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5 Examples of Powerful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

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When it comes to marketing for brands, social media has always been a crucial and foremost platform to cause recognition and enhance user engagement. Approx every month, over 2 billion users on Facebook, one billion users on Instagram, and 350 million users on Twitter are active. In short, people like to spend most of their time on social platforms.

That’s why brands and businesses prefer social media platforms for marketing purposes. They can use social media videos as their powerful strategy to build engagement and attract audiences’ attention. In recent times, a lot of brands have run many successful social media campaigns and earned huge user-generated content for their business marketing.

96% of survey participants use social media marketing, and 92% of those agree or strongly agree with the phrase, “Social media marketing is important for my business.” – Social Media Examiner

Gone are those days when spending money was considered the best strategy but now effective business strategy and proper planning are more important to make any campaign successful on social media.

Here we have cataloged a list of 5 brands and their powerful social media campaigns. Also, outlined their objective, strategy and how they executed their plan on social media to reach out to maximum people.

1. National Geographic – “Your Shot”

Nat Geo is known for it’s unique photographs and innovative videos. While incorporating a perfect story for most of it’s images and videos, it enhances user engagement with the brand. Being a non-celebrity brand National Geographic has approx. 90 million followers on Instagram and 45 million followers on Facebook. Recently, Nat Geo launched a campaign to create an exclusive photo community “Your Shot” via a subdomain, where photographers can sign up and submit their photos. The community helped the amateur photographers to connect with National Geographic’s photographers and editors through the virtual assignment.


Every week the editors of Nat Geo chose the best 12 images and shared it on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account and it’s blog.

Natgeo your shot

The campaign provided the followers an opportunity to know about different cultures, geographical locations and imagine the world through the camera lens.

2. Wayfair

Instagram experimented with integrated shopping features in 2016 and received a positive response. The Instagram shoppable posts feature was designed for the U.S clothing brands active on Instagram but later it was made available for non-U.S. brands, too.

@Wayfair a home décor brand known for selling affordable furniture and various other products through powerful campaigns on social media, adopted these shoppable posts feature of Instagram really quick.


The integrated shopping feature discarded the traditional way of posting paid ads on Instagram. The shopping feature automatically tagged the Wayfair products in Instagram photos and fixed the price too.

Wayfair shoppable post

Wayfair users had to follow some simple steps like clicking in the product pop-up box, and tab “Shop Now” and users will be directed to Wayfair’s checkout page.

This checkout process was too smooth for users where with the few clicks they were directed from one site to the other and completed the transaction. It also increased Wayfair’s website traffic three times.

3. Heineken #OpenYourWorld

In 2017, Heineken launched a purpose-driven campaign which aimed at bringing people together with different ideologies and analyze the differences through a series of team-building activities.

Heineken performed a real-life social experiment where they made the real people meet for the first time. The people shared their social as well as political views with one another over a bottle of Heineken.

HEINEKEN: Open Your World from Edelman UK on Vimeo.

The campaign moved beyond the products and focused on people’s emotions. The business benefit from the campaign is still unclear but their media coverage generated by the social media campaign was fantastic. Their YouTube video crossed 14 million views, and they also experimented on Facebook where they designed a chatbot to connect people from different parts of the world.

Heineken highlighted how a social media campaign can encourage people to talk about their brand and build new relationships.

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4. LinkedIn: “In It Together”

At the beginning of January, LinkedIn started a powerful social media campaign to crush the stereotype of ‘white collar business people.’ They launched it during the Golden Globes award show which was unusual of the brand. The campaign featured people from different professions.

It was the first time LinkedIn designed an integrated marketing campaign and it included paid campaigns, outdoor ads, digital display, etc. The campaign continued for 12-week and it was targeted at four core markets which included San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. The videos were shot in documentary style and the format was black-and-white and it featured success stories of LinkedIn users in different professions.

5. Intuit “A Giant Story”

Intuit a software giant launched its first brand campaign with an animated story. They worked with an animation team and came up with “A Giant Story” which showcased a giant robot, and it signified the complexity with which Intuit manages data using different technologies. The campaign was designed for small business owners, freelancers and self-employed folks.

Intuit made its Super Bowl debut with a 15-second spot, where they gave a time-saving message and skip the ad.

Giant Skip Ad

Giant Skip Ad

According to the CMO Lucas Watson, “There are 750 million people who work for themselves around the world who juggle managing their finances while pursuing their passions.”

Through this video, they described how Intuit’s TurboTax and QuickBooks services can help and save the consumers time.

A Giant Story

Behind the concept of the video, the intention of Intuit was to give a humanizing touch to their brand’s story and that’s why they took the tale of a flower shop owner.

Concluding Thoughts:

Social media has become a powerful medium for brands to build community, and transform their regular customers to marketers.

The above mentioned social media campaigns are some of the greatest campaigns so far. If you think we have missed out any other social media marketing campaign then share with us!

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