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20 Best Examples of Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

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It takes lots of planning, research, and striving efforts to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign. 

Marketers should understand their objectives and what they actually want from their Instagram marketing campaigns. Thus, they need a creative strategy that helps them achieve their desired results. 

In this contemporary social media marketing world, Instagram is becoming the go-to choice for brands, as Instagram is the mecca of media along with the largest number of active users. 

A constant exploration for creative content by many brands & marketers inspires us to talk about the top 10 successful examples of Instagram marketing campaigns that brands have exceptionally and undeniably achieved from the last five years.

So let’s dig deep.

Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

This section will discuss some of the most creative Instagram marketing campaigns brands have run and hit the jackpot. We’ll kick things off with MAC Cosmetics Halloween:

1. MAC Cosmetics Halloween

MAC very well knows how to engage its fans, and they rocked it! This luxury cosmetic brand came up with the stellar Instagram hashtag campaign where the brand’s senior makeup artists, John Stapleton, and Regan Rabanal, introduced #SeniorArtistsSlayHalloween to encourage the makeup artist community & fans to represent their makeup skills at the global level.

As the hashtag campaign is around Halloween, no doubt the content created is loaded with spooky looks, creepy characters, and mythical expressions.

MAC Cosmetics

This Instagram hashtag campaign encourages fans and makeup artists to use MAC’s products, makeup inspirations, creative Halloween looks, and new styles in makeup. 

Thousands of people celebrate Halloween and share their costumes, and makeup looks on Instagram using MAC’s hashtag. This results in heavy use of brands of cosmetics products and great response from social media users from all over the world. 

Takeaway – Organic promotion of brands’ beauty & cosmetic products. Increased traffic & audience engagement received that consist of global makeup artists & enthusiasts.

2. Adidas #ORIGINALis

Adidas, with its #ORIGINALis hashtag campaign, has established a remarkable achievement in audience engagement. Primarily Adidas deals in product lines associated with particular sports categories like football, basketball, etc. However, in 2017, Adidas introduced a brand new clothing line for hip-hop culture lovers, which is very new and interesting for their fans. 

instagram marketing campaigns

The hashtag campaign #ORIGINALis is highly popular among hip-hop culture followers. However, with its strategically designed influencers marketing campaigns, Adidas has managed to attract a vast audience other than sportspersons. 

No doubt influencers lay a huge impact on younger generations, Adidas scheme out to partner with Snoop Dogg, Stormzy, and Desiigner to introduce its latest fashion with these big names. 

Adidas #ORIGINALis hashtag campaign is successful and achieves an exceptional amount of users’ engagement along with thousands of UGC with #ORIGINALis. 

Moreover, the combination of video and influencer marketing proves to attract greater audience engagement by building a huge customer base through this campaign. 

Takeaway – Adidas set an excellent example of the amalgamation of hashtag campaigns and influencer marketing. They introduced their new clothing line based on hip-hop culture by partnering with famous names like Snoop Dogg to attract and engage their targeted audience. 

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3. Wayfair Decor

Wayfair is an online store dealing in furniture and home decor based in America. Wayfair’s Instagram marketing campaign set an example in the social media industry for best designed, optimized, and highly user-friendly.

In this campaign, Wayfair organically encourages their customers to upload pictures of decorated home featuring Wayfair furniture using the hashtag #WayfairAtHome. 


What’s user-friendly with Wayfair Instagram marketing campaign is that they reposted the user-generated content & provides the product link so that interested buyers can easily shop the same product showcased in the Instagram logo

UGC is sharing customers and also provides in-depth product pros & cons often, which is an added advantage.

Takeaway – Wayfair runs an all-in-one Instagram marketing campaign that allows users to discover new products as well as buy ideal products through social shops. UGC benefits from authentic customer testimonials as well as relieves marketers to curate fresh creative content. 

