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Powerful Hotel Digital Signage Ideas That You Must Use In 2024

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The hospitality industry is no more away from Digital Signage and harnessing the power of such novel technologies to add more stars to their customer services.

Generosity begins with the first interaction and strategically displaying digital signage in a hotel can prove to be a great source of building a strong and long-lasting relationship with your guests & customers.

Digital Signages in hotels will bring a new layer of flexibility and accessibility in your marketing premise effectively with a customer-centric approach that only gives more value to your customers.

Opportunities with Hotel Digital Signages are innumerable, from Reception, Lobby, Guest Room, Cafeteria, to Concierge, you can increase the efficacy of Digital Signage every possible area.      

Looking for a quick fix? Well, here in this article you will learn various ways to strategically place & display content on your Hotel Digital Signage. 

So without any further ado, here are some compelling ways to enhance Hotel Digital Signage. Let’s get started!

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Hotel Digital Signage Ideas at Reception & Welcome Desk

Welcome Message

The first 10 minutes are significantly most crucial to lay a strong impression on your customers.

You can start by giving a special welcome to your customer as they arrive at your hotel reception desk and check in to your hotel. 

Most of the bookings are online, and automatic check-in systems are installed in the hotels. You can create and display a special welcome message with their name/s when they enter your premises. 

Even if you don’t have in-hand information about your client, you can enter their names in real-time, which only takes less than a minute to display their name/s on the digital signage screen. 

Reviews & Testimonies

Digital signage at your reception desk is a great way to tell your new clients what your customers have to say about your hotel and services. You can display customer reviews and testimonials from Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms where customers share their views of your hotel. 

If you want more customer reviews, you can use the Studio offered by Taggbox Display. Add a QR code parallel to your review display that your guests can scan, and it will automatically open the review input page on their smartphones.

The QR code will give them a space to share their experiences. The reviews, simultaneously,  will build trust, authenticity, and reliability among customers and engage them with real customer reviews.

Special Offers & Discounts

Special Offers on Hotel Digital Signage

Another way to effectively use Digital Signage at the reception area is by displaying exclusive offers and discounts you are currently offering to your customers. 

For instance, premium or lifetime memberships, special deals, combo offers & discounts, and even advertise on digital signages.

You can pair your digital signage screen at reception with informative and relevant content that serves value to your customers in return for their trust and availing services with you.   

Lobby & Hallway

You may have installed Digital Signages into your lobby area to engage and entertain your guests with dynamic content.

But you might end up feeling confused about what kind of content you should play to serve your guests the best.

Here are some ideas on how effectively you can create and present content for your hotel lobby digital signage.

Announcements & Information

With hotel lobby digital signage, you can display important information and announcements to your guests & customers, reducing strain from the heads of your staff members. 

hotel digital signage

You can display key information on digital signage that your customers want to know, in this way you can save time for your staff members and reduce the long queue of guests who just want to ask for minor information from reception.  

  • Weather Forecast: Current temperature, weather predictions, 5-days weather forecast, etc., helping your guests to make plans accordingly. 
  • Notice & Indoor Navigations: Provide directions of areas unfamiliar to your guests, like restroom, hotel rooms, gallery area, play area, or restricted zone.
  • Special Offers For Next Bookings: You can inform your customers about what offers will they receive when they rebook a hotel room with you. It is a great way to build a strong relationship with customers and ask them to revisit your hotel with generosity. 

Events & Celebrations

Invite your guests or customers to your events or celebration of special occasions you are organizing at your ambiance. 

Sending invites personally or announcing loudly through speakers is an older method and creates unpleasant sounds inside your hotel. 

Instead, you can directly invite your guests through digital signage with event timings, venue, as well as a theme so that they may not feel strange or out of place. 

Not just that, you can make use of the features Taggbox Display offers with its in-built Studio, you can display your event’s brochure on the digital screen, and parallelly showcase visual galleries of past events. 

With the brochure, you are informing the guests of the event. Alongside, the pictures generate interest among them, ensuring maximum participation.

Social Media Walls

You can enhance your digital signage screens with attractive social media walls in your lobby area

User-generated content from various social media channels is powerful content that not only engages your customer but will also build social proof and do word-of-mouth marketing of your hotel with real-time social media updates. 

In addition to reviews and testimonials, your user’s social media posts with your hashtag, tags, or mentions from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. tell your guests what people are saying about your hospitality services.  

If you want to improve your social presence, you can also display your social media handles parallel to your live social media wall with Studio, making it easy for your guests to find you on social media.

