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Social Media Listening: What, Why and How to Do It

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Do you think of your audience or try to listen to them before making any decision, or Do you try to solve their issues? Well, the list of such questions ends here as some more questions need to be answered. Therefore this brings us to the concept of “Social Media Listening.”

In this blog, we will enlighten you about Social Media Listening, why it is essential for brands, its tools, how it works, etc. 

An Overview of Social Media Listening

The need to keep an eye on the ongoing trends that let you make better marketing decisions has introduced Social Media Listening.

When you take the help of social media platforms to know and analyze what kind of conversations are going on around your brand (not only via mentions and hashtags) or what are the latest trends that are hitting the marketing world, then this activity is known as Social Media Listening or Social Listening.

Starbucks Social Media campaign

Brands can then use these insights to improve content strategy, build a powerful influencer program, discover opportunities, and even more.

In short, you can learn why, where, and how social conversations are happening by indulging in Social Listening. 

But there’s one thing that most marketers don’t know about social listening, which is understanding keywords.

Yes, you read it right!

That is why you need to have basic knowledge of the essential keywords. And just in case you don’t want to forget them, write all the appropriate keywords down.

social media listening keywords

You can also take help from Google’s Keyword Planner to research keywords. 

Remember, it’s never too late to start with social listening, so monitor the online buzz related to your brand.

Reasons to Leverage Social Listening for Brands

1. Social Listening Encourage Audience Engagement

Social Listening Encourage Audience Engagement

Social listening acts as an excellent way for brands to engage with new as well as existing customers.

For example, the global brand Nike has an entire Twitter account to solve customer support issues, both by direct replies and by addressing a trend.

2. Social Listening Identify Influencers

Social Listening Identify Influencers

One of the best things about social listening is that it lets you discover the important people or influencers you can connect with. 

They are the people who naturally act as advocates for your brand, therefore say great things about your products & services on your social media platforms. 

So, you should monitor the social conversation and reach out to these influencers for further business opportunities.

3. Social Listening Results in New Opportunities

Rather than merely monitoring the customers’ complaints, you can start social listening to find relevant solutions for such problems. The more you will listen to the outer conversations, the better opportunities you will get.

4. Social Listening Boosts Purchase

Social Listening Boosts Purchase

Social media audiences are highly attracted to interesting yet useful content. 

And brands bombarding the customers with engaging content not only get their attention but also enjoy high customer acquisition. Better focus on the potential customers that appreciate your content. 

And to discover and target this type of audience, you can rely on social media listening software

As soon as you find content with your brand mentions, shares, posts, etc., you can create ultimate content complementing the customers’ needs.

5. Social Listening Track Brand’s Growth

Indulging in social listening is a great way to know about the recent incidents like scandals etc. and research what the people are doing and talking about. 

For instance, if your brand experiences negative reviews or comments, it can decrease sales, followers, and other marketing metrics.

How to Use Social Listing to Improve the Following

Brand health

Knowing about both the positives and negatives associated with your brand is the best thing you can do to improve your brand’s health to a great extent. 

And to do so, you need to brand’s need to listen to all the social conversations and give answers for them;

  1. What customers think or feel about your brand or products?
  2. What type of content do they share more about your products and services?
  3. Does my social audience align with other channels? and more?

While on the other side, the benefits you get when you indulge in social listening are identifying customer complaints, feedback, the general belief around your brand, and more. 

This way, you can make robust strategies that bring the customers’ attention to your brand and focus on targeted marketing to improve your brand’s health accordingly.

Event Monitoring

taggbox wedding wall Event Monitoring

For the popularity of any event, conference, etc., hashtags are vital as they help marketers to promote the topic they are covering. 

Therefore, with the help of social listening tools, you can have a neat idea of the hashtags used most by the audiences frequently. 

This way, you can get a bigger picture of how your event is performing and which areas need your attention so that your business can taste better opportunities.

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How Taggbox Helps You Do Indulge in Social Listening?

Social listening tools helps you get an idea of the conversations and trends revolving around your brand. Also, you get to know about other aspects of online marketing.

Out of so many such tools, Taggbox is one of the most popular ones because of the kind of significant features and robust experience it offers to the brands. 

It is a UGC platform that collects valuable user-generated content from diverse social media platforms via hashtags, mentions, handles, and curating it into a single beautiful feed. 

This single-feed is known as Social Wall, which can be displayed on digital signages in any event within a few minutes. The best part about Taggbox is its features that are mentioned below:

  • Themes & Customization: It helps in applying various themes, banners, backgrounds, font sizes & colors, etc. on your raw content.
Taggbox Social Media wall Customization
  • Moderation Panel: You can also eliminate the unwanted content to maintain the quality of your social media wall more attractive and engaging.
social Media Moderation
  • Real-time Updates: Taggbox’s real-time updates give you the power to showcase your social media feeds in real-time.
  • Content-Play: You can play a social wall with images & videos including live-videos in split-screen using Content Play.
  • Compatibility with Different Digital Signages & Display Solutions: Taggbos’s social wall is compatible with almost every digital signage solutions such as EnPlug, Novi Sign, Rise Vision, etc. In addition to this, you can also display your social wall on digital solutions like Jumbotrons, Projectors, etc.

But the main feature through which brands can indulge in social listening is the Insightful Analytics feature.  It not only helps in gaining the following insights including;

  • Social wall
  • Handles with the most engagement
  • Handles with most posts related to your brand
  • Influential contributors
  • Most active users, and more

But also let you ‘LISTEN’ to the user-generated content for your brand, that you aggregate from multiple social media sources (via mentions, handles, etc.) and display on a single platform like digital signages.


You can use this report to generate reports and keep track of how your social media content is performing and perform the tactic of Social Listening.

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