Hotel Digital Signage Ideas for 2021

It is said that the first 10 minutes is your window to make a significant first impression. Attractive digital signage placed at a strategic location can prove to be of great use in leaving a long-lasting positive first impression on the minds of your guests and visitors. They bring a new layer of flexibility and accessibility to the marketing premise.

The opportunities for hotel digital signage are literally innumerable. Need some assistance in planning your digital signage solutions? Well, we can help. Meanwhile, here are our top 6 ideas of what to display on your hotel’s digital signage.

Come, let’s have a look…

Most Engaging Things to Display on Hospitality Digital Signage

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As digital signage becomes an integral part of the hospitality industry, the players in the field invest more into it. As the prospective applications of digital signage grow, so does the challenges associated with it.

The opportunities for hotel digital signage are limitless and so there is a vast horizon that could be covered to utilize the investment made into the technology.

Digital signage as a form of visual communication with your guests and visitors can be deployed at multiple strategic locations of your hotel premises. The deployment options expand beyond just the lobby to meeting rooms, elevators, cafeteria, reception, etc.

Having discussed our deployment options, here are our best 6 ideas of all that you can display on your hospitality digital signage.

Let’s have a look.

#1 Announcements

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Digital signage for hotels placed behind the front desk can be effectively used to display announcements like-

  • Weather reports– current temperature, 5-day weather forecast, today’s weather prediction, etc. to help your guests to make plans accordingly.
  • Local Events and Announcements– So that the guests at your hotel could have a local and more personalized experience.
  • Flight Information– So that your guests could book tickets, plan the next phase of their trip, make arrangements accordingly.
  • Regional And National News- to keep your guests updated of the main happenings in the area and country.
  • Transportation Information– like the contact numbers of the drivers, tour guide, next shift of the tour batch, schedules, etc.

#2 Maps, Nearby Locations, and Way finding

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Major guests at any hotel are tourists who are visiting a new place and are totally strange to that place. You could display self-help directories and touch-screen maps to help your customers get where they want to reach quickly and with ease.

You could familiarize your guests with your city by displaying all the famous tourist places, nearby places to visit, how to get there, the opening and closing times, specialties of the city, ATMs around, guide’s contact information, and much other important information like these.

Hotel lobby digital signage displaying such information is strategically placed throughout the premise, e.g.- in lobbies, receptions, check-outs, etc.

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#3 User-Generated Content

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Live Hashtag Feed by Taggbox at a Hotel Lobby Display

Displaying user-generated content on digital signage for hospitality is one of the most amazing and engaging ways to attract your guests’ and passing by visitors’ attention. You could display user-generated content from various social media platforms showcasing your guests having fun on your premise and enjoying your services using a social media wall display solution like Taggbox.

It is a phenomenal way to build user trust, display social proof, encourage your audience to post more social media posts mentioning/tagging your hotel in those posts. You could display those posts as your social media digital signage, and that too in real-time.

It not only helps you to make your hotel premise more interactive but also helps to create a buzz about your hotel on social media. The word of mouth marketing that accompanies is additional. When people see the guests having a fun getaway at your hotel, you mentally become their next holiday destination. Isn’t that amazing!

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Taggbox displays instant real-time user-generated social media feeds as your digital signage content. It comes with amazing customization, moderation, and analytics feature.

#4 Virtual Concierge

The hospitality industry is swiftly evolving itself digitally. Employing a virtual concierge is an extraordinary way to let your guests connect with the local community. Hotel digital signage solutions for virtual concierge displays up-to-date information in real-time.

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You can enhance your guest experience by employing digital signage as virtual concierge kiosks with a custom-designed collection of virtual concierge image gallery in the hotel lobbies. You can display photo slideshows, showcase hotel dining & amenities, provide guests with information on their fingertips, and improve your overall guest experience.

#5 Advertisements

Without harming your hotel’s credibility and brand image, you could smartly employ your digital signage to display selected advertisements in order to generate some extra revenue.

Digital signage provides you with immense opportunities to display advertisements without being explicitly evident about it. You could smartly incorporate advertisements into the local offers and discounts that you display to your guests while informing them of the locality.

This way you also offer your guests a list of selected and preferred partners that they may consider. This helps to further build a trust link between you and your guests, thus, facilitating and improving the overall guest experience.

#6 Property Highlights

You could create a better brand image by displaying the property highlights on DOOH advertisements so that your guests do not miss on the best part of your facility.

You could display beautiful images paired with important information about your pool, spa center, other business services, conference, and banquet halls.

You could display the contact number, service appointment-related information, phone extension numbers, facility images from your other branches, party hostings, and so much more on signage for hotels . The better you display your infrastructure, services, and facilities, the more are your guests prompted to use them.

Over To You…

So, these were some of the fascinating ideas about what all you could display on the digital signage of your hotels. Display attractive user-generated content and relevant information and encourage your guests to engage more with your hotel’s digital signage. It is a great way of spreading awareness about your hotel business not just to your visitors but also on social media. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Choose the best digital signage display tool for your hotel and start flaunting your earned media thereby growing your business.

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