Property Highlights

You could create a better brand image by displaying the property highlights on DOOH advertisements so that your guests do not miss the best part of your facility.

You could display beautiful images paired with important information about your pool, spa center, other business services, conference, and banquet halls.

You could display your business phone system contact number, service appointment-related information, phone extension numbers, facility images from your other branches, party hostings, and so much more on signage for hotels. The better you display your infrastructure, services, and facilities, the more are your guests prompted to use them.

Maps, Wayfinding, & Nearby Locations

Maps in hotel digital signs

Major guests at any hotel are tourists who are visiting a new place and are strange to that place. You could display self-help directories and touch-screen maps to help your customers get where they want to reach quickly and with ease.

You could familiarize your guests with your city by displaying all the famous tourist places, nearby places to visit, how to get there, the opening and closing times, specialties of the city, ATMs around, guide’s contact information, and much other important information like these.

Hotel lobby digital signage displaying such information is placed strategically across the premises: in lobbies, receptions, check-outs, etc.

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Restaurant or Cafeteria

As of now, you may come to know the power of Digital signages and their effectiveness to integrate into your hospitality services. 

Now learn how to place these digital screens at your restaurant or cafeteria that enhance your customer service and set a remarkable impression of your Hotel.

Digital Menu Boards

Instead of paper cards, you can use digital signage in the cafeteria to display a menu list. Create an attractive screen of the menu that you are offering currently or any special dish of the day. 

Digital Menu Boards are easing the process of ordering food as well as save your money & time for taking orders and printing menu cards. 

Not just that, if you want to make the process contact-free, you can add a QR code to the menu display that the customers can scan and place the order on their smartphones as if they are ordering food online. With the help of the best QR Code generator, you can create QR Codes that are safe and secure.

It gives a new experience to the guests and ensures that they have a good time without any disturbance, as there is no waiter constantly nagging them about what they want to order.

Digital Signage Wall Art

Displaying important information can be a great use case of Hotel Digital signage. Don’t forget to showcase aesthetic wall art with your digital screens to present a blend of informative and captivating content to your hotel guests.

Digital Signages will improve your ambiance by setting up an exclusive environment at the restaurant, bar, or cafeteria that also enhances the experience of your guests.

Taggbox Display Studio also offers the Scene feature. You can create scenes with a vibrant display by choosing aesthetic pictures & videos and schedule them for multiple days and months that add up to the guests’ hospitality experience and set a perfect ambiance to enjoy food & drinks. 

Other Uses Of Hotel Digital Signage

Entertaining Videos & UGC

Wherever people are, they want something fun and entertaining to get engaged with. If you wish to offer entertaining content to guests or customers that also light up your hotel lobby, videos or YouTube playlist can be great for your digital signages. 

hotel digital signage
Live Hashtag Feed by Taggbox at a Hotel Lobby Display

You can create a playlist of travel blogs, the best places to visit around the world or your locality, or even play entertaining movies from Netflix in your hotel guest rooms.

You can add highly engaging Studio apps like Youtube or Vimeo, that the guests can explore and choose the content they want to engage with right on display.

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Flight & Travel Information

Another effective way to use hotel digital signage inside hotel ambiance is displaying travel updates to your guests.

You can run flight updates, nearby bus & train stations, or other important travel-related information so that your guests or clients can plan out their journey accordingly.  

With this, they can track their time before leaving as well as easily get information about nearby locations like bus stations or public transportation to reach their next destination. 

Digital Concierge

hotel digital signage solutions

The hospitality industry is swiftly evolving itself digitally. Employing a virtual concierge is an extraordinary way to let your guests connect with the local community. Hotel digital signage solutions for virtual concierge displays up-to-date information in real-time.

You can enhance your guest experience by employing digital signage as virtual concierge kiosks with a custom-designed collection of virtual concierge image gallery in the hotel lobbies. 

So, these are some of the fascinating, effective, and compelling ways to utilize Hotel Digital Signages and make maximum use of these with a high return on investments.

You can display photo slideshows, showcase hotel dining & amenities, provide guests with information at their fingertips, and improve your overall guest experience.

Wrapping Up!

Display attractive user-generated content and relevant information and encourage your guests to engage more with your hotel’s digital signage.

It is a great way of spreading awareness about your hotel business, not just to your visitors but also on social media.

So, what are you still waiting for? Choose the best digital signage display tool for your hotel and start flaunting your earned media, thereby growing your business.