4. Orangetheory

A worldwide spread fitness chain Orangetheory is successful in running a hashtag campaign that drives real users’ experience. Orangetheory reposts their post or UGC post posting on Instagram with #Orangetheory by adding slightly visually appealing to the repost images. 

Orangetheory follows a consistent eye-catching content strategy throughout its Instagram marketing content.

instagram campaign examples

In this campaign, their major content is based on the real-users experience where they share the physical changes and health benefits their customers experienced with their Orangetherory fitness program.  

As Orangetheory is flourishing with 1225 fitness centers all over the world, customers from different parts of the world share their fitness journey by uploading “before & now” Instagram posts using the #Orangetheory hashtag. 

Orangetheory utilized this hashtag UGC to give them a personalized touch with visuals and add text like “Keep Going, [user name]” to boost motivation among customers.

Takeaway – Orangetheory makes exemplary use of user-generated content with hashtags and reposts on Instagram by visually enhancing the images and giving their customers proper credits on the repost.

5. ASOS Influencer Marketing

Instead of going straight to Influencer marketing, ASOS adopted the creative approach by creating separate accounts that amalgamate influencer marketing & sponsored creative content. ASOS created separate Instagram accounts like @asos_olive and @asos_lotte. 

ASOS hand over these account credentials to the popular Instagram influencers, which upload creative content featuring the ASOS clothing line.   

best instagram marketing campaigns

ASOS set a unique benchmark in Instagram marketing campaign strategy as it gets the existing followers and fans of influencers on these sponsors. ASOS’s advantage with this new approach in Instagram influencer marketing campaigns is that all the products influencers were creating content is only of the brand. 

Takeaway – ASOS excellently takes advantage of influencer marketing & rapidly built a huge follower base by implementing the inventive influencer marketing tactic.

6. Daniel Wellington

A popular luxury watch brand, Daniel Wellington, achieved a significant spot in the list of best Instagram marketing campaign examples. With the blend of celebrity influencer marketing and sales promotional approach, Daniels Wellington gained a boost in Instagram marketing, successfully attracting potential customers and increasing the number of sales. 

Daniel Wellington collaborated with the famous YouTuber, Joseph Vincent who is popularly known for his music sensations. He posted an image on Instagram with the hashtag #danielwellington asked its fans and followers to buy Daniel Wellington watches using the discount code. 

successful instagram campaigns

The Instagram post by Joseph Vincent is sensual, featuring a genuine look of watches for both men & women in a picture. It encouraged the followers of Vincent and laid a message for the particular singer and songwriter community to watch from Daniel Wellington for themselves & their partner. 

Takeaway – Instagram hashtag campaign to integrate influencer marketing targeting a specific group of people and promote the discount code for leveraging sales and traffic. With this campaign, Daniel Wellington can push those followers who normally do not purchase watches. 

7. Starbucks

Big brands like Starbucks, Coca-cola, etc., have huge hands in the popularity of hashtag campaigns over social media channels. 

With more than 1.83 billion followers on Instagram, Starbucks has built a community where its users speak for the brand rather than the brand itself. All this is achieved through the well-planned Instagram hashtag campaign strategy. 

Starbucks plays a smart move where they ask customers to tag them using their hashtag on Instagram by sharing a cup of coffee. One such popular hashtag campaign of Starbucks is #RedCupContest, in which they ask customers to upload their photo with the Starbucks Red coffee cup using the hashtag and get an opportunity to win a gift card.  

best instagram campaigns

In this way, Starbucks manages to collect thousands of hashtag posts every year along with keeping their audience engaged in the hashtag campaign. 

Takeaway – Starbucks successfully ran a similar hashtag campaign during December, which increased awareness and allowed people to share Starbuck posts with a familiar hashtag. Also, the contest part of the Starbucks hashtag campaign attracts its followers to take part in their yearly hashtag campaign. 

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8. Ryu’s What’s In Your Bag

Ryu is a Vancouver based athletic brand that deals in clothing retail; started an Instagram hashtag campaign with #WhatsInYourBag. This Instagram hashtag campaign has twin objectives, first to bring audience engagement and second promote brands products through the giveaway. 

