20 Content Marketing Strategy Insights For 2021

Moving into 2021, the content marketing trends are changing significantly, and it requires a systematic & thoughtful content marketing strategy that will bring distinctive yet resourceful content performance.  Marketers globally have started viewing content as their brand’s pivotal asset and plan to expand their spending on content marketing. Still, the challenge they are facing is […]

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Holiday Marketing With User-generated Content That Brings In Success

Wondering what is the right time to execute one of your best marketing strategies?  It’s when people are in the holiday mood, looking to spend their money on gifts and other products. That’s what Winters do to people – the holiday mood, Christmas, New year, Black Friday day sales, etc. As a marketer, you don’t […]

8 minute read

Content Marketing Trends: 6 Types of Content To Drive Brand Success

As Andrew Davis said — “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” The quote perfectly explains why content is so crucial in today’s age where the consumers do not entertain promotional valueless content; instead, they are looking for value-driven purposeful content. In today’s blog post we will be focusing on such content marketing trends for […]

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User-Generated Content & The Hospitality Industry: An Incredible Marketing Strategy

The hospitality industry is majorly consumer-centric, where the success of the business is dependent on the experiences and satisfaction of the customers with a business. Therefore, it becomes essential that hospitality marketing is also focusing on delivering value and motivational elements to the consumers that will drive consumers to the business.  So, let’s understand what […]

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Amazing Halloween Marketing Campaigns With Creative Ideas

“Magic Of The Night, Pumpkins Glow By Moonlight” Halloween – a celebration of haunting emotions filled with excitement & creativity, is the start to a long festive season where the buzz around shopping, holidays, travel, family reunion, and most importantly – gift sharing & experiences is rising high among the people.  This season presents a […]

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How User-Generated Content Can Boost Brand Loyalty In E-Commerce Sector

“Ever wondered how a shopper while making an online purchase looks for a helping hand just to get the feel of approval? In the E-commerce industry that helping hand is user-generated content for any user.” Yes! You heard it right. UGC is no more just a nice tag along for the e-commerce industry, rather it […]

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Content Marketing Automation – 5 Best Tools To Do It Perfectly

Setting up the perfect content creation funnel isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Whether you work as an independent blogger or as an international company representative, content marketing automation should be one of your priorities. Automated (or semi-automated) content marketing research and production can help free up some of your precious time and resources. According […]

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How to Utilize User Generated Content (UGC) in Business Marketing

We understand that for any business, planning a successful marketing strategy can take a lot of work and effort, which can be really difficult at times. The marketers should have a clear idea of their objectives & deliverables only then they can plan a creative marketing strategy for achieving results. Through our extensive research & […]

10 minute read

9 Best Ideas To Increase Website Engagement With User-Generated Content

Gone are the days of conventional marketing and advertisements! Marketing strategies have evolved from stacked photos to consumers uploaded real content bringing along the authenticity factor and the social proof from customers itself. Roughly, 30% of the time millennials spend consuming all media is spent on User Generated Content(UGC). They find UGC as a great […]

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