Learn How McGill Used Taggbox To Boost Their Audience Engagement

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McGill University is one of Canada’s most trusted institutes for higher learning and one among the best world-renowned universities.

Recently, McGill(Research and Innovations) hosted its annual Award Ceremony BRAVO2019 to honor its faculty members and researchers for their outstanding researches.

Displaying Moderated Social Media Content

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This year, the event organizing team decided to incorporate social media marketing for making their event something people remembers for days.

Displaying Twitter posts on a digital screen using a Twitter Wall seemed the most appropriate idea.

Initially, displaying relevant and appropriate social media content seemed impossible to the team handling social media marketing as their event hashtag was fetching content from sources that were irrelevant for their award functions.

They found moderating the huge bulk of Twitter feeds really daunting. Separating their event-related tweets from those that were irrelevant for their event. Changing the hashtag was not an option as they had to stick to their hashtag, the award function being an annual one.

How Taggbox Was Useful?

What could be done? The event managing team at McGill was looking for a social media tool that could aggregate their live twitter feed smoothly and at the same time filter out the irrelevant content from their feeds being displayed on the Twitter wall.

But as soon as they realized the power of the moderation panel of Taggbox, they were relieved as now they could easily filter out the irrelevant content and prevent it from displaying at the event, both manually and automatically.

Guess what? Taggbox was their ultimate solution to boost audience engagement at their event. As attendees posted selfies and fun moments on Twitter using hashtag #Bravo2019, selected posts appeared on the live hashtag feed in real-time. The audience at the event loved seeing themselves up on the digital screen as their name was being announced for the awards. They loved how the waterfall theme further enhanced the way tweets were being displayed in an engaging manner to the audience.

Taggbox Passed With Flying Colors

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Bravo Award Ceremony is an annual event hosted by McGill Research and Innovation wing. This year the audience engagement at the award ceremony was highly boosted since the attendees loved seeing their Twitter posts being displayed on the social wall.

“ Taggbox was really awesome for our event. It is really easy-to-use and amazingly visually attractive. It’s really prompt and robust backend support is a great help. My Director was truly happy about how well it turned out for our event. We are most likely to choose Taggbox again for our event next year.

(Communications Associate, McGill University)

Why Should You Consider Taggbox For Your Campus?

Today, Taggbox is used as a social media aggregator and display solution for not just events but also websites, conferences, convocations, seminars, etc. It encourages students, campus faculties, community members, partners, and other stakeholders to join in the conversation.

Here are the ways in which you can use Taggbox Social Walls at your education institutes-

  • On Your Official Website’s Home Screen

You could always embed a social wall on the homepage of the official website of your educational institute and showcase social proof to the visitors of your website about the quality of education, infrastructure, environment, campus facilities, the way students live and interact at your campus, and all other such factors that generate social trust and makes your visitor want to be a part of your institute.

  • Dedicated Social Webpage

You could also dedicate a social webpage on your website to display the social life at your campus. The extra-curricular activities, fun events, classroom life, hostel life, surroundings, and other such images, videos, and other social media posts that your students and faculties post on social media about your campus. All this attracts the website visitors towards your institute further.

  • Taggbox For Office Receptions

You could always install Taggbox social wall at your educational institute’s reception or welcome lobbies to showcase the achievements of your students and faculties.

  • Taggbox For Campus Canteen

A social wall installed in your college canteen showing moments of student life on the big digital screen fetched from the social media posts of your students from multiple social media platforms using your institute dedicated hashtag always keeps a good vibe flowing among the students and the faculty members.

  • Taggbox For Campus Events

A social media wall for events with customization, curation, moderation, and analytics features is always a good addition for marketing and promoting your campus events and attracting sponsors, attendees, and the required fame to the campus events. Taggbox fits all kinds of campus events- conferences, convocations, seminars, concerts, tournaments, debates, discussions, and others.

  • Taggbox For Sports Tournaments

You could always install Taggbox for sports events making your social interactions to embark greater heights as the game does by displaying the plentiful of social media updates being generated during the tournament, live over a social media wall. This provides an interactive experience to the in-house audience and gathers a greater audience on social media channels through the consistent generation of live user-generated content.

Try Taggbox Social Wall for Your Next Event

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