Ryu asked Instagram users to upload their pictures with a gym bag and show what they carry in the bag using the hashtag #WhatsInYourBag. What quick here is users who upload posts using the hashtag are eligible to giveaway prizes. 

instagram advertising examples

Ryu promoted the user-generated content heavily through Instagram stories and push marketing campaigns through Instagram Stories features as it stays on the top of the user’s feed. Ryu promoting the campaign through stories is a great way to boost brand awareness, audience engagement and keep the campaign on top of followers, ensuring a wide reach of the campaign. 

Takeaway – Ryu increases Instagram users participation through the #WhatsInYourBag hashtag campaign with active audience participation by giving an opportunity to become giveaway winner. 

9. Taco Bell Uniquely Designed Posts

Taco Bell can definitely be your inspiration for creating and uniquely designing brand-specific content. 

They are famously known for delicious tacos. However, another thing that increases their popularity among customers and marketers is the quality of their Instagram content. 

You might say they make silly Instagram posts, but these posts are successful in grabbing people’s attention, and boosting huge customer engagement.

influencer marketing campaigns examples

Taco Bell creates content that entices audiences to like, comment, and share with their friends and followers. In addition, Taco Bell proves their understanding of their product and how well to promote it on Instagram which brings exceptional results. 

Taco Bell creates content with a blend of creative designs, humor, colors, and interesting text, which are impressive enough to fascinate their Instagram followers

Takeaway – understanding of the product and unique design content with a nice presentation of their product with a slight punch of humor and creativity in every post. Taco Bell successfully manages to establish brand identity, unlike other brands on Instagram.

10. Airbnb Accepts

Airbnb’s Instagram marketing campaign stands exceptional from many others. Airbnb started hashtag #WeAccept to promote the acceptance of people regardless of any discrimination based on race, gender, social class, or ethnicity.  

With this social acceptance initiative, Airbnb has successfully gained high appreciation at the global stance.

Airbnb commenced with the video-sharing the inspiring message of people’s acceptance and then a series of people’s pictures from different parts of the world, with unique backgrounds and ethnicities. Each photo represents the message and story of social acceptance. 

airbnb instagram marketing campaign

The success of Airbnb content is explained by the incredible response from Instagram users from all over the world. Each post shared by Airbnb received 112,000 likes with 600 comments approximately.

Airbnb also set an example on social media by taking political stances, which is easy for many brands & businesses. On the contrary, Airbnb shows that brands can also take a stand for important social subjects without any controversial trouble.

Takeaway – Airbnb establishes the importance of ‘Social Acceptance’. Airbnb welcomes guests from diverse backgrounds, culture, & gender. Thus the brand’s Instagram campaign matches the philosophy of their brand with #WeAccept justly.

11. Redbull

Social media campaign example keynote to remember: Relating your brand to a specific industry can help you access a consistent customer base. 

Redbull is a soft drink company that has successfully associated itself with the sports industry using timely launched hashtag campaigns. 

Not active on Instagram as their primary social media channel, Redbull started posting clicks of their customers and learned about the power of this social media channel.

This strategy attracts fans of these adrenaline-pumping activities, who then connect with the Red Bull brand. It’s an intelligent way to build a fanbase, even though Red Bull isn’t directly a sports brand.

12. GoPro

GoPro makes tiny cameras to capture epic adventures experienced by people. No wonder they’re a hit on Instagram: a place for cool pics and videos! 

But what are they doing differently? Well, they share real people’s photos! GoPro lets its fans be the stars of its Instagram page, sharing the most fantastic shots taken with GoPro cameras.

Furthermore, GoPro credits the photographers (real people who click and shoot that content) by tagging them in the posts. This makes people feel good and shows GoPro cares about its fans.

These incredible pictures and videos show what GoPro cameras can do and create a demand for them in the market. For example, they can capture views you can’t get with your phone.

