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    The Ultimate Guide to choosing a perfect Hashtag for your Wedding

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    You are almost done with your preparations. But you are in dilemma on what hashtag would be best for your Social Media posting. With our guide, you would be able to create a perfect custom wedding hashtag!

    As social media becomes more and more a part of our lives, there are numerous ways through which it can be implemented and provide richer & interactive experience. A wedding is a perfect occasion which can leverage the power of social media if we think about it. And to post on social networks, you would require a custom wedding hashtag which would be used by people to share all emotions and experience through pictures.

    Here we have brought you a guide on how to choose a successful wedding hashtag which is unique & engaging and helps to get most out of your wedding hashtags in social media.

    Have a brainstorming session: Let ideas flow

    Have a brainstorming session Let ideas flow

    Bring your partner and some close friends and start jotting down some of the most common names, keywords and phrase relatable to the marriage. It can be anything, from nicknames to location and eventually you will come across some possible candidates for a hashtag. Idea is to have a hashtag simple enough for your family and friends so that they can remember it easily while posting.

    The Name Game: Create something out of names

    The Name Game Create something out of names

    Most basic and obvious approach is to use names as your starting point. Be it your last name, first name, nickname or some mash-up you came up with your names. Even your initials would work. The problem occurs when you can’t come up with something quirky or your names are common to become Hashtag for Wedding.

    What you can do here is to add date, month or year to the mix and you are good to go. For example, #SamandTori might be common but #SamandTori102116 won’t be! Is your last name ‘Blake’? how about #Blakember?

    Being Punny: Add a fun element with Puns

    Being Punny Add a fun element with Puns

    When mixed with clever wordplay, this can be one real fun part your wedding experience. You can look for suitable rhymes, alliterations, synonyms and puns for hashtag which is both smart and reminiscing. This type of hashtags keeps the weddings fun and light hearted. If you are having a hard time figuring out where to start, have a look at this comprehensive list of popular idioms to get little inspired.

    Capitalization & Grammar: Don’t let mistakes ruin the experience

    Capitalization & Grammar Don’t let mistakes ruin the experience

    To avoid having issues with readability, it is advised to capitalize each word of the hashtag so everyone can get an idea of word’s starting & ending. This also helps prevent any potential mistakes in spellings. So instead of using #alexandrita16 as your hashtag, consider using #AlexandRita16.

    Also, make sure to read over the hashtag because there are chances that it can get confused in usage and end up getting used wrongly. For example, #AlexLovesRita can become #RitaLovesAlex. This will make things harder at the time of recollecting all the photos in the end. Who would want to miss any great snap due to a silly mishap of the hashtag?

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    Do your Research: Make Sure Hashtag is Unique

    Do your Research Make Sure Hashtag is Unique

    The main purpose of having a hashtag is to recollect all the photos shared and see them together which can have become difficult if hashtag used is common. That’s why to make sure that your Wedding Hashtag Ideas are uniquely tied to your wedding. But before finalizing the hashtag, do a trial run with it on your social accounts.

    This will check if the hashtag you want to use has been used already before. If pictures do pop up with that hashtag, especially of an entire another wedding, you might want to consider any other hashtags on your list to avoid getting your photos mixed. This will ensure that your intimate and special moment will be easily accessible and not in an unfathomable mess.

    Spread the word: Let people know beforehand 

    Spread the word Let people know beforehand

    Now that you have come up with a possible hashtag, you should get ready and inform as many as possible because the only way for a hashtag to really do its job is if your guests use it. And the earlier, the better. Start by telling your friends & family, putting on reminders and online invite. Ask people to put that hashtag while posting pictures. You can even put a small sign throughout the venue or on the menu.

    With these tips in mind, it should be clear how to pick the hashtag that suits your wedding perfectly. You can also use this Wedding Hashtag Generator if you need some assistance with Wedding Hashtag Examples. After putting so thoughts on coming up with a perfect hashtag, you will enjoy when the awesome photos will start kicking in. Save them and they will keep reminding you of the great time you had.

    Now that you have created a custom hashtag for your wedding, you can also have your own personal hashtag wall with taggbox.

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