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Strategies To Boost Social Media Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

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Often with small teams and marginal resources, nonprofit organizations are struggling with the challenges of boosting awareness for raising funds and activating donors. These organizations are always in search of a way to garner more support from people worldwide.

The restricted sources of social media marketing for nonprofit organizations is accountable for inadequate funding which contributes towards fading success.

The complexity and oversaturation of some significant social media channels, confine the nonprofit organizations to their comfort zones which results in inefficient use of social media channels.

social media marketing strategy for nonprofits

To spread the cause and gather more organic reach and support, these organizations should use social media platforms effectively and strategically.

Here in this blog, we have provided some of the important social media marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations to create extensive connections and make a sparkling impact with low budget.

But before that, let us know what are nonprofit organizations and some of the important statistics related to social media marketing for nonprofits.

Nonprofit organization – The Help Center For A Good Cause

There are many organizations worldwide that furthers a particular social cause without the intent of making profit for its owners. These organizations provide help and support to the specific audience to enrich their lives with the help of donations from the fundraising activities.

To encourage more people to participate in these fundraising activities, organizations leverage social media as an integral part of nonprofit marketing.

Why? Let’s find out.

Why is social media presence significant for nonprofits?

The first and foremost reasons to market your organization is fundraising and generating volunteers, and the best platform to market your good cause is through social media channels. 

Why? Because social media has over 3.6 billion users worldwide and provides ample opportunities to expand your reach through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For an industry where there is not much scope of getting a good return for your donation, having an attractive and appealing social media content plays an important role. In addition to crafting compelling and engaging social media content, building an effective fundraising plan that meticulously leverages these platforms is absolutely crucial. A well-thought-out fundraising strategy, when promoted and disseminated through social media channels, can be a game-changer for non-profits, driving donations, sparking volunteer interest, and significantly enhancing overall outreach.

In fact, according to the statistics by Nonprofit Tech for Good,

  • A staggering 71% of Nonprofits from all across the globe, agrees that social media marketing is an effective and efficient way for online fundraising. 
  • 29% of online donors get inspired by the social media presence of the organizations.
  • 57% of traffic to fundraising campaigns are driven by social media platforms.    

Keeping in mind the role of social media, the next important point is to make a strategic plan about how to use social media marketing for nonprofit.

Tips to promote your nonprofit organization on social media

A social media plan is an organized way to execute the objectives of social media presence.  It includes

  • Focus on the goals that you want to accomplish.
  • Target the audience that resonates with the goals of the organization.
  • Choose the platform according to the targeted audience.  
  • Make a strategy to achieve your plan.

Social media marketing for nonprofit – Try these 7 Strategies

To mark your impact on social media and spread awareness about your non-profit organization, here are some proven, cost-effective strategies to boost your social media marketing.

1. Engage your audience with interactive content

Posting interactive content is the best way to encourage the audience and provoke them to make an action other than reading and watching.

If such content is posted on each section of your social media page, it will certainly boost the engagement rates and drive more traffic towards the page.

Content like Instagram polls, survey firms, donation polls, registration forms, etc provides an opportunity to accelerate the engagement of the targeted audience and promote your nonprofit to a larger sphere of the potential audience.

2. Use hashtags to magnify your reach

On the way towards enhanced engagement, hashtags are a crucial part of the strategy to escalate social media marketing for nonprofit and can play an important role to attract more customers by providing the ease of discoverability for your non-profit organization.

It increases the organic reach of your organization and resonates well with your audience search results.

hashtag campaign for nonprofits
ALS Association’s #IceBucketChallenge

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have millions of daily active users and possess different search-related features. So, why not showcase your objectives in front of this vast audience?

All you need is to create a unique hashtag for your cause and promote it in an effective way to garner fruitful results.

You can even create your own hashtag campaign and ask the potential audience to post their images with the dedicated hashtag to boost engagement.

For example- #ALSIceBucketChallenge was a famous hashtag campaign for the cause of fundraising for the disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Many of you will remember it because of the entertaining videos of people splashing a bucket full of ice water on their heads. This campaign was one of the successful campaigns of all time, which motivated people to participate and spread awareness about this neuro disease.

