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Imagine yourself at some event. As you enter, your attention is instantly grabbed by a big display screen, right at the center of the event with people hovering around. Your curiosity also leads you towards it. The screen is displaying live social media feed in the event, images, and videos of the people around you using a particular hashtag. Just like everyone else, you also post an image on social media using the same hashtag. And in a while, there it is, your post displayed on the digital screen just like everyone else. You feel validated and excited. Social media wall for events are the best possible way to amplify the engagement among your event attendees

Twitter Wall at event

Well, that’s the beauty and charm of a Social Wall. It gives your audience a chance to display their content on a large digital screen.

It empowers the marketers to turn a simple display screen into something really interacting, engaging, and attractive.

Live social media wall for events are interesting and captivating. Aren’t they?

They help you maintain and create a high level of interest at your event.

They help to enhance audience engagement by sparking a discussion or activity. In fact, the visual captivity it possesses is amazing.

Having said that, choosing a perfect social wall and squeezing out most of it’s benefits is not an innate gift for most of the marketers.

Of course, there are many social wall options out there in the market, but you gotta choose the best.

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Here is a sorted list of the best 5 social walls, you can choose from for your next event.

Best Social Media Walls for Events

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool. It is an easy-to-use social wall designed to collect, curate and display content from various social media platforms. It is also recognized as the best tool to display live social media feed for events.

Taggbox Social Media Wall for events

It can be easily installed and is popularly used to display live social media content at events, concerts, conferences, digital displays, and even websites.

It comes with a strong moderation panel and a powerful curation tool that helps you filter out the irrelevant content and increase customer engagement.


It aggregates posts from over 15 social media platforms, comes with amazing customizable themes and background styles to help you create beautiful and interactive social walls for events.

It allows you to easily collect videos, posts, photos, and reviews from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms via specific profiles and dedicated hashtags.

live social media feed for events

It’s extremely responsive design allows you to display user-generated content on a screen of any size and shape through a social wall.

Also, it’s unique Sentiment Analysis lets you have insight into how the audience is responding to your social posts.

It’s user-friendly interface gives users the option of advanced CSS to customize your wall.

Unique Value

Taggbox easily integrates on websites, physical displays, apps, widgets or anywhere you want to display user-generated content.

Also, it’s unique shoppable e-commerce feature lets you integrate user-generated content with e-commerce businesses, thereby improving the overall shopping experience of the website visitors and driving your e-commerce business conversions and sales to new heights.

Taggbox is a great alternative to social media walls like, Tintup, Juicer, and others. It comes with affordable and flexible pricing plans that will suit the best for your next event.

Make Your Next Event Successful

2. HootFeed by Hootsuite

HootFeed is a customizable live Twitter feed powered by Hootsuite which is a Social Media Management tool that lets you track and manage many social media channels all at one place.

social wall for events


HootFeed is an easy-to-customize tool that animates Twitter activity concerned around your brand, live on a digital screen.

It induces interaction between the guest’s and the event’s feeds.

It is really easy for anyone to use and a great way to engage users at any event or any busy public space.

Unique Value

It does not just display real-time Tweet feeds rather it also serves as a great tool to monitor scenarios like group chats, media coverage and special events like political speeches, elections, sports events, and award shows.

3. Tintup

TINT is a self-managed SAAS platform and a social media marketing app that allows a brand to collect user-generated content and employ it for brand marketing through a compelling, attractive and real-time social media wall for event screens.

TintUp alternative social wall


Tint allows you to collect social data from every touch point customer has with your brand on social media and then curate and display it in a customizable and attractive way on social walls at events, conferences, trade shows, etc. It is highly responsive and user-friendly.

Unique Value

Tint comes with features like moderation, analytics, content rights, and TINTmix, which enables you to integrate TINT social hubs with any digital media(URLs, live content, images, videos, dynamic content) into one display.

With TINT, you can edit individual pieces of content.

4. is a social media aggregator and display tool that fetches social posts from various social media platforms via hashtags or handles and displays them through a customizable social wall on a digital screen for events and conferences. alternative social wall

Benefits allows marketers to collect, curate and moderate user-generated content from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

It’s Analytics tool lets you track the performance of your social posts across various social platforms.

It’s responsive design allows you to display your story on a screen of any size and shape and websites through a social wall.

Unique Value

It gives you to option to either use the user-friendly wall editor or the more advanced CSS option to customize your wall. helps to bridge the gap between online and offline communication at your event.

Also, it lets you leverage user-generated content to increase organic reach and increase brand awareness.


Juicer is a social media aggregation tool that allows it’s users to gather social data about their brand through hashtags, images, articles, and videos from various social media channels and display them in an attractive and engaging way through a social wall in any event. alternative social wall


Juicer comes with curation tools that allow the users to manage filter rules, moderate their posts and gauge their social media engagement.

It is easy-to-setup and easy-to-use.

It is a great platform to display content at live events, restaurants, or concerts.

Unique Value

Juicer offers really cost-effective pricing plans to it’s users for creating really beautiful social hubs.

These plans are suited to businesses of all sizes- be it small, medium or big. Also, Juicer social media feeds are highly responsive, even on mobile platforms.

It provides users with a smooth and seamless experience with great navigation.


Social media wall for events is definitely an effective marketing tool to enhance user engagement.

These are one of the best ways to display user-generated content in order to create a brand image, build customer trust and display social proof.

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