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[Product Update]Taggbox Widget’s All-new Feature: SnapUp

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Inspiring users to voice their opinion and share their experiences is no easier than ever. Taggbox Widget has just released the most cutting-edge feature for you – SnapUp. 

This feature gives your audience freedom over their visual user review and feedback. It also eliminates any social media hindrances and simply allows users to share authentic content. 

Give your consumers a secure platform to contribute their experience and images of your business to gain their trust.

Taggbox, the most promising UGC platform, strives to maximize users’ experience by providing omnichannel content marketing solutions. 

SnapUp is just that!

Continue reading to find out what it is and why you need it at all.

What is SnapUp?

The SnapUp feature by Taggbox allows users of a brand to directly share/upload their visuals featuring products/services, reviews, and ratings about the brand instantly through any marketing channel.

Well before you mistake it just for a button, there’s more in store! Keep reading. 

  • You can customize the ‘SnapUp’ as per your requirement to be embedded on the website. Users can either click on the button or visit the form by scanning the QR code.
  • Simply copy and paste the URL anywhere you wish. Users with the link will be redirected to an uploader form. 
  • Send out captivating messages and a link to your users to get their reviews seamlessly using WhatsApp or text message. 
  • Roll out email campaigns requesting reviews through a simple link in your emails or add a QR code.

Taking full advantage of this feature is not limited to the above-mentioned use cases, you can also mold this feature to showcase on any other marketing channel as well depending on your requirements. 

How does SnapUp benefit your brand?

UGC is helping brands cut through the clutter and make an impact that helps brands stand out from the competition. With SnapUp, you can easily escalate your social and private campaigns, amongst other benefits. 

Know What Your Users’ Seek

Your customers and employees are your best advocates. Therefore, it is important to understand and place their experiences in the spotlight while making changes as required. 

The visuals, feedback, and opinions shared by them can make a huge difference in how prospects perceive your brand. Further, marketing strategies can be crafted based on what users seek from your products/services. 

With SnapUp, users can directly share content that can help them understand customer reactions, emotions, and satisfaction levels.

Create A UGC Hub

User-generated content is the most credible, genuine, and authentic form of content. Consumers find UGC to be 9.8x more powerful than content generated by influencers while making a purchase decision. 

By leveraging SnapUp, you can collect positive reviews and curate the most valuable, real, and unadulterated UGC generated in any form directly by the users. This hub of content can be repurposed in the brand’s marketing strategies. 

Build-up Your Private Campaigns

Irrespective of whether your users are on social media channels or not; you can easily escalate your campaigns with SnapUp. 

Your audience can upload content directly on your website, which can be customized and moderated before display. This comes across as an activity to the users, igniting their inspiration to create content and get featured on the website. 

Leverage Content Without Any Rights Issue

When users share content on social media, they are the owners of it, and brands cannot repurpose it without getting content rights from the creators. 

But, with SnapUp, you can add UGC rights permission in the terms and conditions to get implied content rights when users upload their visual and textual content. 

How Can You Leverage Taggbox Widget’s SnapUp Feature?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn everything about using the SnapUp in your Taggbox Widget account.

1. Create your free Taggbox Widget account or sign in to an existing account.

Taggbox Widget Dashboard

2. You will reach the dashboard section of the Taggbox Widget.

3. Now, you need to click on the Add feeds option. A small pop-up window will appear. You need to click on the ‘SnapUp’ option.

4. The SnapUp form settings page will appear, where you can edit the form per your requirements.

Note: You can also choose to either display a link, QR Code, or button. For your website, email campaigns, WhatsApp, hashtag campaigns, etc. However, the SnapUp link would be a good choice for your SMS marketing. 

5. Now it’s time to customize the form and moderate the content as per your preferences. Once you are satisfied with the presence of your form, you will be set to begin the embedding process.

  1. Upload logo: An image can be attached here to be displayed in the SnapUp button. You can add your company logo here.
  2. Title: It is the heading that will appear on the form.
  3. Subheading: It is a detailed description of what your users can expect in the form.
  4. Other edits: You can change the background color, image, etc., add a Thankyou message, and choose the content category. 

6. Once you are done with the details mentioned above and apply the settings, you can move to the publishing options. 

SnapUp Publishing Options

With SnapUp, you can take full advantage of the following use cases: 

  • Link: You can simply copy and paste the URL provided anywhere you wish. Use this link option for social sharing and improving conversions. 
  • Web pages: Embed the SnapUp button on your web pages. Edit the background color, button text, font color, font family, font weight, and font size before adding this button on any web page. 
  • Hashtag Campaigns: Guide and inform your customers about the ongoing hashtag campaign and collect UGC by copying the message and sharing the form link on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and email. 

How Does SnapUp Work?

1. Users click on the ‘SnapUp’ button, link, or scan the QR code. 

2. A form will open where they can add an image and choose to write either a caption or review & rating

3. Once done, then they click on ‘Next’ and enter their ‘Username & Email’

4. Now, they click on the ‘Submit’ button, and UGC is submitted to their  Taggbox Widget account.

5. Go to “Moderation” in your Taggbox Widget account and find the submitted posts in the ‘Private’ section.

6. Make the posts public that you want to show in your widget.

Over To You

Bring your customers’ voices to the spotlight and build brand trust, engagement, and powerful user connections. With this guide on Taggbox Widget’s all-new SnapUp, you can easily let your users upload visual content, reviews, and ratings on any marketing touchpoint. 

It is about time to get started already and leverage your brand’s best advocates’ potential in store for you.

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