[Product Update] Introducing Story Theme For Website & Online Stores

New designs and creative looks have always been attracting the attention of website visitors and giving them a push to engage with your brand.  Understanding this customer behavior, we have expanded our list of themes to display your social feed on your website in an exquisite way.  Here we go! Introducing the new and most […]

5 minute read

Taggbox Display App For Android TV

We recently launched an amazing display app for Amazon Firetv stick, and yes, yet again we have crossed all the rocks and have launched an engaging Display App for Android TV.  Integrating your social media on the Android TV is just effortless now with the “Taggbox Display App”. Give this blog a 5 mins read […]

4 minute read

Digital Signage Firetv stick App to Display Social Wall on TV

Still speculating about how to display your social media wall on TV using Amazon Firetv stick?   Well, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Amazon Digital Signage Firetv Stick app “Taggbox Display App”, which can make your social wall integration with TV simpler and effortless. Here is a quick overview of the […]

4 minute read

[Product Update] Introducing Single Post Theme For Website

We are much delighted to introduce the new theme to personalize and customize your widget in a more captivating way. Named as the “SINGLE POST” theme, it is the latest addition to our list of beautiful and eye-catching themes. As the need and consumption of visual content is at its peak, we are trying our […]

5 minute read

Introducing Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin

All the WordPress website users know how important it is to have a plugin that can integrate scalable and useful functionalities to the website without much effort.  We at Taggbox acknowledged this and have introduced a Taggbox Widget wordpress plugin that will allow our customers who use wordpress website CMS to integrate social media feeds […]

4 minute read

Display Your Google Reviews on Digital Screens and Amplify Your Marketing

You might be wondering why you should even consider displaying Google reviews on digital screens & your business spaces, venues, etc.  Well! We have compiled this unique blog that will define how your Google reviews might be the perfect opportunity to drive your growth & results through offline digital displays.  It is important to understand […]

9 minute read

Real-Time Social Media Ticker With Virtual Event Live Streaming

Introducing the all-new ticker theme by Taggbox Display. Now, magnify live streaming possibilities in Virtual events like seminars, conferences, concerts, activations, exhibitions, Job Fairs, etc. In 2024, Virtual Events have become a popular mode of communication for brands as they provide real-time interaction and audience engagement across the globe. Event technologies have seen a massive […]

7 minute read

Welcome Yammer: Taggbox Social Platform Suite is Now More Powerful!

The Taggbox social media platform suite recently welcomed the Yammer into its family. This is huge news as it is the integration of the “most trusted UGC platform” with the “most trusted enterprise social network”.  With Slack & Workplace already being part of the Taggbox family, Yammer joins to make the “wolf pack” more powerful […]

3 minute read

Introducing Gallery Theme For Website

Taggbox brings you the all-new and amazing Gallery theme that lets you do more & achieve better with your user-generated visual content.  As the visual content consumption is growing extensively among users, this new Taggbox theme empowers the brands to make their website more attractive & engaging.  Gallery theme perfectly leverages the power of visual […]

6 minute read