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    How to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

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    The century has witnessed the upcoming of digital media as a significant form of world in its own. In the present time, virtual platforms possess a stage, a solution and a social media network for almost every human requirement. First emerged as a base to socialize, the world wide web now possess a number of social media networks which allow us to share views, find career opportunities, communicate and interact with various groups of society and sometimes just to have fun.

    One amazing platform out of the many is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is widely estimated as a job-hunting platform or a tool to be used during recruitment phase of the business. Well, as it does cater to the above-mentioned factors but LinkedIn is actually much more than that.

    As per some statistical data, around 65 million renowned business professional are gathered onto this one platform. Evidently, most of the LinkedIn network is made up of highest decision making authorities of various profitable enterprises from all over the world. The platform promotes professional networking. Thus, considering all of this, LinkedIn is the platform which brings the most influential people of all streams and market in one place. Undoubtedly, it can help businesses to grow in various aspects. One major way by which businesses can capitalize upon LinkedIn for better returns is for Business Marketing. It offers multiple subscription options for Marketers like LinkedIn premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Investment of efforts is all that is needed to make LinkedIn help you in increase in conversion rates such as generating leads, making contacts, instill brand awareness,

    1). Classify Targeted customers and Conducive Connections.

    targeted audience

    In the domain of business marketing through LinkedIn, classifying target audience is an unparalleled phenomenon. You can build specific connections with or communities of people who fall into your desired target audience. Since, every profile on LinkedIn consists of every single detail about the work, occupation, lifestyle, Etc. of an individual; therefore, doing a classification of your LinkedIn audience would not be a tedious task. Instead, the result can be very specific. Focusing on a specific type of profiles, you can construct your marketing campaigns around the ideologies and requirement of the audience. This allows the brand to connect with their customers and create long-term impact. Also, build significant connections. The people you follow, the people who follow your brand, and your LinkedIn intro message can invariably affect the brand presence.

    Furthermore, LinkedIn outreach plays a pivotal role in expanding your network and initiating valuable conversations. By leveraging LinkedIn automation tools, businesses can streamline their outreach process, ensuring they connect with the right audience without spending excessive time on manual tasks. These tools help in automating connection requests, follow-ups, and personalized messages, making the entire process more efficient. With consistent and strategic outreach, brands can enhance their visibility and foster meaningful relationships on the platform.

    Alternatively, you can utilize LinkedIn email finder tools to collect the email addresses of your LinkedIn prospects and reach them out through personalized emails.

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    2). Build up your profile and conduct your brand presence.

    Linkedin profile

    To create a significant brand presence on LinkedIn, it is important to have an attractive business profile. Your brand profile should be regularly updated and remain consistently active over the platform. This ensures recognition of the brand. Develop a company profile page, add good quality visual content to the profile, add significant information to your profile’s summary page, connect it to your website and keep it as active as all other social media profiles of your business. Always ensure that your LinkedIn profile is active. A brand’s profile which is updated once in months is worse than not having a brand profile on LinkedIn at all.

    3). Customize your LinkedIn URL.


    A specific LinkedIn URL is your brand’s Specific LinkedIn identity. We have witnessed brand disgusting their clients by posting unreasonably irrelative URLs. With the LinkedIn’s feature, it is very simple to create a customized LinkedIn URL for your brand. If your business requires B2B marketing, we recommend you to surely create a customized URL as it improvises your brand visibility over LinkedIn and various search engines.

    4). Curate Quality Content and Capitalize on Sponsored feeds.

    When we ask you to post quality content, what we really mean by the quality of content is that it should be able to serve your reader. Quality content majorly has two targets to achieve. The first one is its ability to cater to a problem or query generated by a connection or contact. The second is to validate you as a thought leader in the community. The second motive can be well achieved if you cater to the first one appropriately. To do so, a sponsored feed/update can be a way of achieving the motive. By paying to push your post in a community of targeted audiences, you can primarily promote thought leadership. The content you curate for that matter should be informative, helpful and should possess a strong call-to-action.

    People no more want to see typical advertising content filling their news feeds. Instead, useful information, an update, intriguing content, etc. is what you should make viral to grab more attention. This eventually leads to an increase in the number of readers and website visitors. Nonetheless, id the content is truly compelling it can lead to lead generation.

    5). Display Live LinkedIn Feeds at Event.

    If you are going to organize a business event then social media aggregator will be a great selection to display your LinkedIn feeds or live user-generated content on a big screen. Set up a social wall at the event and choose a unique hashtag. Now integrate unique business hashtags in your all LinkedIn posts. Also, encourage the people to do the same and display all LinkedIn feeds on the social wall during the event. For a better experience, you can choose Taggbox for curating, moderating, and displaying feeds in real-time. It helps you to collect content from all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook in real-time and showcase it in beautiful formats on any screen size.

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    Therefore, while using LinkedIn for business marketing; focus more on creating connections and identity and desist from hard selling or direct advertising.