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Case Study: VPC Inc. Boosts Virtual Events Engagement With Taggbox

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There has been a lot of hype around the virtual events lately with the global environment disallowing the live in-person events and social gatherings to take place. 

This scenario has led to a demand in solutions in and around virtual events that can enhance audience engagement & deliver delightful virtual event experiences. 

VPC Events joined forces with Taggbox Display’s virtual event engagement solutions to create & showcase social media audience engagement during their virtual events for clients. 

VPC Inc. – A Brief Summary

VPC Inc. is a live events & special event production company that also specialize in virtual events & video content creation for its clients. 

They are an experienced company that has seasoned professionals & compelling technology to create powerful & creative solutions for their clients to captivate their audience. 

Challenges & Requirements – The Need For A Solution?

VPC Inc. was producing a series of virtual events for their client for honoring lawyers, doctors, nurses, & other professionals. 

What was needed for these amazing events was a solution i.e. tool or technology that can bring audience engagement to the virtual events for their clients.

Now, to maximize audience reach, engagement, and communication, the best option is to integrate social media into your virtual event as it allows massive audiences to participate & communicate in the event. 

Having a social media engagement tool for virtual events could make these noble virtual events more exciting, entertaining, and engaging for everyone involved. 

Solutions From Taggbox Display – “Virtual Events X Social Media

Taggbox recently introduced its solutions around virtual events & digital conferences calledVirtual Events X Social Media” to boost digital event engagement & experiences. 

“Rated 5 Stars by VPC Inc. on these metrics – Ease Of Use, Performance, Functionality, Features, & Customer Support”

VPC Inc. found the perfect solution in Taggbox to integrate social media audience engagement & brand-audience communication opportunities to their virtual event for the client.

What this did was it allowed the audience to congratulate the honorees and interact with them. It also creates a social media buzz around these virtual events. 

Taggbox perfectly integrates the social media feeds & walls to your virtual events to drive social media engagement & make them more interactive, exciting, entertaining, and accessible be it conferences, award shows, seminars, concerts, weddings, or any other. 

Outcome & Experience With Taggbox

Taggbox has performed great for generating social media audience engagement in these series of events. The expected result is met perfectly when the audience is engaging & communicating through social media integration. 

Taggbox Solutions For Your Virtual  Events

Taggbox Display’s Virtual Events X Social Media solutions are extremely interactive and scalable that can make any event memorable and engaging for the audience. 

We offer integration with over 15 social media platforms, creative customizations, & automatic moderation, simple integration with virtual streams, and many more features. 

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