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10 Best Website Widgets To Enhance Your Website (2024)

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Have you ever wondered what makes the integration of those beautiful image sliders, calendars, accurate weather displays, social media, and user-generated content work on a website? 

Not only this, websites these days are extraordinarily functioning and embrace diverse attributes that can hold visitor’s attention for quite a long time. 

People assume that all these appealing and captivating charms are the end results of complicated coding and need a highly qualified developer to integrate them all in one place. 

But to your surprise, it just needs a best web widget and its embed code. Yes, it is as simple as riding downhill, and all it requires is to have a quick grip over Ctrl C & Ctrl V. 

Website Widgets – The Website Transformation Tools

Widgets are the website’s building and managing blocks. In simple words, widgets are the tools that add functionality to the website by getting embedded into the website’s body section. 

Say, for example, on a fashion store website, the reviews widget works as the trailblazer and catalyzes the rate of conversions and sales. These reviews are the most authentic form of UGC and act as word-of-mouth marketing for the brands. It, therefore, helps the brands to engage users, build trust, and generate more sales. 

On the websites of travel bookings, widgets like the weather forecast and currency converter are a perfect choice to make the booking process much simpler for the customers. It saves their time to hop on different pages to know about the additional information. 

There is a pool of widgets that can help you beautify your website and give it an impressive and attractive look. Some of the popular widgets allow the user to display

  • Social Media Feeds
  • Maps
  • Weather forecast
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • Customer service, etc. 

Let’s explore more of the popular and important ones and know-how can they benefit your business and website. 

Top 10 Free Widgets For Website

1. Email Marketing & Signups Widget

Growing the email list is the priority task for all businesses and brands. This category of widgets is mainly employed for marketing campaigns where the main focus is to spread awareness, drive conversions, and boost sales. 

Email Widget

It works best for the subscription or sign-up enthusiast that lets the customers provide their email addresses that can be further used to target the potential customers via email marketing. 

Using widgets like Mailchimp, and GetResponse, you can embed a sign-up form on your website’s landing page simply and easily. 

2. Social Media Feed Widget

There exists no business that is yet to discover the power of social media. Be it a small cafe or a huge fashion house, and social media is the business’s mover and shaker. 

Displaying user-generated content and integrating social media feeds, along with interactive WhatsApp widgets, is an innovative marketing strategy that’s gaining traction among forward-thinking brands and businesses. It makes your website look more vibrant, engaging, attractive, authentic, and exquisite. Not only this, it is a powerful tool to promote your business, and accelerate conversions and sales.

social media feed widget

With the Taggbox widget, you can create your own customized, real-time, UGC social media feed widget by curating content from social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and can publish it anywhere on the website where it is easy for customers to explore it. 

Try Taggbox Widget For Free

Try Taggbox Widget to display UGC and Social media feeds on the website in just a few clicks.

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3. Booking Widget

This type of widget allows you to install an online booking widget for pre-booking and ordering services. 

Booking Widget

Here is how different businesses can benefit from the booking widget.

  • The restaurant owner can install the widget to get the table’s online booking or make an order for the food. 
  • Gym, spa, salon owners can get the bookings in advance by embedding the booking widget on the website.
  • If you own home perfect for holidays, you can rent it out and schedule travelers’ arrival and stay with a booking widget on the vacation rental website. 
  • As an event organizer, you can sell tickets for your event using the widget.

The popular booking widgets are Booking bug, Schedule once.

4. Calendar Widget 

With Google calendar, you can place a calendar on your website to remind your website visitors of various events and activities that are about to take place.

Calendar Widget

This is a perfect widget to let your customers know about the upcoming sales for your fashion website, or the discounted takeaway for food delivery websites, and much more. 

5. Photo Widget 

Mainly popular for the website that displays images, statistical infographics, or some other type of visual content such as graphical illustrations, gifs, etc. These widgets are the main user engagement tool for the websites like fashion, photography, events, etc.

Image Widget

Widgets like Photosnack, Smilebox helps you create specialized and customized photo widgets for your website.

You can display this widget on the homepage, footer, gallery page, or info page of the website to increase the visibility of the widget to the website visitors. 

It is one of the best ways to increase user engagement and interaction with the website and hence expands the customer base for the respective brands and businesses. 

6. News/RSS Feed Widget 

People usually start their day with fresh headlines, and this is why news widgets got so popular in the present time. 

Same as the news widget, the RSS feed widget allows you to display the real-time content to the website visitors.

RSS Feed Widget

These widgets help you integrate content from various news publications or pages and display it in a single window.

Taggbox Widget is a great tool for displaying RSS feeds on the website. Apart from this, you can use widgets like Beamer, Feed Wind to embed news feeds on your website.

7. Search Forms Widget 

Search forms or search bars must be needed for your website if you have ample pages or articles on your website. It helps the users search for the keyword they are looking for to save time traversing through the entire website. 

Search Forms Widget

Search form widget and Swiftype are the most powerful tools to add a search field on the website. 

8. Reviews & Ratings Widget 

One of the most useful widgets for any website is the review widget which acts as the reputation-building blocks for any business. Reviews and rating advocates for the brands/businesses and play an important role in influencing the user’s purchase decisions.

Reviews & Ratings Widget

Tools like the Taggbox Widget, Tagembed, allow the user to display genuine reviews by the brand’s real customers. It increases the authenticity of the website and adds credibility to products and services. 

It can be embedded on the products page, payments page, or homepage of the website to capture the attention of the customer’s in the first look. 

Try Taggbox Widget For Reviews

Display reviews on your website and build trusted relations with your customers to boost sales.

9. Maps Widget 

A widget that can provide comfortable access to the location of the store or business building so that the users do not have to switch pages to search for the location every now and then.

maps widget

It is perfect for businesses having their presence at different locations in the same city to provide users with easy navigation so as to boost the conversion rates and sales of the business. 

One such example of the widget is the Maps widget for Google Maps

10. Customer Service Widget 

If you are dealing with certain goods or services, then the customer service widget should be an important element for your website. It is to help your users contact you or connect with you in case of any technical issues that might occur during payment gateway or item selection. 

Customer Service Widget

It is a cost-effective replacement of hiring a call center software representative for your business. Olark, Userlike, Snapengage are great options if you are thinking of providing smooth and robust customer service. 

How To Install A Widget For Your Website

Different widgets work in different ways, but the installation process is almost the same for all. Irrespective of the numerous features and functionalities offered by various widgets, they just need a small HTML code to get into the website’s interface.

The widget makers provide you with a small block of code along with the directions on how to put it on the website. All you need is to copy the code and paste it onto the desired location. 

To embed the widget on any specific location on a website, add the widget where you want to display it and then paste the HTML code.


Website widgets are a great way to escalate the engagement rate of the users with your website and brand. These easy-to-use tools are the gems of any website as they play an important role in designing the website and giving it an appealing look to stand out from the competition.

So, it’s high time to enrich your website with these effective widgets and enhance your user experience to the next level.