and provides services for scalability & result-driven campaigns.


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