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Learn How To Leverage Digital Signage For Corporate Communication

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Building better Corporate Communication has always been a hot topic among corporate leaders.

But still, many companies are facing trouble to reach and effectively deliver their word to the people inside & outside of their organization.  

It is majorly because corporates are still relying on traditional methods and tools of communication which is unacceptable in this growing competitive world.

Digital Signage introduced a boon to corporate communication, solving various aspects of effective communication and setting up a benchmark of iconic Corporate from the rest of the world.  

Here we have decided why not to provide you with some of the amazing and powerful digital signage content ideas that are practically applicable to achieve better corporate communication & goals.

If you’re keen to learn, let’s get started! 

Why Do You Need Better Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication is the way to connect your company with the internal as well as the external world. This is the only channel through which people inside and outside get to know about your company, its achievement, current statistics, etc.  

According to Tim Andree, executive chairman at Dentsu Aegis Network says, “The communications model changes every six to seven months. There’s media convergence, new technology, and new analytics. It affects how you need to communicate and how people get their information.”  

Effective corporate communication is needed to build a strong identity in front of everyone who interacts with your brand.   

Some of the benefits that you can experience with better and enhanced corporate communication are: 

#1 Boost Brand Awareness

When communication is effectively and strategically done, it will spread the word about your brand like flood. 

Through impactful Corporate Communication, you will be able to boost brand awareness and reach a wider audience profoundly.

Sharing useful content that educates and drives value to the audience is essential element of Corporate Communication.

#2 Enhanced Employee Engagement & Productivity

Corporate leaders know that employee engagement and high productivity are the core of business success. One vital fact that supports the statement is those individuals who enjoy their work and what they are doing are the ones with better performance, hardworking, forward to take responsibilities, and inspire peers to do the same. 

All these are part of internal corporate communication, which requires corporates to understand and embrace innovative methods of internal communication so to keep employees productive, active, and creative.

How Digital Signage Enhance Corporate Communication?

According to Harvard’s article, 69% of the U.S. corporate managers find it difficult to communicate with employees and outside audiences, which shows their ineffectiveness in Corporate Communication. 

From the last few years, Digital Signages are a potent solution to achieve the best results in corporate communication by seamlessly reaching and engaging audiences inside as well as outside of the organization.

Digital Signage is a digital screen like TV, which easily grabs attention and entices people to engage with the content displaying on screen.  

Unlike emails, newsletters, notice boards, or paper magazines, Digital Signages do not force people to engage with content and take out extra time to read them. As the content continuously runs on the screen, it is up to the audience how and when they prefer with the content present on the screen.

Hence, digital signages for corporate communications are helpful in engaging and delivering important information to audiences in a friendly manner without forcing them to read. 

So here below are some amazing tools for cooperate communication you can use to enhance communication and expand relationships with employees, customers, investors, etc., that are crucial elements of your business success.  

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Content Ideas To Leverage Digital Signage For Corporate Communication

#1 Display Sales & Market Dashboard

To keep your employees and core members aligned with marketing goals altogether, displaying the company’s live Sales and Analytics through Corporate Digital Signage can be a great deal. 

Sales Dashboard

You can show the current market share & performance of your company, it will help to effectively convey to your core people how far or near your company comes to achieve its goals in terms of sales & revenue objectives decided by the top management & corporate leader. 

#2 Company Graphs & Stats

Sometimes graphs and statistical representation encourage employees and outsiders to take an interest in your company. Presenting a company’s graphs and stats on Corporate Digital Signage makes it easy, engaging, and compelling to engage your audience with your company’s data without making much effort. 

Stats 7 Graphs

It will also boost transparency of real data with your company’s core people, whether employees, stakeholders, financers, etc., which builds their trust and high rapport with the company. Moreover, it hugely benefits corporations to build a sense of responsibility in employees’ minds as they as the contributors towards the data. 

#3 Social Media & Hashtag Walls

People want to know the social side of your company, hence, what is better than running live social media or hashtag feed walls on your corporate digital signage screen. 

Earlier, for brands it is challenging to connect their audience with the social media presence of the organization. However, with the help of digital signage, brands can display social media feeds directly on signage screens that bind the audience.  

Furthermore, displaying social media walls inside your premises will help reduce the stress level at the workplace as it offers entertaining content to employees so that they can interact in between their working hours.

Create a Social Wall for Corporate Digital Signage

#4 Industry Live News Feeds & Trends

You can keep the team and employees updated with the latest news and trends related to the industry and showcase the latest announcements by your competitors on the Corporated Digital Signage screen.

News & Update on Digital Signage

Showing short news stories on digital signage to your employees and other core members help them to stay up-to-date and let them make the correct decision at the right time. 

#5 Real-Time Announcements

Do you want to heads-up your employees with alerts or important announcements immediately? With the power of Digital Signage, delivering announcements in real time has become so easy and effective.

Let your audience and employees know about the event, social activities, product launches, etc., you are going to organize straight on the digital screens.   

#6 Customer Reviews & Feedback Wall

Do you want to tell the world what your customers say about you? As digital signages can easily be installed on streets, metro stations, building facades, or inside your organization, you can utilize them to display your happy and satisfied customers’ reviews and ratings. 

Review Wall

You can either create a beautiful presentation of customers’ reviews sent to you by email or make an alluring review wall from Google Review, Yelp, Facebook, etc. 

#7 Company’s Achievements & Awards

Finally, Corporate Communication will not be successful if you fail to convey your company’s achievements and awards to your audience. 

Awards  Achievements

If you do not disclose your achievement to others, how will they know about your company’s success and growth? 

With the help of Corporate Digital Signage, you can creatively showcase the performance of your company as well as recent awards, badges, and social welfare your company incorporates for a better world.

Taggbox Display – Effectively Manage Corporate Digital Signage

Taggbox Display is a comprehensive and sophisticated tool that helps you increase audience engagement, boost awareness, and easily manage Digital Signage content. 

Taggbox Display is a full-fledged Digital Signage management system that covers every aspect of managing and controlling content that you want to display on a digital screen. 

Whether its social media walls, customer reviews, updates & announcements, news bulletins, etc. Taggbox Display Studio is an all-in-one solution for your Corporate Digital Signage screen.

It is integrated with the 15+ major social media channels and provides users with complete freedom to customize, moderate, and integrate content on Digital Signage. 

With pocket-friendly plans and diverse range of features, Taggbox Display & Studio is perfect for your Corporate Digital Signage and smoothly integrates contemporary communication methods throughout the organization. 

Over To You…

Effective communication is critical for every company as this is the only tool to make strangers connect and know better about your organization. 

 As traditional corporate communication methods are not powerful in this contemporary world, adopting the latest technology is essential to improve Corporate Communication. 

Employing the above mentioned content ideas, managers and corporate leaders are enable to have an effective communication system and remove hindrances affecting their organization’s growth. 

With this last note, integrating digital signages for Corporate Communication is your foundation stone to build long-term relationships with employees, customers, investors, and other core people to your organization. 

If you want to know more, don’t forget to reach out to us immediately. We are here to help you and build a powerful Digital Signage content strategy. 

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