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Top TikTok Marketing Tools in 2024

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TikTok is an exceptional social media platform with the power of short video marketing for brands and marketers. With a user base of over 1.5 billion, this platform lets you create engaging videos of 3 to 10 minutes. TikTok has become part of every brand’s product promotion, from small businesses to large MNCs. Furthermore, with the correct TikTok marketing tools, you can make the most of it for online marketing campaigns.

Let’s look into some of the statistics to understand the marketing benefits of TikTok. 

  • 58% of users take shopping inspiration via TikTok.
  • Today, TikTok has 40.5% more shoppers currently than in 2022. 
  • A 67% increase in purchasers is estimated through TikTok by 2026. 

Strengthen your marketing strategy with the power of TikTok to achieve better reach and growth.

Stay hooked to learn more about the TikTok marketing tools that, with the correct strategy, can help you achieve your marketing goals and seamlessly beat the competition.

TikTok Marketing Tools

We all know TikTok is a spirited platform with numerous users creating interactive viral short videos. It has evolved and is an excellent platform for businesses to craft successful campaigns. TikTok marketing tools are an exceptional solution that helps businesses optimize their platform presence. 

These tools handle many functionalities, including ad creation, influencer collaboration, content optimization, and analytics. Choosing from so many options for TikTok marketing tools can be very confusing. Hence, we have curated a list of the best ones to eliminate confusion. 

1. Tagbox

top tiktok marketing tool

Tagbox is the most innovative TikTok marketing tool on the list, helping businesses boost their content strategy. It lets you create an intelligent TikTok widget that curates and collects content directly from the personal account or post URL. Further, by creating a Tagbox widget, you can seamlessly embed TikTok videos on the website, boosting its capabilities to engage and convert. 

Embed Tiktok Videos on Your Website Automatically🚀

The TikTok marketing tool offers personalization and customization features. Businesses can use these features to design widgets that match their branding. 

  • Users can choose their preferred layout, themes, and other elements from numerous options. 
  • Tagbox comes with the option of moderation, both manual and automatic. 
  • For manual moderation, you must check the box “manually approve posts before making them public.” This lets you moderate content according to the targeted audience. 
  • After deselecting the box, your new connections will automatically be approved and publicly displayed on the website. 
  • Tagbox offers valuable insights into audience behavior, content metrics, and more. The data shows how to improve campaign performance and maximize ROI. 

2. Hootsuite

tiktok marketing tools

The next tool on the list is Hootsuite, a social media management tool. Hootsuite automates your TikTok posting schedule. Using Hootsuite’s scheduling tool, you can schedule all your TikTok posts in advance, which saves you time and is productive.

Hootsuite’s smart dashboard makes it easy to schedule your TikTok posts; moreover, you can answer comments seamlessly. Another good feature of Hootsuite is that it can recommend the preferred time of posting and schedule it accordingly for maximum engagement. This tool also provides insights into the effectiveness of your TikTok marketing campaign. 

3. Iconosquare

bestest tiktok marketing tool

Iconsquare is the versatile TikTok marketing tool on the list. It lets users manage every aspect of their TikTok marketing efforts. The tool offers a centralized dashboard where you can connect to multiple social media platforms, including TikTok. 

This TikTok marketing tool has all-in-one characteristics. It plans your content, schedules them, manages accounts on TikTok, and also does competitor analysis it has. This tool provides you with TikTok analytics that help you understand your brand’s performance and engagement on the platform. This tool doesn’t let you miss out on any comments and offers better engagement with all your followers. 

4. Loomly 

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Loomly, the TikTok marketing tool comes with multiple features, such as scheduling TikTok posts, publishing content, measuring, and more. It is very easy to connect Loomly with your TikTok account. 

Other than scheduling and posting content, Loomly also notifies you about the time of publication. Loomly has other features, such as the calendar organization of your TikTok post. It includes a list, calendar view, and master calendar view. Moreover, based on trending topics, Loomly helps you find trending posts and ad ideas. This tool also helps you to maintain the workflow in your organization

5. Analisa

tiktok marketing tool

Tracking the analytics of branded TikTok videos is crucial and easy with the TikTok analytic tool Analisa. This is a good solution that provides the specific need for TikTok analytics. Marketers, brands, agencies, etc., mostly use this TikTok analytic tool to get better competitor data. 

Further, this tool provides you with trending ideas for your TikTok. Regarding its features, you don’t need to work on spreadsheets. This tool can create visually appealing analytics reports in PDF and CSV format. It can also identify the audience per gender and age, as well as social insights and data of posts. 

6. SocialPilot

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If you are looking for a cost-friendly TikTok marketing tool, SocilaPilot is the ideal solution for you. If you are a business, you can leave all your work related to your TikTok account on SocialPilot. It can seamlessly manage your multiple social media accounts, including TikTok. It can schedule posts, improve engagement, and analyze the results of the posts. 

SocialPilot comes with the features to schedule and create multiple TikTok videos simultaneously. This tactic will be fruitful for your business if you want to expand your brand reach. Managing multiple accounts on TikTok is also easy with the SocialPilot tool. You can also match the URL of your videos with the URL-shortening feature of SocialPilot.

7. Social Champ

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Looking for a tool that smartly manages your TikTok organically? Then there is the handy TikTok marketing tool Social Champ. Staying organized and seeing your TikTok grow is relatively easy. Social Champ focuses on easy publication and audience engagement and looks into the analytics of your TikTok videos. 

