20+ Best Instagram Growth Tools Every Marketer Should Use

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Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. It is a tremendously loved social media platform by users, brands, and businesses alike. 

Posting engaging and informative content may be one thing, but getting your content’s reach across the target audience and boosting your growth and interaction while increasing your follower base daily is a task. Improvise your Instagram marketing strategies and results with these promising Instagram marketing tools that we’re interpreting today. 

20+ Top Instagram Marketing Tools

These are 20 of our favorites Instagram growth tools that have proven successful results. Strategize your marketing efforts, reach out to your audience for real and achieve optimal results.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a user-generated content platform that collects content from Instagram and various other social media channels to showcase across all marketing touchpoints. They aggregate the content by your customers who have posted using your branded hashtag and handle.

Instagram marketing tools

Taggbox provides a filter feature to filter out irrelevant or repeated posts. Most importantly, they have a rights management feature that takes permission from the customer on your behalf to use their content. Making your entire experience smooth and hassle-free. 

2. AI Clips by Simplified


Simplified is a popular AI platform designed for content creators and social media agencies. Among its standout features are the AI video generators, which enable creators to produce faceless videos and AI-driven content swiftly—often in under a minute. 

For those dealing with longer video content, Simplified offers a unique capability to repurpose these into engaging short Instagram reels quickly and efficiently using the AI clips feature that comes with subtitles and a captions generator. Simplified significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required for video creation, making it an indispensable asset for marketers looking to streamline their content creation process.


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VSCO is a remarkable photo-editing platform that allows its users to edit photos online. Instagram as a social channel is about showcasing aesthetic pictures. VSCO offers a variety of filters to users to enhance their photos and make their pictures stand out.

To boost your marketing strategy involving spectacular photos, you must consider incorporating this Instagram tool into your marketing approach.

4. Repost

Instagram tools for marketing

Repost is a popular Instagram marketing tool that empowers brands to share user-generated content. Customers often share pictures of themselves using a brand’s product/services. Here, brands can make use of this user-generated content for their marketing approach by reposting those posts.

5. Social Insight

best instagram tools for marketers

Social Insight is an Instagram marketing tool that provides you with an in-depth analysis of your Instagram business. This is useful for businesses on Instagram to examine their growth, reach, interaction, engagement, follower analytics, etc. See the best time to post, reports on followers gained and lost, link multiple business accounts, and much more.

6. Crowdfire

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Crowdfire is a tool that supports managing your followers and related activities. The tool is exceptionally handy for any business that’s trying to expand their followers and for the analysis of their reach and engagement. This tool provides a smart recommendation of users interested in your product/services and suggests you follow them. 

7. Grum

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Grum is an easy-to-use marketing tool that helps you schedule the posting time of your Instagram photos and videos. It lets you tag other users, and you can schedule posts for multiple accounts at one time. Grum makes switching between different accounts an easy task for you.

8. Awario

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Awario, a social media monitoring tool, can be very helpful for your brand. It finds mentions of your brand, analyzes the mentions, and tells you who your brand advocates and who are the right influencers for your brand. Moreover, what people have to say about your brand or what image your brand has on the internet.

9. Buffer

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Buffer, like Grum, is also a scheduling app that helps you schedule your posts; what makes it different is that it is not just based on Instagram but works on multiple social media platforms. You can publish customized messages across different platforms and review the engagement, impressions, and clicks per post.

10. Hashtags For Like

Hashtags are a very crucial element of social media. Using the right hashtags to reach your target audience is another important factor. Hashtags for like helps you in that area as they provide you with trending hashtags that will work best with your Instagram posts to enhance your reach.

11. Canva

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Canva is a designing tool that fits every type of business or creator. It has tools that help you create perfect story templates and graphics to create eye-catching content for the users. Not just that, if you are at a starting stage and you want to create a unique logo for your brand, then Canva is your one-stop shop.

12. Plann

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Plann is the ultimate Instagram management tool. It helps you with designing, editing, scheduling, and analyzing your posts. Rearrange, organize, crop, and schedule your Instagram stories. All exciting stats are available. You get the best times to post, hashtags best for you, and some of the best-performing color schemes. You can also collaborate with other marketers.

13. Unfold: Story Creator

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Unfold: Story Creator is an iOS app that helps you give a professional look to your content. This is a free app that provides stylish templates, advanced fonts, and text tools and exports your stories in high resolution, ready to share on many platforms besides Instagram.

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14. Picodash

Picodash is an Instagram tool that enables you to download stories. It also helps you finds target audiences and type of influencers on Instagram. It lets you export Instagram followers, and following lists of your competitors, relevant hashtag users, location or venue specified posts, comments, or likes of a specific post by various users.

Picodash can be a valuable tool for increasing your Instagram followers by providing insights and analytics to help you optimize your content and engagement strategies.

15. Sendible

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Sendible works on all the social media platforms and collaborates with other tools like Canva to give you better performance. Sendible works with scheduling and monitoring mentions, tracking the performance of your Instagram posts, and teaming up with other marketers to work along with them on your Instagram marketing goals.

16. Pablo

Pablo is another app made by Buffer. It helps you create aesthetic pictures for your Instagram posts. Like Canva, Pablo has many photos, templates, and themes to choose from that are customizable as per your needs.

17. SocialBee

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As a robust social media marketing tool, SocialBee can be used to manage your Instagram accounts every step of the way. You can schedule and share single images, carousels, videos, reels, and stories, or you can create your posts using the AI post generator, Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy integrations. Additionally, you can track essential metrics for your posts and accounts to understand your audience and measure your growth.

18. SocialRank

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SocialRank is an Instagram marketing tool that analyzes your followers and enables you to look at them closely. It helps you search profiles using keywords amongst your followers, and you also get the option of exporting their details as a PDF. Compare different accounts with market intelligence and find influencers with an audience similar to your target audience.

19. Soldsie

Soldsie is a very useful eCommerce platform as it helps you bring in traffic, click, conversions, and more sales on Instagram. It provides the user the facility to make a purchase just by commenting on the image of any of the products they like. They will then be directed to make the payment using PayPal verified account or WePay.

20. Sked Social

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Sked Social is another important tool for Instagram marketing as it helps you schedule your posts prior. You can edit, resize and select the caption for your post and set the time when you would like to post it. Sked Social also works on multiple Instagram accounts at a time, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

21. Snoopreport

Instagram tools for marketing

Snoopreport is a useful Instagram marketing tool, as it gives you an insight into engagements, interactions, and conversions. It makes account monitoring easy for you and helps you identify, segregate, and manage your followers. 

22. Hootsuite

best Instagram tools for marketers

Hootsuite helps you post pictures and videos to Instagram directly from Hootsuite. It is easy to schedule your posts with Hootsuite while you save time and drive engagements. It helps you use multiple Instagram accounts at once so that you can plan and execute your marketing campaigns. Track your competitors, customers, and industry hashtags with Hootsuite.

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We come to the end of this blog, and we have given you a list of 20 Instagram Marketing tools you can use to bring up your game in marketing.