Explore How AIMA Accelarated Their Annual Conclave With Taggbox Display

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All India Management Association – a national apex body of the management profession in India, conducted its 7th national leadership conclave on 12th April 2022, which featured Taggbox Display social wall. The aim being to boost conversations and showcase real-time updates. 

AIMA is a thought leadership platform that associates various stakeholders for constructive dialogue on the way forward for the Indian economy and the well-rounded development of the nation. Each year it organizes the national conclave on topical themes; this year’s being – ‘A New Thrust: Reimagine, Reform, Redesign, Rebuild’. 

The conclave was conducted in a hybird setup where showcasing a social wall to boost audience engagement and attention made a rational choice.

About AIMA’s Leadership Conclave 

AIMA organises the National Leadership Conclave to address leading national concerns which marks in attendance eminent speakers including ministers, CEOs, and thought leaders from different spheres of life, who share their views with participants through interactive sessions. 

This year the conclave addressed crucial macroeconomics issues with a propulsion to reimagine, reform and rebuild for the changing world. It was attended by more than 1,50,000 virtual attendees and over 400 management delegats in-person. 

Being a flagship event, fetching audience’s attention and keeping them hooked during the course of the event was non-negotiable. 

The Conference’s Ultimate Goal

They wanted to showcase social interactions happening amongst the attendees and stakeholders, and inspire them to further share their views and experience around the proceedings of the conference. In essence, this was important as a majority of their attendees were attending the event virtually.

AIMA 7th National Leadership Conclave
Taggbox Display Social Wall at AIMA

Being a leader in management development, AIMA already is looked upon by entrepreneurs, students, and delegates for information exchange. But the national conclave provides an opportunity to listen to the best minds in the country and get insights from top leaders across industries who share their success stories, top business strategies and much more. 

Thus, the organisers aspired to maximize and showcase live updates of the conference and experiences shared on social media with both their live and virtual audience. This is where Taggbox Display’s Social Wall solution came to the rescue. 

What Did They Achieve With Taggbox Display Social Wall?

Every post mentioning AIMA was instantly featured on the social media wall, which helped in accelerating interactions and garner greater audience participation.

Further, credits to detailed analytics provided that deriving measurable results about audience engagement and what subject intrigued them the most, became possible.

The highlight was to recognise the presence and contributions of the sponsors’ and eminent speakers by displaying the content generated by them.

How Can You Leverage Taggbox Display In Conferences? 

Leading brands have been leveraging Taggbox Display social wall to improve attendees’ engagement during their event. Here’s what makes it stand out and dependable:

1. QR Code Scanner 

Set up a QR code scanner around the sitting arrangement or on the screens, allowing the attendees to share content directly on the social wall. This, apart from stimulating content generation, also helps in improving the reach and event awareness. 

QR Code Scanner 

Further, thanks to tthe tools convenience that you can choose which posts you’d want to feature on the social wall. Infact, all of these aggregated posts can also make great post-event marketing material. 

2. Create Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are for sheer audience participation. Days before organising an event, create an event exclusive hashtag, which enable those at the event to connect to one another, share their thoughts, experiences, and continue to network after the event. 

Depending upon your conference’s purpose, you can come up with a hashtag and run promotions of it on social media to boost its awareness amongst attendees and speakers. Additionally, hashtag feeds largely feature attendee-generated content which helps foster anticipation. 

3. Leverage Studio to Gamify Event Experience

Taggbox Display Studio is a fascinating feature which empowers organisers to showcase a variety of content on the social wall. Bring apps, visuals, files and other kinds of content together in a customised format to generate unparalleled impact. 

Taggbox Display Studio

Studio is a comprehensive feature aimed at boosting audience engagement, information acquisition, and seamless communication amongst the attendees. You can choose to showcase the agenda of your conference alongside authentic attendees’ content and maybe some quotes(amongst other things). 

The possibilities are endless with Taggbox Display Studio. 

4. Effectively Promote Sponsors

Sponsors are the core of every event. So, it becomes essential for you to also promote their brand on your event. Leveraging social wall, you can choose to either feature their brand’s content or have a dedicated space to efficiently market about their brand. 

It further creates sponsorship opportunities and builds a credible brand-sponsor relationship. 

5. Showcase Upadtes in Real-time

The best part about using a social wall in events is showcasing real-time updates. Attendees are inspired to create content, which builds social proof of audience’s engagement. 

Taggbox Display collects content from more than 18 social platforms, which can be moderated and customised depending upon the requirement of the conference, and presented in a social wall. This content being fresh and impactful can alter the impact the conference generates on the attendees’ minds.

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