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Introducing Gallery Theme For Website

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Taggbox brings you the all-new and amazing Gallery theme that lets you do more & achieve better with your user-generated visual content

As the visual content consumption is growing extensively among users, this new Taggbox theme empowers the brands to make their website more attractive & engaging. 

Gallery theme perfectly leverages the power of visual UGC content for the website to increase its productivity & effectivity. 

Let’s understand better. 

Gallery Theme – What is It?

Gallery theme is a new theme introduced by Taggbox for embedding social media UGC feed on the website. The theme is visual-focused, where you can curate & display beautiful images, captivating videos, entertaining snippets, etc. on your website. 

“If you have got it, Flaunt it” – Gallery Theme About Visual Content.

The gallery theme allows you to increase your website user engagement by displaying visual content. As 90% of the people prefer interactive visual content over the textual content as visual content increases the users’ engagement desire by 80%.

This theme is specially designed for leveraging the visual content as the users’ content consumption habits are evolving towards visual content. Billions of users daily access & upload billions of images & videos over different social networks. 

It is a highly responsive theme that is designed to display awesome visual content instantly be it on any screen size & devices to provide a superior user experience.

Gallery theme has many benefits for your website & overall business growth, and we have explained some of the key ones here. 

Why Use Gallery Theme? – Its Benefits

1. Enhance Website’s Content Vibrancy

We understand that textual content is necessary on the website but so is visual content. Curating relevant & exciting images & videos from social media & displaying it on your website makes it more vibrant & attention-grabbing. 

Also, 93% of the communication is visuals; that is why visuals attract users’ attention, and it influences user behavior. So, having it on your website can make it creative & captivating.  

2. Visual Social Proof 

Reliability & authenticity of website content is pivotal in building trust and increasing user engagement. With the gallery theme, you can achieve this by displaying the authentic visual user-generated content. 

Displaying all the relevant & useful user-generated visual content will the website visitors to connect better with your brand, see visual user reviews, real-life product utility, and much more that will enhance social proof & drive conversions. 

3. Increase Engagement & Conversions

Firstly, posts with visuals get almost 200% more user engagement with people being 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video review about it. 

So, the combination of visuals with user-generated content being attractively & creatively displayed on the website as social media UGC feed using Gallery theme can hugely influence your user engagement & boost conversions. 

How To Apply Gallery Theme On Website

How To Apply It?

Step 1. Log in to your Taggbox account & Click on create a new feed (or choose your already created feed)

Step 2. Click on Personalize section from the dashboard, a pop-up will appear

Step 3. Click on Themes button from the pop-up and select Web Themes

Step 4. Choose Gallery Theme from the options and click on Apply button

Tadaa! You have applied the amazing Gallery theme on your website.

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What Can You Do With It? – The Possibilities

The Photo Gallery Widget opens up many possibilities for you to leverage your earned and owned visual media for business growth & profits. See what all can you create & embed your website with gallery theme (many more possibilities beyond the mentioned ones) –

Where To Use It? – The Use Cases

We have mentioned some industries where you can use the gallery theme for best results. Besides these, you can also use this theme for many more industries like education, corporates, etc. to leverage the benefits of your visual content.

1. eCommerce

Gallery theme is an excellent option for eCommerce websites as they can use it to display user-generated product photos & videos that can be displayed to assist & influence visitors in their decision making. 

social media gallery on webiste
Gallery Theme For Ecommerce Website

You can use the visual UGC feed on your homepage, category pages, product pages, etc. to boost sales with social proof and increase eCommerce conversion rates

2. Fashion & Retail 

Similar to eCommerce, Fashion & retail industry can leverage this theme to display their product aesthetics creatively & attractively so that users can get the best feel & view of the product. 

social media gallery on website
Gallery Theme For Retail Website

As in an online environment, it is not possible to touch the product, so visuals become extremely crucial for the consumers. It is an excellent solution to display new trends, designs, or fashion galleries, product galleries, product launches, and more. 

3. Travel 

An industry where visuals can be the defining factor for user conversions. When it is about travelling to someplace, the first thing users look for is images & videos about that place.  

visual ugc gallery
Gallery Theme For Travel Website

Social media platforms are filled with visual content around the travel theme, so you can leverage this visual UGC on your travel industry website to boost your conversions. Also, visual UGC will help in building much needed social proof among the users.

4. Restaurants

Having mouth-watering food isn’t enough, but the presentation also needs to be equally exciting & enticing so that it grabs the users’ attention. With this theme, you can achieve that objective with ease. 

Display stunning images of your food & dishes along with displaying customer-generated photos & videos of your food. It will help in positive word-of-mouth marketing which is crucial in the food industry.  

social media ugc gallery
Gallery Theme For Restaurant Website

Also, you can highlight your restaurant’s visuals to highlight the ambience, location aesthetics, etc. through your website to drive traffic to your business along with brand advocacy & brand building. 

5. Photography & Creative Works

What better application of gallery theme than Photography industry & creative works like architecture, crafts, arts, designing, and many more where visuals are the soul of the work. 

social gallery on website

Embedding visual content on your website with the help of the gallery theme will let you perfectly showcase your skillset, quality, experience, etc. that will create maximum exposure, build social proof & credibility, increase engagement, and even drive conversions. 


Visual content is one of the most crucial elements on business websites as it is content that fulfils the 3 key objectives of the website & business, i.e. building trust, increase engagement, and drive conversions.  

The Gallery theme can help you unlock the power of visual content. Hence, curate all your valuable visual content from social media display it on your website to start reaping the benefits now.

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