13. Aerie

Aerie, a women’s clothing brand, strategically started an Instagram marketing campaign using authentic user-generated content. 

The brand asked women (of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages) to post their unedited pictures on social media and use the slogan “ Let the real you shine.”

The brand’s goal was simple: to make women, especially young girls, feel good about themselves in their bodies. 

Taking their Instagram marketing campaign a step further, Aerie pledged to donate a dollar to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) for every post by a brand customer. 

Remember that thought-provoking topics make it through and encourage people to participate in your campaigns. Aerie donated a whopping $110,000.

14. Netflix

When it comes to a brand with a product like an OTT platform like Netflix, you can adopt an Instagram marketing strategy like theirs. 

Not only did they share stills from series like Dark, but to take it a step further, Netflix also shared fun facts about actors, which increased engagement on their social media channels. 

On its platform, Netflix announces upcoming shows and movies to make things more interesting. 

Netflix can see how people respond to new shows and movies, so they can use this feedback to create even better content in the future.

15. Dove

Years back, when brands were too focused on collaborating with models, Dove started a social media marketing campaign that starred regular women in their ads. It was the first campaign of its kind to do this.

The message behind their Instagram marketing campaign was simple: “True beauty comes from within.” The goal was to build confident, self-assured young women.  

Dove has started and is still working on hashtag campaigns like #ShowUs, #PassTheCROWN, and more. 

As a brand, you can use this social media campaign example as your motivation and run a campaign that reflects your brand values in its most authentic form.

16. We Work

One thing that has helped each brand make their Instagram marketing campaign successful is an inspiring slogan and goal that can help people grow. 

On that note, We Work offers workspaces to freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and others with their simple slogan, “ Do what you love.”  

They strategize to grow their business by sharing breathtaking views from their workspaces, turning knots in the minds of work-from-home employees and freelancers. 

However, this has helped them acquire more customers, memberships, and locations for their co-working spaces.

17. Converse

One of the world’s most famous brands, Converse, has made its name so that just by looking at someone’s shoes, you can know they are Converse. 

The brand understands the power of social media posting and engaging with people on the channel. Keeping that strategy in mind, they started their Instagram marketing campaign. The brand shares its most retro shoes and ensures to tag the person in the photograph.

They also interact with their buyers and influential creators to reach wider audiences.

18. Chanel

Everyone knows that Chanel is a famous brand, but they still like to create excitement for new products. To launch their new perfume, No. 5 L’Eau, they invited famous people and influencers like Lily-Rose Depp, Julie Sariñana, and more to take beautiful pictures on Instagram. 

These pictures showed how the perfume is made with real flowers. The Instagram marketing campaign was a big hit! People loved the photos and shared them all over Instagram. 

In just one month, thousands of posts about the perfume were posted, and millions saw the campaign. 

This shows that even well-known brands can benefit from social media and influencers to build excitement for new things.

19. Warner Bros

The following social media hashtag campaign example is from Warner Bros, which took a unique approach to marketing the Barbie movie, spending more on promotion than production! 

Their secret weapon? A “breadcrumb strategy” that kept audiences engaged for months. Teasers were shared more than a year in advance, building anticipation, which helped the trailers get trending on social media channels, 

They also created an AI selfie generated tool where people could design and share personalized movie posters, sparking social media buzz. 

Even celebrities joined in, using the tool for free promotion. News and leaked photos from filming further fueled online conversations. This constant drip-feed of content, like breadcrumbs leading the way, kept audiences hooked and eager for more.

20. Spotify

Our last social media campaign example is Spotify Wrapped, an in-app build data that can be shared on Instagram stories. It is a collection of the most listened and liked songs. 

Now, Spotify uses Wrapped to create buzz and attract more eyes, resulting in more use of their official hashtag (#spotifywrapped). 

Spotify understands the power of a bit of bragging. They’ve made it incredibly easy to share your listening habits on social media, similar to how you’d share highlights on Instagram.  