Social Champ’s tool makes it easy to schedule posts and videos. All tasks can be done easily from its single dashboard. Seamlessly schedule multiple TikTok videos at a time, post them, and monitor them. This allows you to maintain an easy workflow in the organization. 

8. Keyhole

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If you are using TikTok for your marketing,, then staying updated with the latest updates and creating videos accordingly is crucial. Keyhole’s smart TikTok marketing tool monitors trends and the latest updates on TikTok to keep up with the competition. Marketers can use that data to craft great videos for their TikTok on demand.

Keyhole also helps brands automate the whole process of scheduling to publish their TikTok videos. This tool monitors analytics and tracks hashtags to provide brands with better reach. Keyhole also measures the results of collaborations and campaigns.

9. SocialBee

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Even before you start your marketing campaign on TikTok, correct planning is crucial for steadily achieving your goals. The SocialBee TikTok marketing tool helps you plan your campaign. With just a few clicks, it can plan your whole content. 

Further, you can create a posting calendar with SocialBee to seamlessly align your TikTok videos. It automatically previews your upcoming posts on TikTok and, as per the data plan, when to post them. Moreover, the AI feature of SocialBee can craft a functioning content plan in a few minutes. 

10. Planable

planable tiktok marketing tool

A Planable TikTok marketing tool dedicated to managing the publication of your TikTok content helps businesses be consistent and upload high-quality TikTok posts.

Forget about those spreadsheets to manage your TikTok campaigns. Be error-free and take automatic action to export all your performance data in an appealing report with a few clicks. You can also customize your TikTok content with Planable. Planable also comes with a flexible scheduling option and content viewing options like feed view, calendar view, and more. 

11. Planly

planly marketing tool

Planly TikTok marketing tool is here which is one of the well-known social media management platforms. This tool is known for easily categorizing posts, videos, and multiple channels. With the help of this tool, you can forget the hassle of posting at a particular time. Planly automates the content publication, scheduling them to post at the correct time. 

Now, forget the hassle of managing your clients and posting tasks simultaneously. With Planly, you can merge all your tasks into a single dashboard. Calendar management, posting schedules, and monitoring analytics can all be managed from the same place. 

12. BrandWatch

brandwatch tiktok marketing tool

For a consistent increase in your brand’s engagement on the TikTok platform, the BrandWatch management platform has shown its potential. This TikTok marketing tool smartly manages every aspect of your TikTok profile. 

The tool BrandWatch will research your target audience and hashtags that resonate with your content and define the correct theme. It will also analyze your audience’s reaction to particular posts. This tool is also capable of collecting the contents of TikTok and letting you repurpose them. 

13. TikTok Promote

tiktok promote

TikTok Promote is the in-house tool of the TikTok platform that amplifies the reach of your TikTok videos by using them as paid ads. This tool helps you invest in paid marketing on TikTok. When you transform from organized TikTok marketing to paid one, all your existing videos will get a boost. 

The TikTok Promote tool sets specific goals to achieve by promoting your TikTok videos. The objective of this tool can be achieved with the help of the TikTok algorithm. The tool TikTok Promote scrutinizes the audience’s data to understand the type of audience engaging after promoting the videos. This will help brands in the future and will run paid ads remembering the data.

14. TikTok Pixel

tiktok pixel

In the former points, we talk about the tool that helps you publish paid videos on TikTok. So, you have started to run ads using that tool but tracing the ads is similarly important. TikTok Pixel can seamlessly keep track of your running ads. You will then identify how positively the ad is impacting your brand and website. 

With the pixel tool, you can study the number of people who are transforming them from TikTok to your website.  This tool is easy to use and you can invest 10 dollars that help your TikTok profile to reach more than 1000 views. 

How to Choose the Best TikTok Marketing Tools?

In this competitive market, you need to work with marketing goals that satisfy your marketing efforts. If you have chosen TikTok for your marketing campaign must choose the correct marketing tool to witness effective marketing results. Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing your marketing tool. 

  1. Know your marketing goals

You must start your TikTok marketing campaign with clear sets of objectives. Your goals can be like boosting brand awareness, driving more traffic, boosting sales, and more. Focusing on such goals choose the TikTok marketing tool that serves your needs. Moreover, each tool comes with its key specifications also consider checking them before proceeding. 

  1. Feature of the tool

Check the features of different tools that come under multiple categories like content creation, posting & scheduling, analytics, and collaboration. 

  1. Must be userfriendly

The TikTok marketing tool you are choosing must offer ease of use. The tool must come with an intuitive interface, is easy to operate, and must not slow down your workflow. 

  1. Worth the value

Budget is an important element to consider for businesses in this market. So, evaluate the price of each TikTok marketing tool to see which is under your budget. Find a tool among various options for your business that is value for the money. 

Use the best TikTok Marketing Tool Now!

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It’s 2024 and your smart move can help your business to successfully stay at the top in the sea of competition. One of the smart ways to spread strong brand awareness and achieve better reach is TikTok marketing. 

Utilizing the power of TikTok marketing tools, say bye-bye to unnecessary struggle. 

You now know the best tools to get the best out of your TikTok content, its time to choose the one that suits your marketing requirements the best.