Hospital Digital Signage

Hospital Digital Signage: How & Where to Use Digital Signage for Hospitals

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Like various other industries, the Healthcare Industry also caters to a large audience. From patients and visitors to doctors and other staff members. Hence, it is crucial to use a Hospital Digital Signage to bind them together. It also ensures the smooth functioning of the organization. 

The environment of the hospitals gets complicated at times. Utilizing Digital Signage in hospitals can act as a key component to ensure a proper flow in the organization. It also enhances the hospital’s overall atmosphere.

Read the blog to know how incorporating Hospital Digital Signage gives a much-needed spark to hospitals.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a blend between technology and visuals; you can leverage screens like a projector, LED, or LCD, to display promotional content in the form of visuals. 

Digital signage is the perfect tool for brand building, enhancing customer experience, spreading information, and influencing customer behavior and decision-making.  

It is gaining popularity amongst marketers to market their brands, irrespective of the industry they cater like; hotels, restaurants, medical offices, museums, retail stores, etc. 

Surveys suggest that the Digital signage market is likely to reach 7.8 billion dollars by 2027, reflecting how influential this tool is for communicating with your existing and potential customers.

Ideal Places To Display Digital Signage for Hospitals 

#1 Reception

People visiting the hospital are often nervous. Calm the worrisome patients and visitors down by displaying the success stories of your former patients along with relevant statistics. Reveal the recovery rate and other crucial numbers to ensure the patients have chosen the right hospital for their treatment. 

digital signage reception

Additionally, the reception area serves as an ideal place to display a UGC wall. Showcase reviews and testimonials from sources like Google, Facebook, etc. This way, the patients will feel at ease and ensure that they will be looked after well. Show them that the hospital is committed to treating them, and their health will improve for sure.

Here, you can use Taggbox Display Studio to showcase two dynamic content on one screen by splitting them into two. You can show the relevant patient recovery statistics and run the patient review wall. This gives the visitors and patients the ultimate assurance.

#2 Lobby 

The lobby is the perfect place to display your promotional content. Like your services, blood donation camps, health awareness drives, detailed infrastructure about the hospital, brief details about your staff, etc. 

digital signage lobby

Moreover, a patient needs moral support when they are facing physical sickness. Displaying motivational and inspirational quotes in the lobby area can raise the patients’ spirits and make them feel better. 

The Quotes app offered by Taggbox Display Studio can be the perfect incorporation for your Digital Signage. Display handpicked quotes that update every day.

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#3 Waiting Room

The waiting room is the place where the anxiety level of the visitors is at its peak. In such a situation, distracting the visitors is the perfect solution to ease them. Using digital signage in the hospital’s waiting rooms can keep them entertained and make their perceived wait time less. You can show the latest news, weather report, or a light movie. You can also display the estimated waiting time left for consultation. 

Additionally, utilize digital signage to display health and awareness-related information. It distracts the visitors and spread extra information about various diseases and prevent them. The waiting room is perfect for displaying a social wall with user-generated content.

digital signage waiting area

If your hospital has an active social media presence and your patients tag you in their posts, you can utilize the content. Display it on hospital digital signage to instill faith and confidence in your patients. Taggbox Display can efficiently help you collect, curate, moderate, customize content created by your patients and visitors. From various social media platforms and display it in a unified form.

#4 Hospital Cafeteria

Patients may feel the need to grab a bite while waiting for their appointment. Utilize digital signage in hospitals’ cafeterias to display the menu at the cafeteria with the pricing and combo deals. If there are any latest additions to the menu, you can highlight them as well. 

hospital cafeteria

Not just that, different patients have different dietary needs and food resistance or allergies. You can use the social wall to display the food’s basic details. Like the amount of protein, carbs. Whether the food has any kind of dairy or nuts product people might be allergic to.

Similarly, hospital digital signage in the cafeteria can also be used to display pictures of the hospital. Example, photos of the parking lot, reception area, hallway, general waiting area, etc.

#5 Staff Cabin

Employee communication is mandatory at the workplace. To spread the latest information or share real-time updates. Hospital digital signage can inform the employees about upcoming meetings, emergency cases, staff scheduling, hospital guidelines, and security-related features.

You can place the digital signage at these staff-specific areas. Doctors can have follow-through with the patients they will be checking on that particular day.

#6 Emergency Department

The emergency department room is a crucial place where tasks need to be performed quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly. 

With the help of hospital digital signage, all the relevant information can be displayed to the doctors, nurses, and other staff members as required. 

Relevant updates, data, and other crucial facts can be showcased on the digital signage. It increases the department’s work productivity and efficiency. 

Benefits of Digital Signage for Hospitals

#1 Easy Navigation 

Multiple floors and rooms may often lead to confusion for patients and visitors. Just like digital maps are used in other venues, the BPO healthcare industry is also adopting this method to make it easier for people to track where to go next. 

This way, it becomes easier for patients and visitors to find their way without interrupting the hospital staff. Staff may be busy with other crucial tasks, helping them reach their respective doctors easily and quickly.

#2 Promote your services 

Leverage digital signage to display the hospital’s facilities, services, faculty members, and any special membership plans. 

Additionally, you can display the laurels achieved by the hospitals in the past. Showcase the number of critical operations performed by the surgeons to instill more faith in your patients.

You can also display the upcoming events, charity work, upcoming recruitment drives, contributions and awards, and recognitions.  

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#3 Increased Engagement

Digital signage for hospitals acts as a perfect medium to communicate effectively with your audience. You can seamlessly interact with people visiting the hospital by giving information about their scheduled appointments. Minimizing their nervousness and boredom. 

You can utilize digital signage for spreading information about health and wellness, for example, you could share details about the benefits of spironolactone for hair loss to the interested people. Or even share other crucial information related to financial assistance and other beneficial medical advice.

#4 Overall Improved Experience 

Using digital signage in hospitals, you can effectively improve the overall experience of people visiting the hospital. Incorporate their token information from the reception, reduce the stress levels while keeping them entertained, and share informative content. 

Moreover, digital signage enhances the overall environment of the hospital. All these factors collectively boost the experience of people visiting the hospital. 

#5 Enhanced Internal Communication 

Enhance internal communication with your employees effectively by displaying relevant information regarding critical emergencies and additional policies.

Leverage digital signage to give your employees information about patients in the queue. And doctors’ schedules to ensure better coordination between them and the other staff members.  

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Final Words

Digital Signage is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for increased engagement, improved brand visibility, and communication. 

The healthcare industry is slowly incorporating this powerful and result-driven tool into hospitals to deliver a better experience. It acts as a powerful medium for giving real-time updates and keeping the visitors and the staff motivated and relaxed.

Now that you know the importance of incorporating digital signage display in your health care premises. What are you waiting for? Install one now!