However, Twitter users also like sharing screenshots of their wrapped collection on the platform, turning it into a marketing campaign.

Tip: Use this tactic for your Instagram marketing campaign: develop personalized, shareable content that encourages users to engage more with your product.

Additionally, you can collaborate with influencers who love your brand to spread the word even further.

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Tips For A Winning Instagram Marketing Campaign

On Instagram, businesses can create unique posts to reach specific goals. These goals can be broad, like getting more people to know about their brand, or specific, like selling a certain number of products. There are many different types of these campaigns. 

Let’s explore the most popular ones.

1. Define SMART Targets 

Setting clear goals is crucial when planning your next Instagram campaign. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. 

Establishing what you want to achieve can help you work effectively. Ensure that your goals are ambitious but achievable. 

2. Plan your campaign content

Launch your social media campaign with a plan that will act as your guiding light. To stay on track and create excellent content, map out your social media feed in advance. This means building a calendar that shows exactly what you’ll share daily. 

If you collaborate with influencers, coordinate their posts with your calendar to maximize impact. Remember, each post should be clear and understandable while contributing to your campaign’s more significant message. 

3. Use Reels and Stories

Posting just pictures on Instagram might not be enough! People are more interested in brands that use Instagram Stories and short-form videos. 

Videos can showcase new products, run sales, or share fun facts about your company. They’re a great way to connect with your followers more personally. That means you have a better chance of getting your message across than a regular post.

You can also group your Stories into collections called Highlights. These highlights stay on your profile even after your Stories disappear, so visitors can always see what your brand is all about.

4. Stick to your brand aesthetic

Make your marketing match your brand’s personality! People should be able to recognize your brand just by looking at your ad, even in a busy feed.

This creates a strong overall impression of your brand. 

5. Track metrics that matter

track instagram marketing campaign

Instead of picking any numbers to measure the success of your Instagram campaign, choose the important ones beforehand. These critical numbers will depend on what you want to achieve with your campaign.

For instance, if you want more people to know about your brand, you should look at the number of new followers you get, the number of people who see your posts, and the number of people who like and comment on them.

It’s also important to know your numbers before you start your campaign to see how much better they get after you launch it.

6. Set realistic ad campaign budgets

Marketing campaigns can be expensive, but it is not the rule! 

Let’s take an example to understand this better: Imagine you are out shopping for a gift. You wouldn’t be out without knowing how much to spend, right? The same goes for Instagram marketing campaigns. You need a spending plan or budget and should stick to it.

To take your marketing campaign a step ahead, you can use tools and set up social wall displays to feature the content on your Instagram hashtag wall at events to newer audiences. 

7. Think about your call-to-action

More than simply getting views is required; when you create an advertising campaign, you want viewers to do something after seeing it.

This could be anything from checking out a product on your website, signing up for a free trial, or even saving your message for later. No matter the goal, the key is to clarify what you want people to do.

That’s where a solid call to action (CTA) comes in. A clear CTA at the end of your campaign makes it easy for people to follow the path you’ve laid out for them. 

8. Schedule your Instagram posts in advance

Imagine you have an incredible story or picture to share with your friends on Instagram, but you might need to remember to show it to them at the right time. 

Scheduling is like a special reminder that helps you share your posts exactly when you want to so nobody misses them! You can plan your posts for a week, month, or even longer.


While these social media campaign examples are inspiring. However, make sure you analyze your campaign details before proceeding. What truly matters is getting your audience engaged while achieving your brand’s Instagram marketing goals. 

Here are the key takeaways: Learn from similar brands and adapt their successful strategies. Don’t be afraid to experiment; try a different approach if something doesn’t resonate. 

Mix photos and videos and feature your customers to keep your content fresh. Encourage participation with hashtags and contests. 

Finally, show your audience you care by featuring user-generated content on your social media channels and website. 

Now it’s your turn! So, without further ado, craft a fantastic Instagram marketing campaign.