Welcome Yammer: Taggbox Social Platform Suite is Now More Powerful!

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The Taggbox social media platform suite recently welcomed the Yammer into its family. This is huge news as it is the integration of the “most trusted UGC platform” with the “most trusted enterprise social network”. 

With Slack & Workplace already being part of the Taggbox family, Yammer joins to make the “wolf pack” more powerful & smarter. 

display yammer feed

This brief guide explains what Yammer is, its integration with Taggbox, and the possibilities you can uncover with this integration for your brand or business. 

Why Yammer?

Yammer is an internal communication platform that calls itself “the enterprise social network” and is a part of the Microsoft Office 360 package.

Rightly so, Yammer is like Facebook for Corporates & Business entities

The Yammer network is used for private communications in an organization to make internal communications more effective,  transparent, efficient, and interactive. 

Yammer X Taggbox

Taggbox has been working towards improving organizations’ internal communications for a long time now by curating employee-generated content from the enterprise communications platforms and displaying it creatively & interactively across different channels like signages, company intranet, corporate events, etc.

Taggbox has now integrated with Yammer to get these incredible benefits for the organizations that use Yammer for internal communications. Curating content from Yammer & displaying it as Yammer social wall across your workplace paves the way for diverse productive possibilities.

Enhance Internal Communications with Taggbox-Yammer Wall

Possibilities With Taggbox – Yammer Integration

#1 Enhanced Internal Communication

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Team Sharing Their Work On Yammer Social Wall

Avoid the communication network complexities and chaos along with inaccessibility to information that can lead to negative outcomes from communication. 

The display of valuable employee-generated content across different interconnected channels accessible to every concerned person will help in enhancing internal communication immensely. 

#2 Employee Engagement & Transparency

Don’t contain your communication lengths to a few employees that can restrict your creativity, access to expert opinions, or insights from experienced individuals.

internal communication
Taggbox Bringing Social to Workplace with Amazing Yammer Slideshow

The employee engagement will increase hugely as Taggbox yammer walls will make it accessible for a free flow of ideas, feedback, strategic decisions, & communications across the organization with inputs from diverse creative & experienced minds. 

#3 Team Building & Productivity

team productivity
Taggbox India Leveraging Yammer Wall Analytics for Better Productivity

We extend the possibilities of broader knowledge sharing among different departments, offices, or groups and collaborative working across an organization will lead to better team productivity and efficiency with an environment to learn more do more. 

#4 Workplace Connectivity

independant workplace
Better and Transparent Connectivity

It is always a hassle to manage external projects due to communication gaps & communication mismanagement among employees due to different working locations. 

We manage your projects easily & hassle-free by keeping employees from independent workplaces engaged & updated in real-time to avoid any hindrances in the workflow. 

#5 Memorable Corporate Experiences

corporate ecperiences
Work Anniversary Wishes On the Reception

Taggbox will help you create memorable organizational events like annual conferences, meets, celebrations, and many more for the internal audience as well as the external audience by displaying exciting & engaging content-rich Yammer walls filled with fun, information, knowledge, experiences, etc. 

See How It Works

To Conclude

As an organization, there is always a possibility to improve your effectiveness and efficiency through internal growth. Taggbox’s integration with yammer is a step to empower organizational growth with diverse solutions to enriching internal communications & boost employee engagement. 

Boost Internal Communications and Employee Engagements