3. Create social media feed for website

Websites are the essential part for the nonprofit organizations to create a sense of authenticity in the minds of donors so that they do not hesitate while helping and volunteering for the noble cause.  

But, the reality is that people are rarely interested to dive into your website because of the homogenous and unvaried design of your website.

Social Media Fed On RunForAustim Website

To make your website look interesting and attractive, you can create a social media feed wall and embed it on your website.

The content curated from the hashtag campaigns can be aggregated in a unified form, called social media wall which can be integrated with the website to boost engagement.

Many social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, can help you create an exquisite social wall for your website, by curating the user-generated content with the help of hashtags.

This adds to the authenticity of the organization and triggers the emotions of the website visitors to donate for the organization.

Also, it allows the website visitors to explore your social media accounts without even leaving the webpage, which will magnify your reach and display your active social media presence to them.

4. Attract more audiences with social wall at events

There are many events that target towards raising awareness and generating funds for the non-profit organization.

The main focus of virtual fundraising event is to encourage the engagement of the audience towards the social cause and boost interactions for spreading awareness.

Displaying your social media wall on large screens during these events will intensify the purpose of the events and will provoke more audiences to facilitate the event.

The sole purpose of this wall is to display the active participation of the volunteers towards the organization and acknowledging them for their help and support.

This connects with the emotions of the audiences and sparks their interest in the organization.

Similar to social media feed wall for website, it is also curated using hashtags with the help of a social media aggregator tool. This tool helps to display the wall with real-time updates and customizable themes.

5. Display active presence by scheduling your posts in advance

Posting regularly is the key to a successful social media marketing for nonprofit as it showcases your active presence on social media and builds up fresh followers.

Posting regularly does not mean getting onto the platform every hour; instead, it means to keep your social page updates with the activities of your non-profit organization.

But,  it’s tough to stay active with your social media accounts all the time, as it might hamper the performance of your daily activities.

To overcome this problem of time management, you can simply schedule your posts in advance to stay free from any chaos of posting regularly.

These scheduling tools can help you create a content calendar which will allow you to stay consistent with your social media presence and activate your followers every time you post on social media. 

It helps you increase audience engagement and interaction with your organization and will ignite them to come up for support.

6. Deliver a smooth experience to the potential volunteers

It is crucial to keep in touch with your followers, or else they will lose interest in supporting you.

They might feel like not investing their time helping your organization if you do not respond to their queries on time.

This is the main issue why many of the organizations are lacking funds to operate smoothly. Having a social media account with details about your organization is not just enough.

You should visit your profiles on a daily basis and check for any query from any of your followers. You need to act really fast before they lose interest in your campaign and spread a false word about it.

7. Provide easy access to donate funds

A long, complicated, and complex journey for donating funds is a pathway towards the exit for the interested volunteers.

When they are looking for a way to donate after traversing through your social media profile, they are likely to take a step back when encountered with a lengthy process.

To get over this, you should try to provide a simple option to donate directly through your social media profile.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do not support an option of donation on their platforms. But, you can create your Facebook page which allows people to donate directly through the page with just a few clicks.

Taggbox – The Social Media Engagement Tool For Fundraisers

Taggbox is the best choice to boost social media marketing for nonprofit organizations . This tool provides you with an amazing option to create your own social media wall that can either be embedded on the website or can be displayed during events.

Case Study: Oxfam’s Noble Initiative With Taggbox: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

By curating the user-generated content from various hashtag campaigns, this social media aggregator tool aggregates all this curated content into a single feed and customize it according to the targeted audience for better engagement.

Also, this tool helps you to moderate the content by filtering out the irrelevant content which might degrade the image of your organization.

Apart from showcasing the moderating content, it also allows you to display fresh content on your social media wall with real-time updates.

And, the good news is that,

Taggbox believes in providing help for a good cause and therefore offers a discount for the nonprofit organizations to create their customized social media wall and help them boost awareness and engagement.

Final thoughts

You should always find an innovative way to promote your nonprofit organization, as it’s hard to attract people without any promises of future returns. 

For such organizations, it is important to make a connection with the emotions of the people to raise funds and generate help and support.

Social media, with a large audience base, is the perfect platform to create awareness and gain new followers. With the above-discussed tactics, you can use social media at its best to boost engagement and interaction with the followers.

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